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N&A : See NA

NA : News and Articles, a forum for discussing things in the news. Heated debates inspired by news probably belong in SB (sense 2).

NDP : "New Daily Pic", a notional timezone equivalent to local time where Randall Munroe lives (Boston, MA, US).

necro : v. To put a thread back at the top of a subforum's thread list, by posting after the thread had been "dead" (no new posts) for some time.

:arrow: Double posting, posting duplicate threads and needlessly reviving long dead threads (necromancy or necro'ing) are all frowned upon. (@SpitValve, SFGForum Guide for newbies *Updated Oct 16th 2012*, p108018)

(There are two usage examples in faid "NSP: NSP meta-thread", p1021640, showing that one can "necro" something that has been dead for only a couple weeks.)

needle-pulled thing : 1. Madness 2013 transformation of the word "thread".

Step 1. Become delirious. / Step 2. Sleep. / Step 3. Wake up, 16 newpix later. / Step 4. Check thread. 25 pages to read. / ... (@TheMulattoMaker, OTT:151:7)  ⌇  @TheMulattoMaker wrote: / Step 1. Become delirious. / Step 2. Sleep. / Step 3. Wake up, 16 fortnight later. / Step 4. Check needle-pulled thing. 25 pages to read. / ... (@Opiboble, OTT:151:10)

2. Adopted after the end of the Madness to mean a forum thread (i.e. a discussion on a topic), specifically the OTT.

Re: 1190: "Things that are on my side for 600, Alex!" / On that note, doth anyone ken if the new title for this needle-pulled thing be a reference to something.. Perhaps Jeopardy related? (@David1618, OTT:154:6)

It be badder than that, when you've been reading the needle-pulled thing for some Things that are on my side for 600, Alex! you start to reckon that way. (@Smithers, OTT:160:14)

This needle-pulled-thingy is becoming increasingly similar to the dialogue in Other Comic #915. (@Purplepants77, OTT:350:27)

As grains of Sand(semencancercoffeebabies) in a Sandcastle, this needle-pulled thing works best when we are not all of the same shape. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:454:19)

it's always hard to find who started what in a 657 page needle-pulled thing. :D (@Pikrass, OTT:657:1)

As a non-blitzed noob, I find it somewhat easy to get what people mean. There's a few odd conventions, e.g. week => wip, (And needle pulled things, comas, and other such madness) but nothing overly complicated. (@SkUrRiEr, OTT:914:34)

And we know that 3) he's either reading the needle-pulled thing or getting feedback from one of us (probably a lurker, and/or one of the mods). (@jowo, OTT:1189:24)

newpage : 1. A measurement of the passage of time in terms of OTT pages created.

I've been checking both the forum and the comic quite often lately; how many newpages in a newpix? (@willyshop, OTT:72:5)  ⌇  147 frames and justover 69 pages, so ~0.47 newpages per newpix. (@Helper, OTT:72:11)

It took me literally 3 newpages to catch up. You were busy, obviously. (@higgs-boson, OTT:75:19)

2. A recent, newly-created page in the OTT.

... I posted a comment about its resemblance to Zeno's paradox. A while later, [...] it occurred to me that it also applied to trying to catch up with those newpages. (@KarMann, OTT:77:1)

newpic : 1. A single newpix (the interval of time). (plural: newpics, newpix, or newpices)

Newpix sounds like it should be plural. So, a single unit I suggest should be a "newpic", retaining "newpix" as the plural. (@inhalvast, OTT:61:9)

Technically speaking, a newpic isn't exactly equal to a period of 30 minutes; it is a measurement of how many new frames will be or have been posted to the One True Comic. (@BJ Nemeth, OTT:64:19)

newpix : 1. The unit of time between two successive frames of xkcd 1190, assumed to be constant at 30 minutes.

I humbly submit that we begin measuring time in "newpix", equal to thirty standard minutes (@TheMulattoMaker, OTT:47:6)

I am off, and will be back in about 3-4 newpix, though it could be longer than that. (@SWuh, OTT:52:12)

2. The interval between two frames, regardless of how many minutes it is at any particular time. This started out as 30 minutes (two frames per hour), and after 240 frames (5 days) became 60 minutes (one frame per hour). (see longpix)

I dont know, but maybe we have moved onto a 1 newpix = 1 earth hour :/ (@Opiboble, OTT:169:37)

(See also newpix on the OTW.)

newpixbot : A bot by @mscha that ONGs the new frame.

DONG... / image, frame 760 / Posted by newpixbot. (@mscha, OTT:372:18)  ⌇  Somebody has too much time on their hands. (@RobIrr, OTT:372:26)

Newpixia : 1. Notional island to be built (out of sand, naturally) and inhabited by the members of the new culture/religion/civilization that formed in the OTT during its early days.

I like the Newpixian idea. Living on the Island of Newpixia... no raptors allowed. (@Mr Moriaty, OTT:83:5)

Newpixians is a geographical terminology, as newpixia is the island of sand where we eat dutch apple pies made out of bananas. (@peewee_RotA, OTT:130:29)

2. The OTT community.

I'm gone for a mere 30 Newpix/timeframes/aubron refresh cycles and you spawn an entire civilization, with religion, have a couple of major schisms, then mostly forget about it in favor of eating food. you people are a bit odd. (@Dracomax, OTT:84:8)  ⌇  Welcome to Newpixia... want some tea and a doughnut? (@Mr Moriaty, OTT:84:14)

I hope this doesn't mean that members of newpixia and adherents of the religion are expected to cut off their ears. (@Dracomax, OTT:84:22)

3. The world that Megan and Cueball inhabit, i.e. the world within the comic.

Assuming an _average_ of 1 minute passes in newpixia per newpix observed by the squatters-who-read-this-thingy-pulled-by-a-needle-with-a-knot-at-the-other-end, almost 12 hours have passed in Megan & Cueball's world. (@kryton, OTT:359:3)

Anyway my thoughts will be with Cueball and his lonely task through the night on the world known as ....? (we really should give it a name while waiting for a definite identification ;) (@Swein, OTT:965:11)  ⌇  My internal monologue has been referring to it as Newpixia for some reason. (@Wildhound, OTT:965:12)

usage: The first definition, and newpixian referring to participants in the forum, is far more prevalent; in addition to the citations here and in the Newpixian entry see OTT:148:18, OTT:226:20, OTT:646:15. The boundary is blurred in that forum members often wrote as if they and the characters in the comic existed in the same world.

Newpixian : n. 1. (archaic) An OTTer.

What do do we call ourselves? Newpixians? (@k.bookbinder, OTT:68:29)

I've been lurking this thread since near the beginning of Time (perhaps 12NP in), and I felt that I had to make the leap from "guest" to "Newpixian." (@shortround09, OTT:83:30)

Ok I feel like we HAVE TO sort the name out so i created a straw poll (link) (@diego5wh, OTT:116:8)

Posting in this thread has definitely slowed down big time. (@blowfishhootie, OTT:111:11)  ⌇  Unfortunately, yes. Shall we invoke the Newpixians (or the Sheeple, for that matter)? (@AluisioASG, OTT:111:13)

Ok new poll (link) (@diego5wh, OTT:118:25)

I'm running into a problem - I'm actually DREAMING about newpix and time. I think I recall queball and Megan crawling across the top of a frame, and something about throwing a soda c-a-n at us timewatchers/newpixians/initiates-of-time. (@Godsguy, OTT:130:27)

2. A religious subdivision in the early OTTer community.

Newpixians (used as a geographical term not a religious term) I beg you to stay strong in these t_imes of true insanity, i have added a new page to the wiki with a list of kn_own words. (@diego5wh, OTT:139:13)

adj. Of or related to the OTTers.

lets just run with this new language and make it our own. The Newpixian Language. (@Mr Moriaty, OTT:132:14)

newpost : 1. A post by a new user, i.e. a user's first post. These do not appear on a page until approved by a moderator; but when they appear they are inserted into the thread in the place they would have been if they had been approved immediately. Thus, they bump other posts to a different position (like the "Pope" or the "goat").

2. Any new post that you haven't read since the last time you looked at the thread. This is a more common usage outside the xkcd forums but is not the normal meaning of newpost in the OTT.

newword : A jargon word (or a new meaning for a previously-extant word with correlated etymology) invented within the OTT.

nexip : Next xip (equivalent to the Outsider word "tomorrow")

niehierbanal : adj. A metasyntactic adjective (the comparative form of nietha, also derived from hierban) in AUTOMOME output.



ni ni ni ni ni chupacabra ping pong ball : The accepted standard response to anyone proposing a standard.

I propose we standardize the process of going with it and remaining free from standards. If it seems that a standard is forming, within 2 newpages we must ensure at least 5 rebuttals are made, each ending with the phrase "ni ni ni ni ni chupacabra ping pong ball". At which point we all chant in unison "united we stand opposed to standards" and rub our tummies in circles while patting our head. (@Kieryn, NP723:24)

nietha : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

[...] / vrathna rhethatm tieniso, / nietha in kaliniam yo. / Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu varba glie nootano! (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

n. A metasyntactic noun in AUTOMOME output.



ninja : v.t. 1. to give an answer before another person had a chance to finish typing their response. (The other person is said to "have been ninja'd")

[...] Which leads to the question of why "EDIT: Ninja'd" is still fairly common here, unless all participants manage to post at just about the same moment. (@WolfieMario, OTT:5:26)

2. To post an ONG before another person manages to post an ONG.

(The first poster is sometimes called the "ninja", and the other is said to "have been ninja'd". All of this derives from th perception (in English-speaking culture) that a ninja (the martial-arts warrior) is fast and unseen. The OTT definition (sense 2. above) derives from the first, which pre-existed.

ninja : n. 1. A post satisfying the verb definition of ninja, i.e. a post containing some information (such as an ONG) and is submitted prior to some other post made by another person who typed more slowly.

I have read EVERY SINGLE post here since it all started, at least I think so. I may not have read some of the ninja posts. (@Lord Cathbad, OTT:44:3)

2. One who ninjas. (that is, the active subject in the verb senses above)

He really is taking forever to build this tower. image, frame 194 (@Millah, OTT:120:17)  ⌇  image, frame 194 That's it. I am going to murder Cueball. / Edit: Ohhh the ninja! (@Wildhound, OTT:120:18)

NMFFS : Non Molpy Food Funding Source. (see MFFS)

(The meaning is ambiguous, perhaps intentionally so. Possibilities include: 1. A source of funding for food for non-molpies, i.e. a job but whose earnings feed non-molpies rather than molpies; 2. A non-source of funding for molpy food, i.e. something that is like a job, but does not pay; or 3. Describing anything that is not one's MFFS, i.e. any non-work activity carried out by someone who also has a MFFS.)

nnp : nanonewpix, a unit of time equal to 10-9 newpix, or 3.6 µs.

1/1190 seconds? Oh, you mean 233.43 nanonewpix? (@SPACKlick, OTT:455:28)

nootahierbanal : adj. A metasyntactic adjective (the superlative form of nietha, also derived from nootano and hierban) in AUTOMOME output.



nootano : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

[...] / vrathna rhethatm tieniso, / nietha in kaliniam yo. / Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu varba glie nootano! (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

n. A fictional character (person's name) in AUTOMOME output.



nopix : 1. An ONG or a time-interval of 1 newpix in which no frame of Time appears.

What will we do if there is no newpix at the hour change? (@swey, OTT:170:38)  ⌇  That would be a Nopix i guess? (@AionArap, OTT:171:2)

Maybe longpix/nopix are actually leappix, and they're strategically placed so that the comic/era/epoch/year ends in accordance with another, distinct event (@ChronosDragon, OTT:171:8)

2. Synonym for newpix after the Voldeframe (acknowledging the fact that there are, apparently, no more new frames to come.)

It is not a nopix, that will be the day that there are no more pix at all. (@Opiboble, OTT:171:12)

Molpying down because 32 nopix is too long to stay awake (@HES, OTT:1320:1)

now-when : Synonym of present (in the sense of time).

usage: This can refer to the actual present time, but within the context of a discussion of some other time, it is a relative term roughly meaning "the same time" as the time being discussed. There are also relative terms aforewhen and afterwhen (or hyphenated afore-when and after-when) meaning "the earlier time(s)" and "the later time(s)" respectively.

Blitzing causes the time-traveller to accumulate relativistic molpies which are even more effective at sandwriting than the normal kind (having been blitznapped into the now-when from yesterpix. (@mrob27, OTT:1416:1) (In this example, the now-when refers to the time BlitzGirl arrived after her blitz, i.e. OTT:442:7#)

np : 1. Abbreviation for newpix (or ambiguously, newpage or newpost).

Well, someone did calculate that it was about 0.47 np*/np**, so it's trivial to convert that to about 19 np***/np**. / ... / * newpages / ** newpix / *** newposts / Let's not abbreviate these from now on, shall we? Other than newpix, at least. (@KarMann, OTT:78:19)

Is NP newpix or newpage? Should we be abbreviating either? (@Kieryn, OTT:568:3)  ⌇  NP = New Page / np= newpix (@Red Hal, OTT:568:4)  ⌇  It seems that initialism convention has been propagating into the past. (@slinches, OTT:568:7)

Wow, no posts between newpix? (@foilman, OTT:575:30)  ⌇  This happened twice before on np 63 and np 606. (@Kieryn, OTT:575:32)

2. Abbreviation for newpage.

It seems that activity on this board has slowed considerably since the np 190s. I guess the combination of the new work-week, The Reckoning, and the slow progression of the Second Megan Period has lost us significant numbers of Initiates? (@Kieryn, OTT:212:13)

Yep, it's now 9.40 in the UK, I'm having a manic day at work [...] (@Eoink, OTT:35:36) (xes first post)  ⌇  My first post was back on np35, I am a constant lurker but only pop up every few days. (@Eoink, OTT:606:29)

NP : 1. A frame of Time (Abbreviation of newpix)

Just did an analysis of the average fluid level of the right-most 80 pixel columns since NP 191. image (@Kieryn, OTT:221:18)

Quest progress: 77 out of 223 pages. / The Populated Period of Expansion. NP 156. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:223:1)

Quest progress: 367 out of 398 pages. / The Next Level. NP 735. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:398:25)

And I just noticed we are on NP999. WHAT WILL HAPPEN???? (@Tom17, OTT:466:21)

Blitz progress: 484 of 568 / The Great Hike (pt. 2), NP1019 (@macraw83, OTT:568:9)

2. Abbreviation of newpage.

You know, it occured to me during my last coma: it might not be neccessary to attribute this all to a creator. [...] (@StratPlayer, OTT:223:12)  ⌇  So you're saying that this 'creator' was there at the beginning of time, but is no longer needed? Kind of like everything was created in that moment of the initial 'Big GONG' or 'Big BONG'? (@StratPlayer, OTT:223:33)  ⌇  I must confess that I've been questioning my beliefs as to Time. I did try to start a period enlightenment back on NP 223, but I fear that is the wrong path. Truthfully I think it is incorrect to believe that the One True Comic exists outside of the influence of Lord Randall. (@StratPlayer, OTT:365:7)

This is the most activity the fora has had during coma-time for me in hundreds of NPs... I felt like Blitzgirl for a moment, scrolling, reading, scrolling... laughing. Smiling a little. Scrolling. Looking up to notice the newpages were climbing. (@Valarya, OTT:357:7)

Okay, I'm still way back on NP 425, but I've been catching up since 419 and its time to coma. (@Purplepants77, OTT:439:3)

Is NP newpix or newpage? Should we be abbreviating either? (@Kieryn, OTT:568:3)  ⌇  NP = New Page / np= newpix (@Red Hal, OTT:568:4)  ⌇  It seems that initialism convention has been propagating into the past. (@slinches, OTT:568:7)

NSP : Label attached to faid threads that are intended to be serious.

Good point. Maybe we should put 'NSP' in thread titles that we would prefer to keep on topic. (@Red Hal, faid "The fifth thread.", p985580)

I llike the idea of putting an acronym in the title. / I think Red Hal suggested NSP, not sure what it stands for, let us wait and find out. (@Taintedeity, faid "Serious Discussion in my FaiD?", p988402)

I see an NSP: tag in one of the threads. I approve of this tag as a designator of serious threads. (@Red Hal, faid "Serious Discussion in my FaiD?", p1010446)

An NSP tag implies that a thread is meant for serious discussion*, and although we're more tolerant of off-topic posts in these threads than in SB, if you repeatedly post nonsense in them you'll probably end up on a couple of foe lists. You are more than welcome to make yourself an NSP thread to discuss something, but please don't create them willy-nilly - yes, it's funny to have to occasional joke NSP, but if too many are made then the tag will lose its value and become just another meme.

* The original meaning of NSP has been lost in the mists of time or behind the sofa, but if you really want a backronym for it, try "No Spam Please" or "No Silly Posts". (@Cheese, faid "NSP: Guide to FaiD for newbies", p1210528)

God, I almost never have to ask this. / What does NSP stand for? (@BomanTheBear, faid "Serious Discussion in my FaiD?", p1013714)  ⌇  I actually have no f***ing clue. Maybe Non Silly Place, but I think Red Hal just made it up off the top of his head. (@pollywog, p1015056)  ⌇  I thought it was either "No Stupid Posts" or "New Serious Post". (@Jack Saladin, p1015064)  ⌇  The more I think about it, it's better if it doesn't have a meaning, and we just make something up every time a newbie asks. (@pollywog, p1015087)  ⌇  No Spam Please? (@Mzyxptlk, p1015426)  ⌇  I parsed it as 'Non-Sequitor'-Proof, which I quite liked as a tag :) (@M.qrius, p1015517)  ⌇  I tend to read it as No Spam Please, or maybe No Silliness Please. (@Cheese, p3021502)

Right, this thread is for discussing [username] without resorting to poking fun at him [...] (@Cheese, faid "NSP: [username]", p1012932)  ⌇  Also, wtf @ MSNBC covering another f***ing car chase! wth has happened to my MSNBC!? (user1, p1013962)  ⌇  Hey, this is an NSP. Keep it on-topic. (user2, p1013965)

Although the exact meaning has been lost in the sands of time, any thread with a NSP tag is designed to stay on topic. That means no cocks cocks cocks, no pagetopping, no quote pyramids, no off-topic posts, etc. Think SB, except less strict and rigorous. (@roc314, faid "FaiD guide for newbies v2.0", p1252886)

[...] keep in mind, when someone is going through the archives of an NSP thread, they shouldn't have to skip large numbers of unrelated posts just because the people currently posting weren't interrupting any on-going conversation. (@roc314, faid "NSP: NSP meta-thread", p1281120)

What does ITT on these forums mean? (@Whizbang, faid "NSP: Let me google that for you", p3603678)  ⌇  NSP: No Spam Please (@Red Hal, p3603865)

nuvi : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics (See smopu and glie, whose meanings are clearer).

Smopu hvala nuvi dichte amwah. Smopu di vremka va. (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

Smopa hvala nuvi dict amuah. "I am greatly blessed to be among you." This is one of the High Dicta of the Raft People, and it is one to take to heart. (@ucim, OTT:1700:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

v. Part of nuvi bradvaii, a metasyntactic transitive verb (the present form of bradva) in AUTOMOME output.




OAFDJSC : The OTC Ab Facto De Jure Standardization Committee. See OTT:2112:27 and OTT:2114:11.

OFP : @OrbitalFacePalm9001, active for a while from the mid-NP1600's.

OFTF : OTTer(s) From The Future (alluding to BFTF, see FTF)

Do we consider OFTF? (@AluisioASG, OTT:2416:13)  ⌇  What is "OFTF"? (I'd go with "OTTer Force Task Force".) (@mrob27, OTT:2416:14)  ⌇  Why, OTTers from the Future, of course! (@AluisioASG, OTT:2416:21)

Old One : An OTT participant who was active in the fora before the beginning of Time. (When capitalized, originally a reference to H.P. Lovecraft)

Dang it. I knew I should have registered at the start instead of just lurking the whole time. Look at me! I do not even have an avatar yet. (@woods, OTT:466:13)  ⌇  I think most of the most frequent commenters all joined well after the beginning of time. I mean, as far as I'm aware I'm the only active poster from the first page remaining, but I only have ~50 posts in the OTT. (@Goggalor, OTT:466:19)  ⌇  What about we Old Ones from before the dawn of Time who mostly lie dead or sleeping but occasionally stir to frighten those fragile young beings bound to the thread of Time? / Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Pfhorlhu xkcd wgah'nagl fhtagn (@Pfhorrest, OTT:466:22, emphasis added)

We are not an army, but a Tribe. We share a culture. We extend that culture. The old ones (like myself) often offer advice to the young, as is good and proper. (@charlie_grumbles, OTT:746:26)

I'm hesitant to change what the Old Ones did. [...] A lot of effort was put into those earlier periods on the wiki and I would feel like an intruder to simply obliterate what they did (@kenmelken, OTT:1004:37)

oldpix : 1. The period of time between frame, during the first 240 frames when the interval was 30 minutes.

Then what do we call the 30 minute periods that have been referred to as Newpix for the last 100+ pages? Oldpix? (@AionArap, OTT:174:13)

I noticed when Cueball was helping Megan a few oldpix ago, they carried around basket ball sized lumps of the building material. Sand? (@kryton, OTT:215:38)

2. Previous frames of Time.

We should keep a close eye on all of the OldPix. Lord Randall has an excellent opportunity to implement time travel here. He has the ability to change Oldpix at His discretion and leisure. What's to prevent Cueball (or anyone else, for that matter) from going back in time and changing history as we know it? (@Ebonite, OTT:382:15)

Just a quick about-to-finally-coma note that the time stamps of the oldpix have yet again changed. (@mscha, OTT:509:35)

3. An interval of one hour.

A newpix hour oldpix later, the URL did not change, we were still looking at C. (@mscha, OTT:1277:18)

oldpixbot : 1. newpixbot on the occasion of it ONGing the previous frame.

Hmmmm.....newpixbot seems to have snagged the previous pix, making it an oldpixbot this pixtime. (@fatness, OTT:539:22)

2. A bot specifically for re-posting frames of Time, after it ended.

I don't know if we can keep this up for the first 240 frames at this 30 outside minute rate! (@Latent22, OTT:1277:1)  ⌇  WHy not just adapt newpixbot? Or create oldpixbot for the purpose? (@rvloon, OTT:1277:2)

oldpixly : Once oer hour.

As for the OTC, as we already concluded before I molpied down, we're now getting old epilogue frames served hourly (or should I say oldpixly?). (@mscha, OTT:1277:18)

OMCR : Oh My Ch*rping Randall.

OMCR*! / :mrgreen: Brilliant! :mrgreen: / *Oh My Ch***ing Randall! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1415:1)

OMR : Oh My Randall. (alteration of SMS language "OMG")

ETA: OMR, I just did a search to check whether cheateous is perchance a word and Google showed me my own post! That MapReduce is really fast! (@Flado, OTT:394:5)

One True Author : Randall Munroe. (The author of the One True Comic)

Randall has specified the giraffe as a unit of altitude, specifically; the cue is still a valid unit for length in general. (@jjjdavidson, OTT:557:29)  ⌇  Yes, but it's an Outside unit, making it heretical. (@mscha, OTT:557:31)  ⌇  It is an xkcd unit. If it is outside the OTT, but within xkcd, is it still heretical? (@ucim, OTT:557:36)  ⌇  Yes. The Other Comic is not the One True Comic. (@mathrec, OTT:558:14)  ⌇  But it is written by the One True Author. That would make the OTA a heretic himself. Somehow, that can't be right. (@ucim, OTT:558:21)

One True Comic : Time, xkcd #1190.

Technically speaking, a newpic isn't exactly equal to a period of 30 minutes; it is a measurement of how many new frames will be or have been posted to the One True Comic. Anything more precise than that is meaningless, because there are only two states of being — looking at a new frame, or waiting for the next frame to appear. (@BJ Nemeth, OTT:64:19)

One True Font : xkcd Regular the font used in (for example) externalities. It is also used in many OTT creations, including Sandcastle Builder, Q04B, AUTOMOME by @azule, @mrob27's replay viewer, etc.

But on the way to work I thought about the xkcd-Regular.otf font [...] and suddenly realized how I was reading the file extension to myself. [...] / "xkcd-Regular, the One True Font." (@jjjdavidson, OTT:483:15)

... while looking at my copies of OTTcolored and OTTmanips I noticed one that I posted on NP 1330 [...] doesn't use the One True Font, so I thought I'd update it. (@pelrigg, OTT:1600:14)

One True Reader : BlitzGirl.

Thank you, AK49BWL! :) (@BlitzGirl, OTT:409:2)  ⌇  A mention by the One True Reader :shock: I am so honored! (@AK49BWL, OTT:412:0)

One True Standard : See OTS.

One True Thread : The OTT, the thread in the xkcd fora for discussing xkcd #1190 "Time".

Say, for example, that someone might create a Wikipedia article for our new unit of time. (@macraw83, OTT:64:23)  ⌇  Already happened, and the title is newpix. (@patzer, OTT:64:32)  ⌇  This is not the one true Wikipedia, it is merely the Wiki of this one true Thread. (@macraw83, OTT:65:8)

One True Wiki : The wikia established by the OTT mainly for documenting the OTT and its content. <- You're Welcome. / Submitted at 143 est pictos religionis (EPR) (@Primis, OTT:67:37)  ⌇  It's already been tagged for deletion by lack of "significance". (@inhalvast, OTT:68:4)  ⌇  It is okay. We do not need the Outside Wiki. We have our wiki. The One True Wiki. (@Goggalor, OTT:68:10)

And herewith do I also dedicate a shelf for you1 amongst the Holy Books in the Great Library of the Order of the Holy Contradiction on the One True Wiki, that your most Blessed Writings be compiled, and blessed upon your Second Coming. (@ucim, OTT:806:19)

ONG : n. 1. The frame of Time that is about to come, or has just come, or is mysteriously late.

2. The act of being the first person to successfully post the unique URL of a Time frame to the OTT.

3. The word (containing the letters ONG) that is included in most ONG posts.

The ONG practice (without the name) became popular almost right at the beginning, once it had been noticed that the images kept changing but that there was a permanent URL for each image enabling the old images to be posted in the thread. The name comes from the sound made by this online automatic alarm posted at OTT:38:11. That the practice of regular ONGing became commonplace about here on NP65. The problem with posts getting reversed/swapped was described at OTT:161:27. OTTers started using different words containing 'ONG' at OTT:189:9. At OTT:241:26 and OTT:267:35 the OTT was still missing a frame every now and then. Each image is posted with a word containing the letters ONG, such as 'SPONGES'; these ONG-words started getting a little more creative at OTT:363:25.

The appearance on an ONG in the OTT on every single frame did not become reliable until @mscha introduced nopixbot at OTT:372:18; the use of an automated tool to get ONGs was called "cheating", and after some debate mscha put in a delay (at first 5 minutes, then 10 minutes) so that OTTers could still have fun being the first one to post an ONG. 1. To post an ONG.

In the verb form, ONG is the action and a direct object, if present, is the frame being posted. Usage examples illustrating "ONG" as a verb:

I have no complaints with the uncommented, un-ONG'd Newpix, but the duplications annoy me. (@SBN, OTT:381:11)

only if he can wrest the remote to newpixbot out of my ONGing hands! muahaha (@Valarya, OTT:475:17)

People can ONG the hourly image if there is one that hour and then comment on it ... (@Latent22, OTT:1282:16)

Onglessdix : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, the 4th dix of the wip (Thursday). So-named because there is no new xkcd comic or What-If on that dip.

Ongst : Angst related to ONGs, the lack of such, etc.

"Ongst" would have been a useful newword to have around the Time of T** **d. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1756:35)

organised sand : A computer or similar electronic device.

(From xkcd 1349)

And I suggest we start calling computers "organized sand" (@taixzo, OTT:1854:2)

OSH : The OTTer Scavenger Hunt in Time, begun in OTT:1335:26. (not abbreviated OSHiT for bowlderisation)

Welcome to the OTTer Scavenger Hunt in Time, hereby abbreviated as OSH... ...let's just stick with OSH. / image / This is Cueball. / Which newpix is he from? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1335:26)


OTA : The One True Author, i.e. the author of the OTC: Randall Munroe.

OTC : The "One True Comic", i.e. Time.

OTCAT : 1. An obscure synonym for "Wait For It" (it is an acroynm for "One True Comic Alt Text").

(Inspired by StratPlayer's sig) OTCAT (@Exodies, OTT:610:29)  ⌇  I'm sorry, I don't quite understand this post. (@HAL9000, OTT:610:28)  ⌇  Ah, I get it now. / One True Comic Alt Text. (@HAL9000, OTT:611:1)

Why oh why oh why do you keep saying the OTCAT means wait for the end? It means wait for the next Frame. (@Exodies, OTT:641:0)

2. One True Crazy-Ass Thread

I first thought that acronym meant "One True Crazy-Ass Thread"... :D (@StratPlayer, OTT:612:6)

OTG : The "One True Game" is Sandcastle Builder, and so-named in analogy to OTC, OTT, OTW, etc.

Othercomic : Any xkcd comic apart from Time. See also Authorcomic.

Thrice-weekly reminder: New Other Comic's up. (@KarMann, OTT:304:17)  ⌇  I move that we declare KarMann as Eternal Keeper of the Othercomics. (@HAL9000, OTT:307:37)

between two DONGs I was browsing some old OtherComics and came across one that TimeWaiters could find rather disturbing... (@manvandmaan, OTT:316:22)

OTS : 1. The xkcd store.

I will wait for it to appear in the OTS1, because I choose to support the OTR2, so he can continue the OTC around which winds the OTT.3 / ... 1 One True Store (@ttscp, OTT:529:17)

The various molpies look to me like they were drawn well, before being downrezzed to a pixel or two. I wonder if we'll ever ever get to see them, maybe as a print in the OTS. (@ggh, OTT:707:2)

2. One True Sudoku.

TY. Here they all are in footnote form. / ... / S One True Sudoku / ... (@azule, OTT:535:24)

3. One True Sandcastle.

I'm ketchuping from page 655, but I just saw that buffygirl PM'd me an amazing hat-atar! *swoons* I love it! Working in the OTS (have we used One True Sandcastle yet?) was an especially nice touch. (@jetpac, OTT:669:12)

4. The One True Standard, codified by @Kieryn in OTT:723:24.

Are we thinking of standardizing the creature names? If so, do we need to do any creative editing of Jabberwalky? There are a lot of creature references there. (@Ebonite, OTT:723:9)  ⌇  Aagh! No standardizing! No standardizing! No standardizing! (@jjjdavidson, OTT:723:12)  ⌇  I propose we standardize the process of going with it and remaining free from standards. If it seems that a standard is forming, within 2 newpages we must ensure at least 5 rebuttals are made, each ending with the phrase "ni ni ni ni ni chupacabra ping pong ball". At which point we all chant in unison "united we stand opposed to standards" and rub our tummies in circles while patting our head. (@Kieryn, OTT:723:24)  ⌇  ... to designate the ppb along with the popular q (cueball) and np (newpix/nopix) as the "big three" units, which shall almost immediately give rise to alternatives as mandated by the OTS (@mrob27, OTT:2114:11)  ⌇  Feedback welcome, or better yet, follow the One True Standard by proposing another. (@mrob27, OTT:2119:19)

5. A notional store that focusses on OTC- and OTT-related items.

OTS: One True Store (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1659:15)  ⌇  So what should be in the OTS? / * The set of 3099 T shirts (With a discount for buying the whole set) / * The 3099 as Prints / * Thwapsticks / * Beanies / * Bags / What else? (@waveney, OTT:1659:16)  ⌇  For the OTS, stuffed molpies: squirpy, chirpy, pricklymolp, molpysnake. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1659:26)  ⌇  For the OTS: Star charts of the 13291 sky. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1659:28)  ⌇  For the OTS: / * Coffee / * Bacon / * Ice / not so sure about the rest... (@ZoomanSP, OTT:1659:29)

OTT : The "One True Thread", the forum thread on the xkcd forums dedicated to discussin of xkcd 1190. There are currently over 8 million words of it, and it's still going strong. Begin here and molpy up, 'cause you've got a seaishly crazy lot of ketchuping to do. The Thread is pretty big, but it probably knows what's it doing.

2. Over The Top (a standard, non-OTT meaning of "OTT" that appears in earlier posts, such as OTT:66:10)

OTTer : 1. A participant in the One True Thread.

Somewhat jovial talk of certain OTTers suddenly succumbing to cancer, leading to two individuals posting the vile LSD GIF (@macraw83, OTT:666:38)

The chirpable pixels would not always be chirped in the same order, and would not necessarily lead to a loop [...] Numbers in the chirpary number system are quite similar to OTTers in that respect, but not necessarily similar to otters unless the otters are also OTTers. (@Angelastic, OTT:781:28)

2. The language of the OTT, i.e. OTTish.

From the "other" thread it appears that we are intimidating, probably by size, and also by unique vocabulary. [...] It's hard to get across as an impression to others that there isn't a requirement to speak OTTer, but just to be friendly (or grumbly) and share. Or lurk. :( (@azule, OTT:907:32)

OTTerCon : An interdisciplinary scientific conference in early 2015 at University Bochum, organised by @Sustainabiliser and formally titled Towards a Sustainable Online Community.

Current OTTer Feedback List / (in order of appearance, more or less) / ... / 0.6 :?: Eternal Density: would like to come, checking / ... (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2130:28)  ⌇  I'm still in two minds about OTTerCon2015 attendance. (@Eternal Density, OTT:2132:31)

I booked some raptorcastle flights todip, so StormAngel and myself are now both a clear 1.0 on OTTerCon attendance, though only I will be speaking. (@Eternal Density, OTT:2199:3)

OTTerCon. I approve. (@HES, OTT:2199:9)

Regarding OTTerCon: I tried to shuffle things around a bit but unfortunatly outside work does not permit me to attend [...] (Sciscitor, OTT:2201:19)

OTTercomic : An OTTification of an OtherComic.

I attempted to create a page in the wiki for OTTercomics. Of course, I mustarded it up and misspelled the page title [...] (@Whizbang, OTT:1312:13)

This next one is somewhere between an OTTercomic and a colourification - 264/np1923 / image (@HES, OTT:1315:7)

OTTerier : Having more of the characteristics of an OTTer, or having them in a greater quantity/magnitude.

Thx @yappobiscuits, @BlitzGirl for the encouragement, I feel OTTerier every xip (@mrob27, OTT:1415:21) (in this example, mrob27 is saying that he feels more a part of the OTT community.)

OTTeriffic : terrific (alternative spelling of OTTerrific)

Both versions are absolutely OTTeriffic! (@lmjb1964, OTT:1136:28)

OTTerrific : terrific (see also OTTeriffic; this spelling is more popular)

OTTerrific, yappo! [image] I'll go add these to the repository! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1396:1)

OTT-If : An OTTification of a "What-If?"

That must be the first ever OTTified What-If! (OTT-if?) Awesomeful! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1391:31)

OTTification : 1. A pastiche of some creative work originating outside the OTT, incorporating characters, situations, dialogue, and/or other elements from Time and/or the OTT. (See also timeody and ottity).

I actually think that the song lyrics we post in the OTT fit the definition of parody music. Spaketh Wikipedia: "Parody" in this serious sense continues [...] alongside the more common use [referring] to parody for humorous effect... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:867:9)  ⌇  Maybe a Pastiche would be a better word? Or we could just call it recycling or maybe go sideways and just call it an OTTification. ... (@rvloon, OTT:868:39)

2. A narrower sense of definition 1, permitting use only in reference to verbal works like poetry and song lyrics.

Still not a fan of ottification, since, as BlitzGirl herself has observed, it could equally apply to pictures and other forms of media. (@jovialbard, OTT:872:13)

ottify : To create an OTTification.

But as I've already mentioned, timeody doesn't verb well: "I'm timeodying again." "BiitzGirl timodied Skimbleshanks." So I do find ottify (without caps) a satisfying verb, with nouns ottification or ottifaction for the act of ottifying. (@jjjdavidson, OTT:872:16)

We'll be waiting for you to ottify Der Ring des Nibelungen, then? (@mscha, OTT:873:32)

OTTish : adj. 1. Resembling the OTT; of or related to the OTT.

Look what I found: / ... / More OTTish smileys: (@BlitzGirl, OTT:780:5)

I'd change it slightly, taking out two or three OTTish references so that it was more honestly from Cueball's point of view (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1284:13)

We need to form an OTTish Morris side. After inventing OTTish Morris of course... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1936:16)

n. 1. (also Ottish): A pidgin of English with many OTT-specific jargon words and grammatical conventions, like that of hacker jargon.

If we're going to have a name for our words, I would suggest OTTish slang, perhaps, but it's not really a separate language so much as an enhancement of the English language. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1048:1)

roaming charges across Europe are being eradicated (is there an OTTish word for this?) (@HES, OTT:1939:36)

ottity : An OTTification (sense 2).

I hope one of our brilliant OTTificators translates the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black" into glorious OTTity! (@Ximenez, OTT:961:25)

A place that feels like an artists colony isn't a place just for artists. Rather, it's a place that feels warm and inviting, where people can do their thing and feel welcome, where oddity and ottity are all around, but not for their own sake. (@ucim, OTT:1400:5)

OTTKCD : An OTTification of an OtherComic.

OTTification of xkcd 325  ⌇  I approve of this OTTKCD! (@Eternal Density, OTT:894:19)

OTTsanity : What OTTers call "sanity", and what outsiders call insanity. See outsanity.

OTTTT : OTTher True Thread, the private (unlisted and invitation-only) Facebook group established by OTTers for use when the xkcd fora are unavailable.

For the folks who were on the Facebook post: did we settle on The One False Thread vs. The Two True Thread vs. The Second True Thread vs. The OTTher True Thread? (@AluisioASG, OTT:1851:31)  ⌇  Definitely The OTTher True Thread, or the OTTTT. (@Tatiana, OTT:1851:34)

OTW : The "One True Wiki", i.e. the wikia site dedicated to xkcd 1190. The Glossary is a good place to start.

outsanity : What outsiders call "sanity", and what OTTers call insanity. See OTTsanity.

Outside : 1. People outside the OTT.

... this comic has been an exciting and emotional experience, but seen from the outside, people could say the time invested by us on it ... (@morgothcr, OTT:40:23)

2. Life outside the OTT, expressed or percieved as an unfamiliar or undesirable state.

I think days have something to do with the Outside. I don't know why anyone would care about the Outside when they could be inside watching a virtual sandcastle though. (@bouer, OTT:61:29)

Outsider : 1. A person not familiar with the OTT.

2. Anything said or done in the Outside, or in an Outside-like manner.

Outsider Time : The specification of time and time-intervals using normal units, like minutes and hours, as contrasted with newpix and other OTT-specific methods. (capitalized variously)

If I'm gone from 7:59 pm to 9:01 pm (1:02 in Outsider time), that is three newpix. But if I plan things more efficiently to save four minutes [...] (@BJ Nemeth, OTT:66:7)

Don't these last few timeframes give us some new information regarding the relationship to outsider time? (@imagineddragon, OTT:137:12)

In the event where outsider time speeds up relative to our constant NewPix unit of time, this indicates warping of spacetime. (@Psycix, OTT:170:18)

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