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These pages and PDF files have information about my father, Paul Munafo, and his work at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. This page is mainly here to gather some of the NASA public information for my convenience. (When someone, typically a friend of a friend, finds out about him they often want to know more.)

In each document, search for "Munafo". (Some documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Promotion Press Release

From the Marshall Star, the internal newsletter of MSFC:

Named Deputy Director of Materials and Processes Dept., 1999 Aug 12

Promoted to Manager of MPM Dept., 2000 Oct 5

Carwash Challenge, 2001 Dec 6

O'Keefe Visit, 2002 Feb 14

Given Outstanding Leadership Medal, 2002 Aug 22

At time out celebration, 2002 Sep 12

Selected Engineer of the Year by AIAA, 2004 Feb 19

Receiving the AIAA award (photo), 2004 Apr 8

Position of Asst. Director for Safety and Engg, 2004 Nov 25

2005 Award Recipients, 2005 June 2

Teledyne-Brown summary

%%% To find more, use paul munafo site:marshallstar.msfc.nasa.govin Google

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