Glossary part 7

This web page is an RHTF glossary, a series of short entries separated by large amounts of blank space.

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RT: cults
RT: religion

Douglas Adams:
RT: England RT: Monty Python

Douglas Hofstadter:
RT: A. K. Dewdney RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach RT: Martin Gardner
RT: Metamagical Themas
RT: superrationality

Doug Shire:
RT: Andrew Sornborger RT: Providence Country Day School
RT: Ithaca NY
RT: Ithaca Men's Network

Drinking School:
RT: Hangover, New Hampster RT: Dartmouth Fraternities

dwarf stars:
WT: astronomy RT: neutron star

RT: futurism NT: 1984 (Orwell novel)

early sixties:
WT: world history RT: Cuban Missile Crisis RT: John F Kennedy

Earth (David Brin):
WT: near future RT: distributed AI
RT: Internet

Einstein on the Beach:
RT: Albert Einstein RT: knee plays RT: Philip Glass

WT: charismatic people RT: 1977
RT: Las Vegas

emotional reality:
WT: 5 levels of reality RT: emotions

RT: emotional reality RT: mind

empty and meaningless:
RT: EST RT: truth vs. knowledge
RT: Landmark Forum
RT: mind
RT: distinctions

encyclopedia galactica:
RT: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy RT: Foundation Trilogy
RT: Carl Sagan
RT: Cosmos
RT: Contact (novel and movie)
RT: many-species sci-fi

RT: Britain RT: Cambridge, England RT: cricket (game) RT: Douglas Adams RT: Freemasons RT: Monty Python
RT: Cambridge University
RT: Great Britain
RT: Oxford University
RT: Scotland

RT: distresses

enlightenment (spiritual):
RT: EST RT: clarity RT: spirituality RT: transcendental
RT: Transcendental Meditation
RT: transformation
RT: zen
RT: nonsense

enlightenment (era):
RT: renaissance WT: timeline octaves

RT: promotion RT: Sterling Men's Weekend
WT: rackets

RT: artificial intelligence RT: Media Lab RT: memes

Erhard, Werner:
RT: Transformational Technologies Inc. RT: observer mind
RT: Landmark Forum

RT: Landmark Forum RT: empty and meaningless RT: enlightenment (spiritual) RT: Erhard, Werner

WT: distinctions RT: Oxford English Dictionary
RT: history

RT: Extropianism WT: Malthusians ANT: Malthusians


web page RT: accelerating change RT: Discordianism RT: extropians RT: futurism RT: Internet RT: nanotech RT: near future RT: Newcomb's paradox RT: Robert Munafo RT: Roko's Basilisk RT: singularity RT: stages of civilization RT: timeline octaves RT: uploading RT: year 2000
RT: superrationality

RT: Internet RT: RTFM

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