Glossary part 3

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ASCI: (the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative}
RT: supercomputers
RT: Apollo program
RT: nuclear weapons

RT: Foundation Trilogy RT: robotics

RT: large numbers NT: black hole RT: Cosmos NT: dwarf stars NT: neutron star

Auld Lang Syne:
RT: millennium RT: Robert Burns

RT: Star Wars RT: superconductors

off-off-Broadway and experimental theatre:
RT: Broadway NT: Angst Is In
NT: stage futurism
NT: beat/hippie theatre
WT: post-Stanislavsky theatre
NT: Blue Man Group

RT: my performances RT: show biz
RT: stage crew

RT: cricket (game)

Bay Statesmen:
RT: my performances RT: Boston Gay Men's Chorus
RT: Broadway

RT: John Lennon RT: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi RT: Sexisedi
RT: beatniks and hippies

beat/hippie theatre:
RT: beatniks and hippies WT: off-off-Broadway and experimental theatre NT: Living Theatre
WT: post-Stanislavsky theatre

beatniks and hippies:
NT: Ginsberg, Allen RT: Beatles RT: beat/hippie theatre

RT: Beethoven Symphony No. 9 RT: piano

Beethoven Symphony No. 9:
RT: my performances RT: Beethoven RT: opera

Benoit Mandelbrot:
RT: Mandelbrot set WT: mathematicians RT: Yorktown Heights

RT: Hitler RT: Berlin Wall
RT: German culture

Berlin Wall:
RT: Berlin RT: cold war
RT: 1989

Beverly West:
RT: Mandelbrot set RT: Cornell University RT: Homer Smith

RT: Boston Gay Men's Chorus

Bill Gates:
RT: Microsoft RT: Steve Jobs

black (color):
RT: leather RT: black hole RT: black kitchen RT: physical reality
RT: latex clothing

black hole:
WT: astronomy RT: Steven Hawking
RT: general relativity
RT: neutron star
RT: black (color)

black kitchen:
RT: modern architecture RT: Sagan's house
RT: black (color)

Blue Man Group:
RT: Mandelbrot set WT: off-off-Broadway and experimental theatre RT: BMG WT: stage futurism
RT: accelerating change
RT: PVC instruments

RT: Blue Man Group RT: BGMC

books I am mentioned in:
NT: CRC-Weisstein Encyclopedia NT: Planiverse

Boston Gay Men's Chorus:
RT: Bay Statesmen RT: BGMC RT: my performances

Boston Museum of Science:
RT: WGBH Channel 2 RT: Computer Museum (Boston)
RT: planetarium
RT: OMNI theater

RT: hypercube RT: mind

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