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Participants in the One True Thread love wordplay, including the invention of lots of new words. Here is a riverish sampling, including those I had to look up at some point after forgetting what they were, plus all of those I personally invented.

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1138 : Thanks. (By 2nd-degree free association: "1138" is related to "THX" by THX-1138, and "THX" is related to "thanks" by SMS language.)

1138 to all the organizers and all the participants and all the molpies in the background that helped make it happen! (@ucim, OTT:2231:13)   ⌇ ? errrrr, not sure what you're saying there ^^ (@karhell, OTT:2231:14)   ⌇   I'm saying thanks. Or abbreviated, thx. Lucas made a film called THX-1138, and thus 11:38 is THX time. (@ucim, OTT:2231:19)

1138, but no. BUT I CN HAS /MSG PR1V1L3G3S? (@mrob27 via @balthasar_s, OTT:2299:26)

374'WS : An ASCII transliteration of Beanish ᘊᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ; see 374'WS A347W`9.

374'WS A347W`9 : An ASCII transliteration of Beanish ᘊᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ ᘝᘊᓭᒣᖊᐣᖗ, thought to refer to the topical medicine (popularly nicknamed "panther salve") given to Megan in frame m2671. Translation theories vary; one is that ᘊᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ = name of a plant, ᘝᘊᓭᒣᖊᐣᖗ = "paste"; a conflicting theory is that ᘊᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ = "cream", ᘝᘊᓭᒣᖊᐣᖗ = "medicinal". (Sources: @RudeDude, OTT:1102:2; @tresoldi, OTT:1324:32; my own analysis)

To me it seems unlikely, as 74'WS was used before in the "medicine" dialogue (4M 374'WS A347W'9 was temporarily accepted as "bring medicine", with 374'WS A347W'9 repeated directly later). (@SinusPi, OTT:1093:37)

37'NA : An ASCII transliteration of Beanish ᘊᒣᑦᖽᘝ, thought to refer to the castle that Cuegan are taken to by the Beanies.

I've started transliterating beanish into a Canadian aboriginal syllabic. / ᔪᘊᖚᐧ ᘛᔭᐤ = d36' Ub? / [...] / ᖽᔑᐣᘖ ᖚᐧᘖᖗᑫ ᘝᐣᖽ ᘊᒣᒼᖽᘝᐨ = NS'2 6'29g A'N 37'NA. (@Renil, OTT:1169:3)

3W,J 34'6 : An ASCII transliteration of Beanish ᘊᖊᑦᓄ ᘊᓭᐧᑲ, the part of the dessicated Mediterranean sea in the area of Cuegan's people.

(Seen on map, frame 2901)

The map sea labels, in my notation, are actually 3W,J 34'6. Neither is the expected 342bJ! (@SinusPi, OTT:1143:20)

Cuegan Sea: 3W,J 34'6 (34'6 was said in G2728 (M2723) and G2866 (M2861)) / New Ionian Sea: 3W,J #J'b / Tiny labels by north shore: 34cGX (pointed to in picnic scene), rest unintelligible. / If map says sea is 3W,J - twice! - then what's our 342bJ..? Hum. (@SinusPi, OTT:1144:35)

Hey look, you can see 3W,J 34'6 from there! (@moody7277, OTT:2495:12)

80236 : A server "name" (or part of its IP address) seen in this conversation (related to CTIF) and later in BSTA frame 190


act like a big tree : To know what one is doing (a reference to frame 1526).

If you are acting like a pretty big tree, you may skip to the command line version below. (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2222:0)

They are stretching BrokenBean's leg, so the broken bones can snap back to their natural positions. / Only do this if you can act like a pretty big tree. (@SilentTimer, OTT:2258:27)

Advent : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 24th of February", and ending with the 23rd March in normal yips, or the 22nd March in leap yips.

Right now I'm using heretical November as the cutoff [...]; as the world transitions to marking time by Time, I'll move the cutoff to 1 Advent. (@ucim, OTT:1636:38)

Voting is open from NOW until Midnip on Randix, Advent 15th. (OHT*: Monday, March 10th) / [...] / This second round will be open for voting from Onglessdix, Advent 18th. (Mar. 13) to Riverdix, Advent 27th (Mar. 22). / [...] / *Outside Heretical Time (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1774:0)

It could even take n newpix per newpix, where n is chosen to make the entire series last to the beginning of Advent. / During Advent we should always wait for it. (@ucim, OTT:2075:3)

1701-1800: Summit 15, 0 A.T. 8:05 am - Advent 19, 0 A.T. 5:48 pm (60 dips, 9 longpix, 43 minips) (@Earthling on Mars, OTT:2201:34)

The date in the Present is the 25th of Advent (@january1may, OTT:2263:28)

AFBC : Away From BotCastle. See botcastle.

aforewhen : 1. The time prior to some other time (see now-when for usage notes).

I have reached the post by @azule which includes the [phrase] "in the future" referring to azule's afterwhen, which is now my own aforewhen: I am in my present seeing @azule's post from the past, from my perspective @azule is the blitzer. (@mrob27, OTT:1440:21, emphasis added)

You can't punsaw me in the aforewhen can you? (@mrob27, OTT:1476:7)

afterwhen : 1. The Time after the Unmentionable; the current epoch of the One True Thread.

Treeish data collecting, mrob! Only issue I see with this is that it continues way past T** E**. (@Valarya, OTT:1434:1)   ⌇   Yes, the index is mainly meant to be a guide to the OTT, so of course it continues into the afterwhen. (@mrob27, OTT:1434:7)

2. (more generally) A time after some other time (see now-when for usage notes).

he objective is to make the OTTification appear to have been created at that point in time. As the author I am rooted in the time being blitzed and forget (as much as possible) what I actually know of the afterwhen. (@mrob27, OTT:1434:22) : The website, a forum for discussions of how the world's history might have been different if something had gone differently, for example, what if an earthquake had blocked the straits of Gibraltar about 10,000 years ago, and the Mediterranean had begun refilling during Classical times?

AMA : Ask Me Anything, a type of chatroom event in which a person or panel accept open questions. (Like many things, this probably entered the xkcd forum culture from reddit)

So the team that made Frozen just did an AMA on Reddit. And then this happened: / @skippedgamercfn: Do you want to build a snowman?? / @Disney_Frozen: Bobby & Kristen: We'd actually like to build a sandcastle. / ...Possible OTTers? (@taixzo, OTT:1743:1)

anOTTer : 1.a. Another OTTer.

@k.bookbinder wrote: / Wait, there are cookies? Where are there cookies? I like cookies. (@k.bookbinder, OTT:1429:4)   ⌇   Not these. These c**kies are EVIL. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1429:6)   ⌇   For the love of Randall, do at least read the warnings first. We don't want to lose anOTTer. (@mrob27, OTT:1429:7)

1.b. Pun on another.

Damn micromolpies seem to be regrouping and staging anotter attack. Ch*rp. I have things to do!! (@lmjb1964, OTT:2170:20)

Must obtain anotter shirt. (@Eternal Density, OTT:2338:25)

apologize to Minim : Euphemism for "Wait for it.". See Sorry, Minim.

ASHF : Affordable Swedish Home Furniture (from Sandcastle Builder).

aufgemolpt : Molpied-up, i.e. just awake. (see molpy up, and thorough etymological discussion of aufmolpen by @Sustainabilizer, OTT:2235:29)

Molpied up, soon to embark for breakfast. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2234:4)   ⌇   We're in Germany so I'll say "Ich bin aufgemolpt". (@balthasar_s, OTT:2234:5)   ⌇   Auch ich bin inzwischen aufgemolpt. (I molpied up, too, in the meantime.) (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2234:9)

Authorcomic : An xkcd comic apart from Time. ("Author" references OTA). See Othercomic.

New AuthorComic (@azule, OTT:1591:20)

Awe : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 20th of May".

awefulsome : awful (i.e. bad or upleasant), and simultaneously awesome (impressive; inspiring admiration). (Compare awesomeful.) (often styled with the ful crossed out; also awfulsome)

You guys are posting too much cool stuff, and too many awfulesome puns. (@lmjb1964, OTT:620:8)   ⌇   P.S. I like "awfulesome". :D or is it "awefulsome"? :) (@azule, OTT:631:13)

Speaking of Sudoku additions: I hate you. Since I discovered your Sudoku of the Day, I'm losing what valuable little time I have left ... / PS: Just kidding, of course, they're awefulsome4! / 4: English is weird. A little bit of awe is good, a lot of awe is bad? (@mscha, OTT:635:33)

awesomeful : awesome, i.e. extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration. (Compare awefulsome.) (also awsomeful)

Just want to leave this link here, because I think slinches will like it. Giant flourescent pink slugs Maybe there's a connection somewhere. (@SBN, OTT:755:8)   ⌇   Those slugs are awesomeful! I saw that article a few newpix ago, but couldn't think of a way to tie it into the OTC or OTT. (@slinches, OTT:755:10)

I bring three tarot cards from the edge of the woods: the Hanged Bot (v2 with improved edges), the Emperor and the Star. / image, image, image (@ggh, OTT:759:13)   ⌇   Awesomeful! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:760:9)

axios : 1. worthy, capable, deserving, having merit (from Greek άξιος, see Wikipedia Axios (acclamation))

@Eternal Density - approaches cautiously... are you giving the Pope of the Order of the Holy Contradiction his own punsaw? That would certainly be treeish! (@ucim, OTT:1545:26)   ⌇   No I am. Yes I'm not. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1545:27)   ⌇   Axios! (@ucim, OTT:1545:31)

It is a task worthy of us all, and we are all worthy of this Great Calling. Axios! (@ucim, OTT:1646:14)

It doesn't seem like I've said this in any super awesome way, so I apologize for wasting your time. Maybe the gist is worthy? (@azule, OTT:2236:29)   ⌇   Axios! There's no need to "try" to be awesome - just your being here is awesome. (@ucim, OTT:2236:35)

2. A laudatory exclamation, with the sense of axios, 1. (similar to shouting brava! or bravo! at the end of a good stage performance.)

I especially want to note the dix that is named after the Angel Davéan; he's often unsung but certainly merits axios! (@ucim, OTT:1636:31)

mrob27 - wowterful! Steakish, wingish, and a whole bunch of footnotes, standard and otherwise! Axios to the whole choir! (@ucim, OTT:1644:34)

I really hope I do the song justice (@Gingercat, OTT:2094:15)   ⌇   Axios! (@ucim, OTT:2094:18)

XUYS / (link to IGN article) / It happened! :D (@Eternal Density, OTT:2199:39)   ⌇   Axios, Hot Diggety! Smopu hvala nuvi dict amuah! (@ucim, OTT:2200:2)

I just want to stand up and give a standing ovation to the BalthONGs - an excursion into temporal and lunar shenanigans that is far beyond steak! / Axios! (@ucim, OTT:2325:4)

And while I have you.... That was an ch*rpin' awesomefully steakish Time after/before Time! Axios! (@ucim, OTT:2476:13)

:azule: : Quasi-synonym of ":lol:" (which normally produces the smiley "").

And yes, balthoutloud, I have a bad habit of ending my thoughts with a l.o.l..... (@azule, OTT:1947:15)   ⌇   [...]   ⌇   They've been snarky to each other for yips. :azule: (@BlueCrab, OTT:1996:4)   ⌇   BC ":azule:" - I approve of this rendition of "lol". Less confusing. :) (@azule, OTT:1997:17)


baobabish : Superlative of treeish.

Update from my new project: It did not turn out just as I imagined it, but due to Outside restrictions I will have to leave it at that for some Time now. ... image (@Sciscitor, OTT:747:20)   ⌇   Baobabish! (@ucim, OTT:747:25)

baobabs : Exclamation similar in meaning to "wow".

Wow. (Megan, frame 1502)   ⌇   Holy baobabs, Batman! (@Selcouth, OTT:677:15)   ⌇   Not gonna comment on the tree, Megball? I suppose maybe trees are old news now after the WOW baobabs. (@yappobiscuits, OTT:705:29)   ⌇   ... if you don't like my standard, start a new standard. :) In mine, wow is definitely an adjective. (Don't you think the Baobabs are wow?) (@mscha, OTT:738:9)

baobaby : pun referencing the baobabs and the early theory that Time might have something to do with Randall Munroe becoming a father.

:shock: WE WERE RIGHT! / They are having a baobaby! (@Angelastic, OTT:679:12)   ⌇   How do they make baobabby? (@azule, OTT:681:10)

basement : 1. Where OTTers are held so that they won't (be able to) leave.

If you try to leave we'll have to rope you up in the basement next to GLR. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1263:9)   ⌇   Don't forget, you cant leave, BlitzGirl and I will tie you up next to GLR. (@Opiboble, OTT:1263:22)   ⌇   So, BG, have you already ottified and I just missed it? (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1263:37)   ⌇   Not a bad idea... / image (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1264:15)

If there's one thing that none of us can do, it's leave. Please stay :cry: (@wizpretz, OTT:1268:36)   ⌇   Don't worry, blitzGirl has the doors covered and we have about 100 people tied up in the basement. (@Opiboble, OTT:1268:38)

It's hard to know what will become of this thread now. Oh and if you try to leave now you are going to be locked in the basement sorry. (@Latent22, OTT:1277:5)

I'll just toss some small candies for now...the basement is reserved for those who try to leave. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1351:8)

2. Where Randall Munroe is notionally held and forced to continue Time.

Well, we're already planning to rope up GLR and put him in the basement. But so far he has continued to deliver newpix ... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1269:37)

If you try to leave we'll have to rope you up in the basement next to GLR. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1263:9)   ⌇   No ONG? You know what that means, Randall... image (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1271:7)

3. A generally endish place.

You know, that stash of m&ms I had hidden back there? In the dark, damp corner? Well, there is SOMETHING growing on it, though, I cannot safely determine if it is a kind of Bob mushroom or a kind of Ugg mushroom. (@k.bookbinder, OTT:1270:13)   ⌇   If I just hug it, it should be fine, right? ... There, alone in the basement, the OTC ending... Maybe the M&M's will never be picked up, the Inquisition having lost its reason for living... (@Pikrass, OTT:1270:27)

4. Where OTTers go (voluntarily or by default) when they become inactive.

In the meantime we can just... / ...find something of our own to do [...] / What? Did you think I'd just say "Wait for it"??? Sorry, but that's over... (@StratPlayer, OTT:1298:38)   ⌇   *pelts StratPlayer with small candies from the top of the basement stairs* (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1301:5)

I was going to pack up and leave now, but I don't like basements, and I spose there's not much point actively quitting. I didn't post much before and so I might as well leave things up and running, and continue not posting much now. (@Kazza3, OTT:1303:39)

Please forgive me for using the past tense in reference to the OTT there, it was last Friday and that's how it seemed at the time. I'm not going to the basement! (@intheshax, OTT:1325:30)

Be warned though, if you attempt to "disappear from here", we will find you quite easily... in the basement! / (yanno, that basement is starting to sound like fun!) (@ucim, OTT:1372:15)

The basement sounds like fun, what do I gotta do to get in? (@Opiboble, OTT:1375:31)   ⌇   You'd have to try to leave again! haha :) Actually, I thought that's where you must have been all this time... (@Kieryn, OTT:1375:33)

5. Where OTTers are sent for doing something especially endish.

Did we ever have a true flamewar in the OTT? I think it's about time we get on that. (@Whizbang, OTT:1298:36)   ⌇   Oooh! Does this count as a prediction? / *Grabs popcorn* (@Whizbang, OTT:1357:35)   ⌇   Do you like basements? (@Valarya, OTT:1357:36)

Beanie : One of the people Cuegan encounter in frame 2654, or a member of the same society.

Black beanie guy? (@pelrigg, OTT:1032:29)

Oh my Randall - it's the Beanie Bunch! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1033:28)   ⌇   Edit Beanie cap is cultural. (@pelrigg, OTT:1033:26)

Beanish : The writing system and language of the Beanies. (compare toquish) (See frame 2658 and the next few hundred frames of Time for examples of the writing system)

Beanish Symbols (post subject) (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1040:34)

Beanish wouldn't be translated, to show that it's a different and strange group of people to our protagonists. (@Kazza3, OTT:1041:30)

Beanong : Early term for the Beanish language.

It could, of course, be the case that Beanong is actually a perfectly normal current-earth language – might as well be Dutch – but simply one that Cuegan doesn't know. So, they hear gibberish, and thus we see gibberish. (@mscha, OTT:1037:35)

BeanONG : 1. Beanong (the language name) modified for use as an ONG when ONGing a frame of Time.

Much more BeanONG... image (@mscha, OTT:1091:26)

2. One of the images in the "bean2" series, a Time sequel created by @waveney.

Oh, and we have a new BeanONG: image (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1409:38)

beanpix : 1a. A time interval equivalent to 1 luckpix.

1a. A Beanie ONG image, i.e. BeanONG.

The clock on the left is Waveney's beanpix ONGs. The clock in the middle is nopix/longpix/warppix ONGs. The clock on the right is classical shortpix ONGs (for castle clickers, and posterity). (@ChronosDragon, OTT:1598:25)

(This citation is the only usage in the OTT as of NP2225)

be-done : Synonym of been, originating in The Madness.

I have be-done following Things that are on my side for 600, Alex! but the last Things that are on my side for 600, Alex! I be-did on the topic they be-did 100 less pages and people be-did speaking regular English. tin I have a manual or a dictionary to translate? Who be Alex? Where does "Things that be on my side for 600, Alex!" come from???. (@SecondTalon, OTT:136:6)

beesnake : A flying insect, like that first seen in frame 1456.

I've been thinking it was something like a flying snake or centipede kite. (@htom, OTT:663:10)   ⌇   That's actually a really good point. I hadn't realized that it could be some sort of flying insect, accompanied by a motion trail. (@HAL9000, OTT:663:12)   ⌇   Looks like the beesnake is actually getting longer. Or there's a [ninja'd by HAL9000] motion trail. (@azule, OTT:663:17)

BFTF : 1. Balthasar From The Future (also bftf)

image [called "BFTF-0.png"] (@balthasar_s, OTT:1982:20)   ⌇   A temporal surprise! So, ont the moon base we were working on some kind of a chronotransponder, [...] Recently, I got an interesting message from the future. I'm not sure if it's written by Balthasar from the future or someone else from the moon base: (emphasis added) (@balthasar_s, OTT:1994:25, presenting the first parts of the puzzle that eventually led people to the BFTF frames.)

2. A story by @balthasar_s

[image: BFTF-0.png ] enhance? (@balthasar_s, OTT:1982:20)   ⌇   Now /ongoing.png and /ongframe.png will redirect you to /ongoing/bftf-xxxx.png. Both ongoing.png and ongframe.png are the same program now. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2037:27)   ⌇   Bicycles After Time: bftf-0019 by Sustainabilizer (OTT:2039:1)   ⌇   The size of a DIN A3 paper is 41cm x 29.7cm. (That's about twice the size of the US Letter format and exactly twice the size of the DIN A4 format.) So if you printed the bftfs to fill a DIN A3 paper, each pixel would be exactly 1mm2 riverish. (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2046:37)

3. "Balthasar Following Time with Friends", from the description at OTT:2336:26:

BFTF is a story of Balthasar following Time with friends from the moonbase (and not only this) (@balthasar_s, OTT:2336:26)   ⌇   So what does bftf stand for? [...] No, it does mean something. But it was not found yet. I think I used it in one post not so long ago. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2337:33)   ⌇   Ah, right. Balthasar Follows Time with Friends. I like this title. :) (@ggh, OTT:2337:38)   ⌇   The meaning of the title BFTF was eventually explained as "Balthasar Follows Time with Friends" (the Wiki, footnote citing OTT:2337:38)

BGUM : BlitzGirl-Uploaded Manip. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1022:13 after she decided to start tagging her image attachments with helpful keywords)

blindpost : To post a message (usually consisting of responses to other posts) without having read all of the messages that follow the one(s) you're responding to.

I am still a few Newpages back, but I saw this post and had to comment [...] Here's hoping I don't look like too much of an idiot blind posting this in my present future... (@Purplepants77, OTT:387:7)

blitz : v. 1. To read the entire OTT. (In early usage capitalised Blitz)

... I proclaim Blitzgirl ... the rank of Red Spiders Eyes ... (@Caswallon, OTT:314:32)   ⌇   Can you add to the Blitzer's titles "Reader" - I'm partial to stating the obvious ... (@Exodies, OTT:315:20)

2. To read the entirety of some other large body of work.

Also, exploding kittens. xkcdsw image (@azule, OTT:423:24)   ⌇   What? An XKCD fan comic? / Well, there goes the rest of my night. Gotta Blitz this thing. (@ChronosDragon, OTT:423:26)

n. 1. The act of consuming all of some large body of creative work.

Oh damn, am I going to have to go re-read 42 What-Ifs now? But I need coma! :? (@KarMann, OTT:390:16)   ⌇   I finished my mini-Blitz this afternoon (MST/PDT). (@KarMann, OTT:395:21)

I take the time in days between updates and the number of pages (blitz and new) per update to find the rate of blitz/new pages per day ... (@SPACKlick, OTT:398:11)

both the thread and Blitzgirl's blitz are in danger of emminent destruction! (@ChronosDragon, OTT:403:29)

blitz (plural blitzes) ... A spontaneous, extended effort to read through the entirety of a piece of media, esp. a forum thread (@ChronosDragon's signature, as reported by @BlitzGirl, OTT:438:22)

2. A nickname for BlitzGirl.

Dig in, everybody - I can't eat all of these delicious baked goods by myself! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:444:0)   ⌇   Thanks Blitz! *eats some bagles* (@Jonas79, OTT:444:16)

interj. A mild expletive.

The posting rate is so high I can't get my post to submit. For Blitz sake (@edo, OTT:412:28)


blitzer n.

Blitzgirl : n. 1. (BlitzGirl) The OTTer by that name who delurked on NP214.

Time is a river. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:214:22)

2. The act of reading the entire OTT from the start.

I never really delved that deeply into the Ancient Texts from the beginning of Time, so I thought I would go back and read a few pages. (Just browsing; I don't have the fortitude to put a full Blitzgirl.) (@lmjb1964, OTT:361:31)

My turn to pull a BlitzGirl - I'm over 60 pages behind [...] (@PhoenixRising, OTT:459:18)

3. A blitzer in general.

To help non Blitzgirls, I'm quoting here all the first time posts that I encountered ... (@Lyoug, OTT:443:38)

4. A large ketchup.

I must pull a mini-BlitzGirl to get caught back up (@StratPlayer, OTT:450:10)

v. 1. To read the entire OTT from the start. (sometimes capitalized BlitzGirl)

i think, in years to come, new true believers will be required, as part of their training, to read this entire thread. / This will probably take some time, and give some time back. / This ceremonial phase will be called Blitzgirling (@Eliram, OTT:311:8)

During my BlitzGirling I noticed many posts to which I'd like to reply! I'll spoiler them to avoid a LongPost. (@manvandmaan, OTT:380:26)

2. To read the entirety of some other large body of creative work.

Seems like you have a reason to BlitzGirl the What-If's! Not all the Alt-Texts are good though, mostly, they are just descriptions of the pictures. (@manvandmaan, OTT:390:17)

meta 1. A metasyntactic word, or a word repeated buffalo-style for humorous effect.

BlitzGirl BlitzGirl! Buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo had had sustainable BlitzGirl Time time! :P (@Angelastic, OTT:356:5)   ⌇   Blitzgirl!!! Blitzgirl Blitzgirl Blitzgirl Blitzgirl...Blitzgirl? Blitzgirl! ...Blitzgirl? Blitzgirl Time! Time time time! Blitzgirl blitzgirl Blitzgirl!!! Time? time! Time! Buffalo buffalo buffalo time time Blitzgirl ! (@silent_death, OTT:356:7)   ⌇   BlitzGirl BlitzGirl? BlitzGirl BlitzGirl BlitzGirl! BlitzGirl BlitzGirl BlitzGirl BlitzGirl BlitzGirl. Newpages BlitzGirl. Time!! (@PhoenixRising, OTT:369:7)

I had to note this because if BlitzGirl has the title BlitzGirl, and she can BlitzGirl, say, the Gospel of BlitzGirl, then / BlitzGirl BlitzGirl, BlitzGril BlitzGirl! (@edo, OTT:459:29)

BlitzGress : Progress of BlitzGirl on her quest.

I'm seeing a lot of unfounded doubt RE BlitzGirl. I can't understand why, she's making great BlitzGress: graph (@edo, OTT:403:23)

Blitzmädchen : BlitzGirl.

How do you pronounce "Blitzgirl?" (@histrion, OTT:339:13)   ⌇   Oh, so you´re not german and automatically translate it and say it in angry german ? For me its BLITZMÄDCHEN :x :x :x (@silent_death, OTT:339:22)

blitznap : Something a Blitzer or other Time-traveller does (e.g. to small objects or molpies) while blitzing. (portmenteau with kidnap)

relativistic molpies which are even more effective at sandwriting than the normal kind (having been blitznapped into the now-when from yesterpix) (@mrob27, OTT:1416:1)

Blitzpage : A page completed by BlitzGirl during her quest, used as a measurement of her rate of progress.

that said, I think it would be more useful to look at a Blitzpages per hour (averaged to negate comas) vs Newpage per hour as certain errors would cancel and by that I get a prediction closer to 500 (@SPACKlick, OTT:397:39)

blitzpaging : The act of pages being read by BlitzGirl.

ETA2: After Blitzupdate 203/286 the rates of both blitzpaging and newpaging level off a bit and that predicts timesync at Newpage 476 May 6th (@SPACKlick, OTT:398:11)

Blitzrandir : BlitzGirl. (a reference to Mithrandir)

No, only the most powerful among us should be asked to do such a thing. I beleive Blitzgirl to be the last of her kind. / I've heard she is known among some people as the "Incoming Hurricane" and among the elves, she is called "Blitzrandir." (@Dracomax, OTT:295:21)

Blitzrate : Rate of a blitz (measured in Newpages per unit time)

Blitzrate is getting closer and closer to Newrate over time and I worry that it's asymptotic. (@SPACKlick, OTT:398:11)

Blitzreport : v. The act of reporting one's progress in a blitz.

... where bltizgirl has put a blitzpages/newpages and that disagrees with the current newpage, I went with current newpage rather than Blitzreported newpage. (@SPACKlick, OTT:398:11)

BlitzShift : The difference (measured in Newpages) between BlitzGirl's current position and the Present.

I make my predictions based on the difference between the BlitzPage and NewPage. ... I wonder what a graph of BlitzShift (as I call it) vs. NewPage would look like... (@jovialbard, OTT:385:27)

BlitzSpeed : The rate of BlitzGirl's blitzing.

In fact BlitzSpeed has been gradually climbing as her posts advance... (@jovialbard, OTT:365:17)

blitzy : adj. Describing the experience of a blitzer.

Back home and ten new pages to read. I'm feeling slightly Blitzy. (@Exodies, OTT:377:8)

I must transcend to coma again, even before catching up. I feel blitzy. (@Flado, OTT:410:35)

Bluecave : The structure first seen in t1i-0648.

Another ENHANCE: / image / Keywords: BGUM ENHANCE mysteryONGs SilentONGs blue cave Cueball fall (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1790:17)   ⌇   Perhaps there's water somewhere inside the bluecave (somewhere we haven't seen directly) (@mrob27, OTT:1903:31)

BMTA : Borrowed Mobile Time Accessor (see MTA)

Just a quickie (I'm in the middle of TA mustard, and am using a BMTA right now) to say how awesomefully baobabishly wingish your song was Yappo! (@ucim, OTT:2364:5)   ⌇   BMTA? Big Mobile Time Accessor? Busted Mobile TIme Accessor? Bat Man Time Accessor? (@lmjb1964, OTT:2364:6)   ⌇   Re: 1190: B stands for borrowed. (@ucim, OTT:2364:21)

Book of Aubron : this website.

Boom de Yada : A reference to the ottification by @BlitzGirl in OTT:464:10, and a larger OTT meme that resulted.

Request: Since buffygirl was making hat avatars, I think Blitzgirl should now make honorary Boom De Yada avatars for the OTT. :P (@Valarya, OTT:488:19)

I love you. I am totally geeking out like I geeked out for Randall's version of that. Boom de yada! (@PhoenixRising, OTT:492:2)

I love this community too. I love all the cool things everybody makes. I love our Time together. Boom de Yada. :D (@VoronX, OTT:513:30)

@J-Hammy wrote: / I love this forum! / And all its crazy folks. Boom de yada! (@PhoenixRising, OTT:529:15)

botcastle : 1. Variable name within Sandcastle Builder.

when does (Molpy.BagBurnDiv()/thresh)*botCastles not equal (Molpy.BagBurnDiv()*botCastles)/thresh ? (@Eternal Density, OTT:1579:0)

2. A (not necessarily seaish or raptorish) organized sand with fairly continuous Internet connectivity used to host/run bots.

I have this botcastle as a replacement: / image / I already tested some of the code on it and it works. (@balthasar_s, OTT:1799:22)

bothasar_p wrote: / Hello! / I'm bothasar_p and I'm a bot and I live in the botcastle on the skycircle. / I heard you like redundancy. / I like redundancy. / I live in the botcastle. / The botcastle is a house of redundancy. / There is an ЯOЯЯIM TTO, which is figuratively made of redundancy. / ... (@balthasar_s, OTT:1901:15)

I restarted the mrobotcastle, an 8-core workstation, during Newpage 2014, and my various Time-related pages (most notably the OTT index) were not being updated during that time. (@mrob27, OTT:2021:30)

One could cache the generated sustainabilizations, so they don't need to be generated again, but downloading them with each newpage refresh would trebuchet your botcastle. So let's not do that. (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2033:35)

I almost have to assume this was you ;) AFBC = Away From BotCastle ... (@mrob27, OTT:2232:12)

bradva : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

Keipu glie hy grymth! Glie na smopu vrathki! Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu hierban ta... (@ucim, OTT:1449:8)

[...] / nietha in kaliniam yo. / Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu varba glie nootano! (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

v. A metasyntactic transitive verb (the infinitive form of bradvakel) in AUTOMOME output.





bradvaii : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

Keipu glie hy grymth! Glie na smopu vrathki! Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu hierban ta... (@ucim, OTT:1449:8)

Keipu glie, Glie na smopu vrathkalichi ho! / Bradvaii smopu glie ne haniam hierban tantam lo! / vrathna rhethatm tieniso, / [...] (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

v. Part of nuvi bradvaii, a metasyntactic transitive verb (the present form of bradva) in AUTOMOME output.



bradvak : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

Keipu glie hy grymth! Glie na smopu vrathki! Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu hierban ta... (@ucim, OTT:1449:8)

[...] / nietha in kaliniam yo. / Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu varba glie nootano! (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

v. A metasyntactic transitive verb (the past tense of bradva) in AUTOMOME output.


I SEE WHAT YOU *BRADVAK* THERE (@mrob27, OTT:2271:35)

bradvakel : v. A metasyntactic transitive verb (the continuous form of bradva) in AUTOMOME output.



*BRADVAKEL* IS SO *LAST MINIP*. (@mrob27, OTT:2270:1)

BSTA : A story by @balthasar_s, beginning with a mystery involving the interactive multi-player online game "Two Words".

Yesterday evening I secretly made a bsta test page to determine the correct html for the page layout. / The temporary title started with "Be the". (@balthasar_s, OTT:2511:12)

Have any OTTers discovered what balthasar did on the internet that we're supposed to notice? (@lmjb1964, OTT:2526:18)   ⌇   Yep, but only after he mentioned it again. I knew there was something.... / Try this: (@ggh, OTT:2526:19)   ⌇   [describing th Two Words game] I also had other reasons for creating this interface. They will be more clear later in the future. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2530:25)

Clever folks, could you look at this?: (@ggh, OTT:2532:8)

Ok, I realized I do know what BTSA is: / / but I do not understand Coincidence. (@lmjb1964, OTT:2537:21)   ⌇   I think that's just part of it. There has been planning. There has been drawing. And somewhere, there are six buttons to push. Will there be ONGs? Or something else? (@ggh, OTT:2537:25)

[...] could someone type "hidden interface" into just to make sure that finding the hidden interface isn't just that simple? (@ggh, OTT:2537:33)   ⌇   I think it might be: / image (@SBN, OTT:2537:35)

ETA: please don't follow these links until we know more about how the interface works. / Play was [link] / Rewind was [link] / Fast forward was [link] / Stop was [link] / And pause was [link] (@GnomeAnne, OTT:2538:5)

I guess either we have to discover a new bsta page, or a story is going to replace that tape player or somehow emerge in Coincidence. The rest of the page layout looks Coincidency, but that might just be a Coincidence. (@ggh, OTT:2538:17)

beginnONG: / (quote: Enter name / link to BSTA frame 6 ) (@ggh, OTT:2540:37)   ⌇   A minor bsta observation: when you first get an ONG, a > appears below the countdown, but without a link to the next frame, then at some point later, the title of the next ONG is added to that >. When the countdown is completed, that title becomes a link. (@ggh, OTT:2541:12)

BTTBAA : Back To The Blitz Again Again.

Subject: BTTBA / Some replies before going back to the blitz again. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2014:37)   ⌇   Subject: BTTBAA: 812 (@balthasar_s, OTT:2360:16)   ⌇   Subject: BTTBAA: 822 / ... / np810: AND ONE YEAR LATER I GO BACK TO THE BLITZ AGAIN AGAIN. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2360:35)

buffyhat : n. A hatted avatar made by @buffygirl.

I'm starting to think I need to come up with an avatar so that I can join the mob for a Buffyhat. (@Febrion, OTT:419:35)

v. To hat an avatar (implying that the milliner is @buffygirl)

I might have to make my avatar animated, to show the original, the buffyhatted, the BlitzDeYadaed, and the THCed (@Angelastic, OTT:641:26)

bump : 1. To quote another post (or portion thereof) in order to keep its content (presumed useful) in a prominent position near the current active position in the thread. This became heretical around newpage 72 (as the wiki is more suitable for such content)

2. To boost a post's ranking by adding +1s or comments (not applicable to the xkcd fora, which have no such mechanism)


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