Glossary part 5

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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cobalt blue:

cold war:
RT: Berlin Wall RT: Cuban Missile Crisis RT: NORAD RT: nuclear weapons
RT: Ronald Reagan
RT: Cuban Missile Crisis

Columbia University:
WT: Ivy League

RT: Apple II RT: M.U.L.E.

common large numbers:
NT: mole WT: large numbers

computer history:
RT: Computer Museum (Boston) RT: Alan Turing RT: Charles Babbage RT: Moore's Law
RT: computers

Computer Museum (Boston):
RT: Boston Museum of Science RT: computer history

computer programming:
RT: computers RT: hacks

RT: artificial intelligence RT: computer history RT: computer programming RT: home computer
RT: mathematics

RT: confidentiality
RT: Roman Catholics
RT: 12-step programs

RT: confessions RT: secrecy

confusion of levels:
RT: meta-

Connection Machine:
RT: SIMD RT: Media Lab
WT: supercomputers

conspiracy theories:
RT: secrecy RT: illuminati

Contact (novel and movie):
WT: near future RT: alien visitors RT: Carl Sagan RT: encyclopedia galactica
RT: space exploration

WT: memetics

contract bridge:
RT: playing cards RT: Dad (Paul Munafo)

RT: recipies

cool computer languages:
NT: Smalltalk NT: APL

Copper, Silver, Gold:
RT: Gold-prime RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach

RT: technology

Cornell University:
RT: Carl Sagan RT: Robert Morris RT: Seth-n-Dave
RT: Ithaca NY
RT: Homer Smith
RT: Beverly West
WT: Ivy League

RT: Trantor

Cosmic Wimpout:
RT: 1982 RT: Apple II
RT: craps

cosmic zoom:
RT: Powers of Ten (movie) RT: Cosmos

RT: space exploration RT: Cosmos RT: general relativity

RT: astronomy RT: Carl Sagan RT: encyclopedia galactica
RT: cosmology
RT: Panspermia
RT: cosmic zoom

WT: gambling RT: Cosmic Wimpout

RT: supercomputers

CRC-Weisstein Encyclopedia:
WT: books I am mentioned in

cricket (game):
RT: baseball RT: rugby football
RT: England

RT: H. P. Lovecraft

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