Glossary part 14

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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RT: M.U.L.E.

RT: Commodore-64 RT: Mule

multi-level marketing systems:
NT: AMWAY RT: cults
NT: Cell Tech
RT: pyramid schemes

RT: poetry RT: iPod

my performances:
NT: After Margritte RT: backstage RT: Bay Statesmen RT: Beethoven Symphony No. 9 RT: green room
RT: Boston Gay Men's Chorus
RT: Dartmouth Glee Club
RT: places I've performed
RT: leading group activities

my robots:

web page RT: LEGO Mindstorms RT: robotics

my technology:
RT: archetypes NT: CLARITY Chart RT: leading group activities WT: technology
RT: promotion
NT: toy story tech

RT: Extropianism RT: DNA computing

RT: Dad (Paul Munafo) RT: Apollo program RT: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator RT: space exploration

Nashua, NH:
RT: Power Mac RT: New Hampshire
RT: Ken Hancock

near future:
RT: Extropianism RT: accelerating change NT: Contact (novel and movie) NT: Earth (David Brin)
RT: futurism

RT: Newcomb's paradox RT: that eye-on-the-pyramid thing

New Hampshire:
RT: Nashua, NH RT: Dartmouth College

neutron star:
WT: astronomy RT: black hole
RT: dwarf stars
RT: heavy nucleus

Newcomb's paradox:
RT: Extropianism RT: Newcomb
RT: Pascal's wager
WT: two-player binary decision games

New York City:
RT: Broadway RT: Simon and Garfunkel

non-gay male duos:
NT: Abbott and Costello NT: Gilbert and Sullivan NT: Rodgers and Hammerstein
NT: Felix and Oscar
NT: Seth-n-Dave
WT: male duos

RT: enlightenment (spiritual) WT: mental reality ANT: mental reality RT: spirituality

RT: cold war RT: War Games
RT: nuclear weapons

nuclear weapons:
RT: cold war RT: ASCI RT: NORAD

NT: large numbers RT: mathematics

RT: Long Island

observer mind:
RT: Erhard, Werner RT: acting skill WT: mind RT: reactive mind

old english:
WT: old languages

old languages:
RT: world history NT: celtic (language) NT: old english NT: scots (language)
RT: language evolution

OMNI theater:
RT: projection TV RT: Boston Museum of Science
RT: virtual reality

open house:
RT: Sterling Men's Weekend

RT: Broadway RT: Gilbert and Sullivan
RT: Beethoven Symphony No. 9

RT: orange and yellow

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