Robert Munafo's Taxonomy of Pod People  

One day I realized that I was a Pod Person in no less than three different ways. For the purposes of this page a Pod Person is someone who retains a significant part of their identity (such as physical appearance) while also acquiring new traits including a powerful motivation and reasonably strong ability to assimilate or convert others. There must also be an opposing group of people that considers them to be a menace and wishes to limit their spread (for the quintessential example, see Red Scare). These requirements are relaxed somewhat if I happen to think it's just really funny (for example, Monty Python fans probably don't have enough enemies to meet these standards).

This page is a parody on my own free-association network and was inspired by the question:

If you could be any kind of pod person in the world, what kind of pod person would you choose to be?

To start, pick an X at random: X X X X X. Then, just follow the links and let the pods guide you . . .

abbreviations: RT: related term, WT: wider term, NT: narrower term, SYN: synonym , ANT: antonym . . . more about these


RT Related Term . . . SYN SYNonym . . . ANT ANTonym
WT Wider Term (also BT, Broader Term, and GT, General Term)
TT Top Term (the widest term of a hierarchy)
NT Narrower Term (also ST, Specific Term)
USE heading deprecated, USE following term instead
UF heading is Used For the following term
SN Scope Note helps explain where or how the word/phrase is used

RT: zombies WT: marketing

WT: multi-level marketing

body snatchers:
WT: modern sci-fi NT: space aliens
RT: Communists

WT: modern sci-fi

Broadway fans:
RT: groupies RT: Monty-Python-fans
RT: gays

classical monsters:
NT: vampires WT: fictitious types
NT: werewolves
NT: zombies
RT: modern sci-fi

WT: marketing

RT: body snatchers WT: politics

conspiracy theorists:
RT: politics WT: fringe RT: secret groups

Cult-of-Mac: (Apple customers)
WT: marketing RT: iPod people

environmental activists:
RT: liberals RT: Malthusians WT: politics

WT: self-help groups

fictitious types:
NT: classical monsters RT: real-life types
NT: modern sci-fi

fraternity members:
WT: social groups

WT: secret groups

NT: conspiracy theorists

fundamentalist Christians:
WT: religions RT: Republicans

RT: liberals RT: Broadway fans

RT: Broadway fans

RT: liberals WT: liberals
RT: potheads

iPod people:
RT: Cult-of-Mac

RT: environmental activists RT: gays RT: hippies WT: politics RT: Republicans
NT: hippies

RT: Malthusians WT: politics

RT: environmental activists RT: Luddites WT: politics

NT: Aberczombies NT: Cult-of-Mac NT: multi-level marketing
NT: Coca-Cola

modern sci-fi:
NT: body snatchers NT: Borg RT: classical monsters WT: fictitious types

RT: Broadway fans

WT: religions

multi-level marketing:
NT: AMWAY WT: real-life types
WT: marketing

WT: politics

NT: Communists RT: conspiracy theorists
NT: environmental activists
NT: Luddites
NT: Malthusians
NT: Nazis
NT: Republicans
NT: liberals

RT: hippies

real-life types:
RT: fictitious types NT: social groups
NT: multi-level marketing
NT: religions

NT: fundamentalist Christians NT: Moonies WT: real-life types
NT: Scientologists

RT: fundamentalist Christians WT: politics
RT: liberals

WT: religions

secret groups:
NT: Freemasons
RT: conspiracy theorists

self-help groups:

social groups:
WT: real-life types NT: fraternity members

space aliens:
(disguised, as in V) WT: body snatchers

TM Movement:

WT: classical monsters RT: werewolves

RT: vampires WT: classical monsters


RT: Aberczombies WT: classical monsters

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