Glossary part 20

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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uncomputably large numbers:
RT: busy beaver problem

RT: Extropianism RT: brain simulation

a story I wrote

RT: unununium

RT: 143 RT: unununium

USE: Gold-prime RT: Gold-prime
RT: unobtanium
RT: unquadtrium

RT: Roman Catholics RT: Italy RT: Roman Catholics

virtual reality:
RT: OMNI theater

War Games:
RT: NORAD RT: Adolescence of P-1
RT: military computers

Washington DC:
RT: Library of Congress RT: Trantor

wearing black:
RT: German culture RT: stage crew
RT: angst

Webb Scales:
RT: WTFN RT: Adolescence of P-1

WGBH Channel 2:
RT: ZOOM RT: Boston Museum of Science

world history:
RT: timeline octaves NT: 1914 NT: 1989 RT: accelerating change RT: civilization NT: early sixties WT: history RT: language evolution RT: old languages RT: sociology RT: Strauss and Howe RT: year 2000
RT: stages of civilization

RT: printing RT: language
RT: stages of civilization

(Whirling Sucking Quagmire of Despair) RT: FUD
RT: Seth-n-Dave

RT: RTFM RT: Webb Scales

Xerox PARC:
RT: Apple (company) RT: Smalltalk

RT: OTTers

year 2000:
RT: Extropianism RT: 2001 A Space Odyssey
RT: world history
RT: 1950's futurism

yellow, gray and black:
RT: orange and yellow RT: Roger Bourgeois

Yorktown Heights:
RT: Benoit Mandelbrot RT: IBM

RT: koans RT: enlightenment (spiritual) RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach RT: Transcendental Meditation
RT: Landmark Forum

RT: orange and yellow RT: WGBH Channel 2

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