Glossary part 18

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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simple architecture:
RT: geometry

RT: Extropianism RT: timeline octaves
RT: infinity

sink night:
RT: fraternity hacks RT: Phi Tau

Slidell, LA:
RT: roller tape RT: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

RT: Xerox PARC WT: cool computer languages

WT: Five-letter acronyms with the F-word RT: IHTFP

soccer (Association football):
RT: football (American) RT: lacrosse RT: rugby football

RT: archetypes RT: generations NT: MBTI
RT: stages of civilization
RT: world history

space exploration:
RT: NASA RT: Contact (novel and movie) RT: cosmology

Spam Jake Day:
RT: Discordianism RT: Discordianism
RT: spamming

RT: Monty Python RT: Spam Jake Day
RT: spamming

RT: Spam Jake Day RT: SPAM

RT: leather RT: latex clothing

RT: spirituality RT: thetan
RT: spiritual reality

RT: enlightenment (spiritual) RT: Freemasons RT: religion RT: spirit
RT: nonsense

spiritual reality:
RT: clear/crystal (color) WT: 5 levels of reality RT: spirit

RT: anthropics RT: parallel processing

RT: dogma RT: suppressive person

stage crew:
RT: wearing black RT: After Margritte RT: backstage RT: Providence Country Day School

stage futurism:
NT: Living Theatre NT: Angst Is In WT: off-off-Broadway and experimental theatre
NT: Blue Man Group
WT: post-Stanislavsky theatre

stages of civilization:

web page RT: civilization RT: language RT: printing RT: sociology RT: world history RT: writing
RT: Extropianism

RT: Lenin RT: Hitler RT: Khrushchev

Star Trek:
RT: tribbles WT: many-species sci-fi NT: PADD

Star Wars:
RT: Avatar WT: Galaxy epics WT: many-species sci-fi

Sterling Men's Weekend:
RT: enrollment
RT: open house
RT: transformation

Steve Jobs:
RT: Bill Gates RT: Apple (company) WT: charismatic people
RT: Pixar

Steven Hawking:
RT: black hole RT: Albert Einstein RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: Cambridge University RT: Carl Sagan

Strauss and Howe:
RT: Dewey Cheetham and Howe RT: generations RT: Moore and Gillette
RT: world history

subconscious mind:
RT: memetics RT: free association
RT: global subconscious

SYN: Cell Tech

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