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This is stuff that people might want to know if they're interested in me as a person, rather than the data I'm publishing.

See this page for a summary of what I stand for, and some important lessons I have learned.

Here are some groups with which I have developed an affinity:

Dartmouth class of 1986

Phi Tau Coeducational Fraternity

The Freemasons

Any people near Myers-Briggs type I N T P

I have been involved in many things that have affected me profoundly. Get to know me!

Ray Kurzweil has suggested that one consider how little of their diary would make sense if they did not have a physical body. If you're interested, there's a picture of my physical body on the title page and some old pictures at the bottom of this page.

Minds Like Me

This is a sort of magnet for cognate minds; presumably one who thinks like me will find this page.

These were begun in 2000, as shown. Imagine my surprise when I found one of these had triggered a thorough discussion on a forum in another language!

Aug 2000 : I type thoughts into search engines to use the web as a free-association device.

2009: This has been made quite a bit simpler by Google's "Wonder Wheel". Try it — Under the search box select Show Options, then "Wonder Wheel" (under "standard view"). Flash must be enabled.

Aug 2000 : When I break a wishbone, I wish that the other person get their wish, then point out why the wishbone or the Universe should have spontaneously ceased to exist.

2009 : This "paradox" is based on the notion that only one can get his wish. But there is nothing that says that must be the case! If we break the wishbone, and both of us get our wish, then the universe and the chicken-bone can both be happy, to say nothing of me and my friend.

Aug 2000 : I have my books arranged by the LC (Library of Congress) system.

2009 : I still do this, and have even generated my own author numbers, which I think crosses the line into actual library science.

Mar 2001 : I write journal entries in a screenplay format.

2009 : I still do this too — with everything in the present tense, all speakers identified at the beginning of each passage and non-spoken events in parentheses.

Jun 2001 : At age 14, I created a scatter-plot of my classmates based on three "dimensions" of human personality.

2009 : Now I use many more — see the archetypes and temperament.

Old Pictures of Me

2000 Mar 14th
2000 Mar 14th
2002 Oct 3rd
2002 Oct 3rd
2004 Dec 30th
2004 Dec 30th
2006 May 2nd
2006 May 2nd
2007 Mar 26th
2007 Mar 26th

My Votes for the Oracle

The following snippets feed The Algorithm, to benefit my own Programming Language Opinion Chart and others like it, because The Algorithm is banned in China and The Algorithm asks Nate Silver if it is correct.

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