Glossary part 2

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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After Margritte:
RT: stage crew
RT: Renee Margritte

A. K. Dewdney:
RT: Planiverse RT: Douglas Hofstadter

Alan Turing:
RT: turing machines
RT: Charles Babbage
RT: computer history

Albert Einstein:
RT: Steven Hawking RT: Einstein on the Beach RT: general relativity

Alfred E Neuman:
RT: MAD Magazine

alien visitors:
RT: Contact (novel and movie) RT: illuminati

Alpha Theta:
RT: Phi Tau RT: Ken Hancock
WT: Dartmouth Fraternities

RT: Supercomputer Architecture RT: PowerPC

WT: multi-level marketing systems

analytical mind:
WT: mind RT: reactive mind

ancient Greece:
RT: ancient Rome RT: classical era RT: Greek theatre

ancient Rome:
RT: Latin RT: ancient Greece RT: classical era

Andrew Sornborger:
RT: artificial intelligence RT: Cambridge University RT: Dartmouth College RT: Doug Shire RT: Providence Country Day School
RT: Brown University
RT: Steven Hawking
RT: Transcendental Meditation

RT: Angst Is In RT: FUD RT: wearing black
RT: German culture

Angst Is In:
WT: stage futurism RT: angst
RT: Dartmouth College
RT: knee plays
WT: off-off-Broadway and experimental theatre
RT: 'Darren'

Animal House:
RT: Dartmouth College

RT: philosophy RT: split-merge
RT: theology

WT: cool computer languages RT: parallel processing

Apollo program:
RT: Dad (Paul Munafo) RT: ASCI
RT: Saturn V rocket

Apple (company):
RT: Apple Products RT: Apple Products RT: Microsoft RT: Xerox PARC
RT: Steve Jobs

web page

Apple II:
RT: 1977 WT: Apple Products RT: Commodore-64 WT: home computer RT: Providence Country Day School
RT: Cosmic Wimpout

Apple Newton:
WT: Apple Products WT: PDAs

Apple Products:
NT: Apple II RT: Apple (company) NT: MacOS X
NT: Apple Newton
NT: iPhone
NT: iPod
NT: iMac
NT: Macintosh
RT: PowerPC
RT: Apple (company)

web page

RT: men's movement RT: my technology RT: sociology

web page

artificial intelligence:
RT: mind RT: Adolescence of P-1 RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: brain RT: computers RT: robotics
RT: inconsistency of logical AI
RT: distributed AI
RT: epistemology
RT: brain simulation

RT: military computers

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