Glossary part 16

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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projection TV:


web page RT: enrollment RT: MBTI RT: my technology

Providence Country Day School:
RT: Apple II RT: 1982 RT: Brown University
RT: TRS-80
RT: Andrew Sornborger
RT: Doug Shire
RT: stage crew
RT: Providence, RI

Providence, RI:
RT: Brown University RT: Providence Country Day School
RT: H. P. Lovecraft

PVC instruments:

web page RT: Blue Man Group

pyramid schemes:
RT: chain letters RT: multi-level marketing systems
RT: illuminati

NT: enrollment

race memory:
SYN: global subconscious

RC Therapy:
WT: self-help movements RT: distresses

reactive mind:
RT: analytical mind WT: mind
RT: observer mind

RT: Mom RT: cooking RT: index cards

RT: Italy RT: enlightenment (era) WT: timeline octaves

Renee Margritte:
RT: After Margritte RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach

RT: fundamentalist Christians RT: Ronald Reagan

RT: God RT: dogma RT: fundamentalist Christians
RT: spirituality

rily beasts:
RT: 143 RT: tribbles
RT: Roger Bourgeois


web page RT: rily beasts


Robert Burns:
RT: Auld Lang Syne RT: Scotland
RT: Freemasons

Robert Morris:
RT: Cornell University RT: Internet Worm

Robert Munafo:
RT: Mandelbrot set
RT: Extropianism

RT: Asimov
RT: artificial intelligence
RT: Media Lab
RT: LEGO Mindstorms
RT: my robots

Rodgers and Hammerstein:
WT: non-gay male duos RT: Gilbert and Sullivan

Roger Bourgeois:
RT: yellow, gray and black RT: rily beasts

Roko's Basilisk:
RT: censorship RT: Pascal's wager
RT: Extropianism
WT: two-player binary decision games

roller tape:
RT: Slidell, LA

Roman Catholics:
RT: Ireland RT: confessions RT: Vatican
RT: Vatican
WT: Christians

Ronald Reagan:
RT: Brezhnev RT: 1980 RT: cold war
RT: Republicans


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