Glossary part 4

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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RT: artificial intelligence
RT: brain simulation

brain simulation:
RT: distributed parallel systems RT: artificial intelligence RT: brain
RT: uploading

RT: actor as commentator RT: post-Stanislavsky theatre
RT: 'Darren'

RT: Khrushchev RT: Ronald Reagan

Brian Eno:
RT: David Byrne RT: David Bowie

RT: England RT: Ireland

RT: show biz RT: off-off-Broadway and experimental theatre RT: Bay Statesmen RT: Gilbert and Sullivan RT: New York City RT: opera
RT: actor

Brown University:
RT: Dartmouth College RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: Providence, RI
WT: Ivy League
RT: Providence Country Day School

busy beaver problem:

web page RT: turing machines RT: uncomputably large numbers

Cambridge, MA:
RT: Cambridge, England RT: Harvard Square RT: MIT
RT: Harvard University

Cambridge, England:
RT: England RT: Cambridge, MA RT: Cambridge University

Cambridge University:
RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: England RT: Harvard University RT: Oxford University
RT: Steven Hawking
RT: Cambridge, England

card computer:
WT: physical parallel computing RT: index cards

Carl Sagan:
RT: Cosmos RT: Cornell University RT: encyclopedia galactica
RT: Sagan's house
RT: Steven Hawking
RT: Contact (novel and movie)

Cell Tech:
SYN: Super Blue-Green Algae WT: multi-level marketing systems

celtic (language):
RT: Ireland RT: scots (language)
WT: old languages

RT: 1984 (Orwell novel) RT: Roko's Basilisk

chain letters:
RT: pyramid schemes

charismatic people:
NT: John F Kennedy NT: Elvis
NT: Steve Jobs
NT: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

NT: Hitler (scary but true!)
NT: Lenin
RT: cults

Charles Babbage:
RT: computer history RT: Alan Turing

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator:
RT: NASA RT: scram
RT: Slidell, LA

Chicago IL:
RT: Powers of Ten (movie)

NT: fundamentalist Christians NT: ICC NT: Roman Catholics

RT: world history
RT: stages of civilization

RT: CLARITY Chart RT: distinctions
RT: enlightenment (spiritual)

WT: my technology RT: clarity

classical era:
RT: ancient Greece WT: timeline octaves
RT: ancient Rome

clear/crystal (color):
RT: spiritual reality

RT: mental reality

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