Glossary part 19

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that eye-on-the-pyramid thing:
RT: Newcomb

NT: Greek theatre NT: post-Stanislavsky theatre RT: show biz
RT: actor

RT: philosophy RT: anthropics

RT: spirit

RT: MAD Magazine RT: IBM

things I have invented:
RT: two-dimensional technology

timeline octaves:
RT: Extropianism RT: world history
RT: singularity
NT: classical era
NT: middle ages
NT: renaissance
NT: enlightenment (era)
NT: industrial revolution
RT: Internet

WT: acronyms

toy story tech:
WT: my technology

RT: enlightenment (spiritual) RT: meta-
RT: Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation:
RT: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: enlightenment (spiritual) RT: transcendental
WT: transformational technology movements
RT: zen

RT: distinctions RT: enlightenment (spiritual) RT: Sterling Men's Weekend RT: Transformational Technologies Inc.

Transformational Technologies Inc.:
RT: transformation RT: Erhard, Werner

transformational technology movements:
RT: technology NT: Landmark Eduacation RT: men's movement NT: Transcendental Meditation

transition networks:
RT: free association
RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach

RT: Coruscant RT: Foundation Trilogy
RT: Washington DC

RT: rily beasts RT: Star Trek

WT: home computer RT: Providence Country Day School

truth vs. knowledge:
RT: empty and meaningless RT: incompleteness

turing machines:
RT: halting problem RT: Alan Turing
RT: busy beaver problem

two-dimensional technology:
RT: Planiverse RT: things I have invented

two-player binary decision games:
NT: Newcomb's paradox NT: Pascal's wager NT: Roko's Basilisk

uncomputably large numbers:
RT: busy beaver problem WT: large numbers

RT: Extropianism RT: brain simulation

a story I wrote

RT: unununium

RT: 143 RT: unununium

USE: Gold-prime RT: Gold-prime
RT: unobtanium
RT: unquadtrium

RT: Roman Catholics RT: Italy RT: Roman Catholics

virtual reality:
RT: OMNI theater

War Games:
RT: NORAD RT: Adolescence of P-1
RT: military computers

RT: Library of Congress RT: Trantor

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