Glossary part 13

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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RT: epistemology

RT: memes NT: context RT: subconscious mind

men's movement:
RT: transformational technology movements RT: archetypes RT: Ithaca Men's Network

mental reality:
ANT: nonsense WT: 5 levels of reality RT: mind
RT: language
RT: cobalt blue

RT: confusion of levels RT: jumping out of the system
RT: inconsistency of logical AI
RT: transcendental

Metamagical Themas:
RT: Douglas Hofstadter

RT: home computer RT: Intel

RT: Intel RT: Bill Gates
RT: Apple (company)

MID: (Mobile Internet Device)
RT: Dators

middle ages:
WT: timeline octaves

military computers:
RT: ASCI RT: Adolescence of P-1 RT: War Games

RT: Auld Lang Syne

RT: brain RT: artificial intelligence RT: empty and meaningless
RT: emotions
RT: mental reality
NT: observer mind
NT: analytical mind
NT: reactive mind

RT: modern architecture RT: Philip Glass

Minot's Light:
RT: 143 RT: Scituate

RT: Harvard University RT: hacks RT: Media Lab WT: places I've performed RT: technology
RT: Cambridge, MA

RT: modulation RT: FAX

modern architecture:
RT: minimalism RT: black kitchen

RT: modems

mole: (6.02 . 1023)
WT: common large numbers

RT: GRM and GRF RT: recipies

Monty Python:
RT: Douglas Adams RT: SPAM
RT: England

Moore and Gillette:
RT: Gordon Moore
RT: Strauss and Howe

Moore's Law:
RT: computer history RT: Data Powers of Ten
RT: accelerating change
RT: Gordon Moore

moser: (a large number)
WT: inconceivable large numbers


web page RT: show biz

RT: Freemasons RT: Mozart Requiem Mass RT: piano

Mozart Requiem Mass:
RT: Mozart RT: Dartmouth Glee Club


RT: M.U.L.E. RT: Foundation Trilogy

RT: Commodore-64 RT: Mule

multi-level marketing systems:
NT: AMWAY RT: cults
NT: Cell Tech
RT: pyramid schemes

RT: iPod

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