Glossary part 12

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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latex clothing:
RT: spandex
RT: leather

RT: ancient Rome

LC system:
RT: Library of Congress RT: Dewey decimal system

leading group activities:
RT: my technology RT: my performances

RT: black (color) RT: latex clothing RT: spandex

LEGO Mindstorms:
RT: my robots RT: robotics

web page

RT: John Lennon WT: charismatic people RT: Stalin
RT: Karl Marx

WT: self-help movements RT: 12-step programs

RT: Discordianism

Library of Congress:
RT: Washington DC RT: LC system RT: library science

library science:
RT: Library of Congress RT: Dewey decimal system


literal emotion:
RT: acting skill

Living Theatre:
WT: beat/hippie theatre WT: stage futurism

Long Island:
RT: Simon and Garfunkel RT: Nutshell

RT: Malthusians RT: industrial revolution

Luxo Junior:
RT: Pixar RT: G4 iMac

NT: iMac RT: 1984 WT: Apple Products RT: MacOS X
NT: Power Mac

MacOS X:
WT: Apple Products RT: Linux
RT: Macintosh

RT: Hypercalc RT: Hari Seldon's calculator

MAD Magazine:
RT: Alfred E Neuman RT: THIMK

magic island:
RT: heavy elements RT: heavy nucleus

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:
RT: Beatles WT: charismatic people RT: Transcendental Meditation
RT: Sexisedi

male duos:
NT: gay male duos NT: non-gay male duos

ANT: extropians RT: distopias RT: Luddites

Mandelbrot set:
RT: Homer Smith RT: Benoit Mandelbrot RT: Beverly West RT: Blue Man Group WT: fractals RT: Robert Munafo RT: Scientific American

web page

many-core microcomputers:
RT: parallel programming RT: parallel processing

many-species sci-fi:
NT: Star Wars RT: encyclopedia galactica NT: Fifth Element NT: Foundation Trilogy RT: Galaxy epics NT: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
NT: Star Trek

Martin Gardner:
RT: Douglas Hofstadter RT: Mathematical Games

Mathematical Games:
RT: Martin Gardner RT: Scientific American
RT: mathematics

NT: Benoit Mandelbrot NT: Kurt Goedel
RT: mathematics

RT: numbers RT: computers RT: Mathematical Games RT: mathematicians

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