Glossary part 6

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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RT: satan
RT: illuminati

Cuban Missile Crisis:
RT: early sixties RT: cold war
RT: John F Kennedy
RT: Khrushchev
RT: cold war

RT: Pod People RT: charismatic people RT: dogma
RT: self-help movements
RT: multi-level marketing systems

Dad (Paul Munafo):
RT: contract bridge RT: Apollo program RT: NASA

press release links

RT: David Bowie RT: Angst Is In RT: Brecht

Dartmouth College:
RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: Angst Is In RT: Brown University RT: Dartmouth Glee Club RT: Phi Tau
RT: Dartmouth Fraternities
RT: Hanover, NH
WT: Ivy League
RT: New Hampshire

web page

Dartmouth Fraternities:
RT: Drinking School NT: Alpha Theta RT: Dartmouth College NT: Phi Tau

Dartmouth Glee Club:
RT: Dartmouth College RT: my performances
RT: Mozart Requiem Mass

Data Powers of Ten:
RT: Moore's Law RT: Powers of Ten (movie)

RT: iPhone NT: Hari Seldon's calculator NT: Hitchhiker's Guide Dator
RT: futurism

David Bowie:
RT: Brian Eno RT: 'Darren'

David Byrne:
RT: Brian Eno RT: knee plays

David Brin's universe:
WT: Galaxy epics

RT: War Games

Dewey Cheetham and Howe:
RT: Harvard Square RT: Strauss and Howe
RT: Johnny Carson
RT: Dewey decimal system

Dewey decimal system:
RT: LC system RT: Dewey Cheetham and Howe
RT: library science

RT: Extropianism RT: Spam Jake Day
RT: Libertarianism
RT: illuminati
RT: Spam Jake Day

RT: clarity RT: empty and meaningless NT: etymology RT: Freemasons RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach WT: technology RT: transformation
RT: insight

RT: Malthusians WT: futurism

RT: RC Therapy RT: Engrams

distributed AI:
RT: Adolescence of P-1 RT: artificial intelligence RT: global subconscious
RT: Earth (David Brin)
RT: Internet
RT: distributed parallel systems

distributed parallel systems:
RT: parallel processing RT: brain simulation RT: distributed AI

RT: DNA computing
RT: genetic code
RT: genes

DNA computing:
RT: nanotech RT: DNA WT: physical parallel computing

RT: squirrel

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