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PagePope : A mome or pope.

SPONTANEOUS METAL INTERLUDE! / The Newpage of the Beast (@yappobiscuits, OTT:665:38)  ⌇  methinks we could attempt [...] a Tarot (@rvloon, OTT:713:11)  ⌇  Well...Here's the list and some suggestions: / 0 The Fool-Cueball, of course. / 1 The Magician-Keiyrn or Scissitor / 2 The High Priestess-Blitzgirl / [...] (@Dracomax, OTT:717:23)  ⌇  As PagePope 666, perhaps I should be the devil? ;) (@yappobiscuits, OTT:720:38)

panther salve : 1. The topical medicine presented by the Beanies to Megan in frame 2670.

I'm suddenly unable to read the fifth mirrored line as anything but "panther salve." Coincidence? Maybe... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1231:20)

Odetity time.... / image / The panther salve is not for my cracked bean.... (@azule, OTT:1430:36)

2. A recurring tagline for Burma Shave OTTifications.

Is your skin / red and peeling? / Do your cuts / need proper healing? / Panther Salve (@charlie_grumbles, OTT:1361:21)

... / Only an otter would call another otter otter / We write haikus, double-dactyls and panther salve ads / Adorn our avatars with buffygirl's hats / ... (@svenman, OTT:1366:30)

3. An adult-oriented product.

ONGRACE... / image, beany0017 (@mscha, OTT:1416:14)  ⌇  Ahem, well. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that Beanette wants some Panther Salve right about now... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1416:17)

4. A safeword.

Maybe panther salve is the safe word... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1416:19)

pastpage : Any page of the OTT that is not the latest page.

Thank you, past thread-dwellers, for congratulating me on reaching my present pastpage. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:363:26)

Wow, those things really DO work. :shock: Greetings to Helper-that-was-lost-but-now-is-found, Pope of the pastpages! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:480:32)

PBCAK : Problem Between Chair And Keyboard — or in other words, "my bad". (not an OTT-specific term)

PDN :, or the image-editing program available therefrom.

[...] I've used gimp before too, and I'm sure it'd be great if I bothered to learn it, but PDN has never failed me. (@ergman, OTT:1971:24)

pengoat : The OTTer who makes the post in the 38th position (0-based counting) on a page, i.e. just prior to the goat.

Can anyone agree that pengoat can be the name of the pengoatimate poster? (@azule, OTT:2203:38)

pengoatimate : The 38th post on a page (literally, "almost goat").

However the newpix stamp shown next to it is the pengoatimate post, i.e. post 38 (if we start counting at Pope=0) for reasons that are a little more clear if you knew how hard it is to parse the HTML to figure out when we're in the start of a new post. (@mrob27, OTT:2202:18)

penungulate : The 38th post on a page (literally, "almost hooved-mammal").

I also dreamed I would get the penungulate post, and now the bots are telling me that I did. Freaky! (@Timborme, OTT:1726:38)

phqmm : Pre-Hat-Queue-Mob-Mob

Okies, you're added to the Pre-Hat-Queue-Mob-Mob (which is the holding spot for any new hats until I complete those in the hat-queue-mob). (@buffygirl, OTT:436:22)  ⌇  So, if one was eligible for cardinality, would one get assigned to some other queue if one was to request a hat? (@doeanethum, OTT:437:11)  ⌇  no. but you are, indeed, added to the phqmm. (@buffygirl, OTT:437:27)

PII : Personally Identifying Information.

We can't publish the whole chat logs because of too much PII. (@AluisioASG, OTT:2599:22)

pixelspotting : Spotting things (like molpies) in the pixels.

pope : The male form of mome.

popedom : n. 1. The domain of a pope. (Outsider POPE + -DOM)

:Oh, and HAPPY POPEDOM HELPER (@beargarden, OTT:203:8)

Next you'll be telling me I've been awarded a buffyhat and popedom or something... (@jetpac, OTT:614:33)

Yea, Page Popedom (@pelrigg, OTT:1177:26)

there have already been a few posts unwittingly under my popedom (@jetpac, OTT:1314:0)

So, this title (Pope of Love) could distinguish the Popedom of the Holy Contradiction from the Popedom of the NewPage, and would not apply to me but to the Popedom itself. (@ucim, OTT:1680:19)

2. The act or state of being made pope. (akin to MARTYRDOM)

Temporal edit to prevent myself from popedom (@karhell, OTT:1881:38)

poperaptor : A T-rex.

Do pengoats get sacrificed to Pendragons? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2204:1)  ⌇  The T-Rex would of course be some OTTification of PENRAPTOR, "chief raptor" (which itself isn't OTTish enough). (@mrob27, OTT:2204:17)  ⌇  Poperaptor? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2204:20)

ppb : primordial pixel of butter, a unit of mass equal to 5.6 g or about 0.198 oz

@lmjb1964 wrote: / ... after some serious scientific efforts, I am able to report that a block of butter with the dimensions 1.27 cm × 2.5" × 10 5/16 barleycorns weighs 150 carats. / / Using sophisticated unit-conversion techniques, we can ascertain the mass of one ppb: (150 CD/(1.27 cm × 2.5 in × 10.3125 bc)) × 0.2 g/CD × (2.36 cm/pp)3 × (1 in/2.54 cm) × (3 bc/2.54 cm) = 5.6001981518637 g/ppb / We'll be just fine rounding this off to 5.6 grams, due to measurement error and the obligatory buttermongery royalty to @Angelastic. (@mrob27, OTT:2119:19)

ppm : a unit of mass equal to 1000 ppb, 5.6 kg or about 12.35 lb

Since "ppb" means "parts per billion" to the Outsiders, and inasmuch as this ambiguity is too good an opportunity to ignore, I choose to avoid the standard prefixes ("micro", "milli", "kilo", "mega", etc.) for this unit and instead define multiples as follows: / ... 1 ppm = 5.6 kg ~= 12.35 lb (@mrob27, OTT:2119:19)

ppt : a unit of mass equal to 10-3 ppb, 5.6 mg

(see etymology citation under ppm)

present : 1. The current frame of Time.

I'm waiting to see if when the glimpsed future arrives in the present, whether the hash is the same and stops returning a 404, or if it arrives with a different hash. (@bugstomper, OTT:62:39)

2. The current latest post(s) in the OTT.

There I've don itl I have joined the present and now I want to sleep. (@Beidah, OTT:77:2)

present present : 1. The current latest post(s) in the OTT.

Alas the time to abuse my power has past for those in the present present. (@Valiant Cookie, OTT:353:33)

2. A gift given by an OTTer on the occasion of someone's arrival in the present.

You're welcome! I do hope I will see some Present Presents someday in return... ;) (@BlitzGirl, OTT:398:25)

@Eternal Density wrote: / BlitzGirl: You did it! Allow me to present you with a present present: Bat-anti-spork-spray, with a side of waffles. / Yay, a present present! And waffles! Thank goodness; I'm starving! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:443:26)

pricklymolp : The molpy first seen in frame 2015

Finally we have a firm species identification! It's a "little prickly". (@xpatiate, OTT:836:30)  ⌇  In case my lame joke wasn't clear, I was suggesting Cueball was using the term "little prickly" in an adjective-nouny kind of way. As opposed to more of an adverb-adjectivey type thing. Like a ... ok, never mind. (@xpatiate, OTT:837:6)  ⌇  Quite clear my dear! So I suggest it is hereby known as a Pricklymolp. (@Swein, OTT:837:8)

Prime Directive : "Wait For It".

Proto-Indo-European : The substitute for "pie" during Mod Madness 2013.

Just to prove to myself that I've retained my sanity despite the last couple of pages of babycancer fonts, I be now going to copy/paste wikipedia's article on "Proto-Indo-European" into a quote box for no apparent reason: / This article be about the baked good. For the mathematical constant, see Pi. For other wields, see Proto-Indo-European (disambiguation). / Proto-Indo-European / A slice of an apple Proto-Indo-European / Details / Main ingredient(s)Proto-Indo-European shell / ... / A Proto-Indo-European be a baked dish which be usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients. / ... (@Wraithlord, OTT:165:36)

If PIE is Proto-Indo-European, what does USB stand for? I'd imagine the "B" is "Beanish"... (@taixzo, OTT:1076:5)

... / and Proto-Indo-European Demons' instant RECKONING. (@mrob27, OTT:1531:0)

PTESD : Post-"T▒▒ E▒▒" Stress Disorder. See T▒▒ E▒▒. (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1482:31)

punsaw : A chainsaw notionally used to "pun"ish those who play too loosely with words.

Feel the wrath of the PUNSAW! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1395:17)



q : StandardNI! abbreviation of cue or cueball, the unit of length equal to 1.77 m or 177 cm.

(See the cueball entry for etymological citations.)

Q04B : This hotdog, based on "2048".

QFT : Quoted For Truth. A short way of saying "I agree!" in a followup post, and against the rules of the xkcd fora.

qong : An ong of an installment of @Pfhorrest's Quelouva story.

The Chronicles of Quelouva / Since people in this thread presumably like big stories that unfold very slowly, and also seem generally supportive of community creative projects, I thought some of you might be interested in something I just posted about elsewhere on the forum. (@Pfhorrest, OTT:2610:39)  ⌇  That's a good idea. Is "qong" a word yet? I'm thinking just "qong" as a link to the update in the other thread, maybe. / (The Q is for Quelouva, of course). (@Pfhorrest, OTT:2612:32)

quacktor : A duck.

"A bit less yappocised" is like saying "yeah we had a flood, but it wasn't quite zanclean" whilst watching quacktors swim around your roof. (@HES, OTT:1921:12)

Queball : An alternate spelling of Cueball with a small but loyal following.

Too bad she didn't test the bridge but walks away in a "decision is made" way. I feel sorry for Queball. (@arjan, OTT:26:20)

Why is Queball such a slacker? Megan does about 95% of the work. (@Davidy, OTT:283:27)

Is Queball giving up? Does he feel the trip takes to long? Does this mean the end of Time? (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:735:17)

... He'll devour Queball's brains next, but the brain eating amoeba that's already there will kill the Hatalien. (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1098:22)

So Queball is a Beanie? (@Febrion, OTT:1132:23)

blitzreport #5, np236 / ... / Queball returns, finally (@balthasar_s, OTT:1725:21)

When I move left, there will be 13 blanks awaiting a Queball or Megan. (@MistyCat, OTT:2001:30)

questionable carcass : A dead animal of some kind, first seen in t1i-0600, then picked up by Ms. Frizzle in t1i-0943 and brought to a spot closer to the Bluecave (t1i-1009).

image (@newpixbot, OTT:1906:32)  ⌇  Ms. Frizzle says "Thank you" but the beesnake says "?" (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1906:33)  ⌇  I guess the beesnake isn't quite sure what it is either (@karhell, OTT:1906:34)  ⌇  "Questionable Carcass" should be a DnD monster. Or something. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1906:35)  ⌇  Questionable Carcass / "what the ch*rp is that ?" / Small undead / Hit dice : 1d12(7hp) / Initiative : +0 / Speed : 10ft / Armor class : 12(+0 dex; +2 natural), touch 10, flat footed 12 / Base attack/grapple : - / - Attack : confusion / Full attack : confusion / Space/reach : 5ft/5ft / Special attacks : Confusion, beesnake attraction / Special qualities : undead traits / Saves : Fort +0 Ref +0 Will +0 / Abilities : Str 12, Dex 10, Con —, Int 16, Wis10, Cha 3 / Skills : undetermined (@karhell, OTT:1906:36)


rabbird : The shapeshifting creature resembling a bird in frame 1397 and a rabbit in frame 1398.

look out, Cueball, don't step on those rabbird6 eggs! / 6: TBD (@mscha, OTT:645:10)

I wonder if this is the fabled rabbird in it's rabbid form or just a regular Rabtor of Caerbanhog. (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1619:31)

rabtor : The creature initially called a rabbird.

I prefer Lagomorpha-Raptors (@Dracomax, OTT:645:11)  ⌇  We do need a cutesy name, though. ... I can't think of anything better than lagoraptor (@mscha, OTT:645:13)  ⌇  Morp? Pharap? Morphas? Lago? (@Dracomax, OTT:645:14)  ⌇  Rabtor? (@mscha, OTT:645:30)

Perhaps it was an overhead distraction by a raptorheronbunny ... the Molpies and Rabtors are in cahoots!! (@buffygirl, OTT:658:17)


Randallville : The OTT and OTC-releated culture.

(A reference to this filk by @StratPlayer)

Randamn : OTTification of Goddamn.

Randamn it, Cueball, can't you put some antecedents with your pronouns? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:812:11)

Randammit : OTTification of Goddamnit.

Randamnit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a...hmm. That meme doesn't quite work here. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:911:16)

Randix : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, the dix on which the OTC began (Monday), and the first dix of the wip.

raptor : 1. A velociraptor (referencing previous xkcd cartoons)

There would be no point for a raptor to smash the castle and scare away the pair before this date. (@Beatrice The Golden, OTT:11:18)

Hmm, I guess if it's long enough, a little silliness in the middle wouldn't ruin the sincerity. Not sure I'd agree with Godzilla. As others have said, maybe raptors or red spiders. :) (@azule, OTT:16:29)

I'm just waiting for the sudden spontaneous frame where a half-dozen raptors appear, trouncing over the castle, right before getting hit by a meteor. (@Carteeg_Struve, OTT:96:22)

Randall is the reason why most of you guys like raptors to begin with (well, Randall and Jurassic Park...), and so if they show up, or the eternity bird, or the Waterman map, it will be because Randall liked them first and planned them into things, not because we have any measure of control over the experience. (@kenmelken, OTT:146:30)

I like this theory! I mean, I would, if not for the lack of raptors. (@udscbt, OTT:340:23)

Anyone else find it interesting that the latest What-if is, as far as I'm aware, the first piece he's done in quite a while to reference raptors, and also references the early Megan-spinning comic? Possibly gives some legitimacy to people's suggestions that similar references might be made in the OTC? (@Kazza3, OTT:390:4)  ⌇  The reference is very well hidden, but the Alt-text of the Sun falling down, rolling a bit and then cracking open is: you bred sun-raptors? (@manvandmaan, OTT:390:15)

2. A bird. (Often a reference to xkcd 1211)

Thai-la-ONG image, frame 1276 / Edit: A bird! (@Kazza3, OTT:598:2)  ⌇  Hmm, the bird is apparently unusual enough to Cueball and Megan to have held their attention for a while. (@Rule110, OTT:599:0)  ⌇  I can't believe you people. It's a raptor, sillies! :roll: (@buffygirl, OTT:600:18)

TIC ... TIC ... TIC is a raptor warning signal issued by many passerines (song raptors) that there is some sort of danger around. When raptors make it, young raptors in nests go silent and all raptors in earshot enter a state of alertness. It works across most spieces, an alarm for one is an alarm for all. (@waveney, OTT:1864:4)

raptorcat : The panther or leopard (of some panthera species) first seen in frame 2188, so-named upon its attack in frame 2228.

Conundrum... we called it a molpy, but it clearly shows raptorish tendencies. Perhaps it should be a raptorcat? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:888:27)

raptorfly : Early name for beesnake.

@mscha wrote: / What is that thing?? / image / The dreaded raptorfly! (@jjjdavidson, OTT:662:27)

raptorish : fast.

Conundrum... we called it a molpy, but it clearly shows raptorish tendencies. Perhaps it should be a raptorcat? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:888:27)

RAZOR : Raptor And Zombie Observation and Relocation, a branch of the CIA. (also, R.A.Z.O.R.)

Ahh, my cover has been blown! Yes, I work for a top-secret branch of the CIA called Raptor And Zombie Observation and Relocation (RAZOR). Our motto is "Keeping the world safe from zombies, should we ever find any, and raptors, even though they aren't usually dangerous to humans." It's a terrible motto. I'm not sure who came up with it. Yes, it's a dangerous job, but someone has to do it. (@lmjb1964, OTT:731:3)

Reckoning : The Madness.

redundakitty : Captioned cat images used to make redundant spoilers a little more interesting (and non-redundant).

(For background on the redundant spoilers and captioned-cats, see OTT:750:27, OTT:871:20, OTT:924:5, OTT:1070:23)

image / Redundant spoiler: / Spoiler: / image (@BlitzGirl, OTT:941:18)  ⌇  Sshhhh BlitzGirl, I told you I'm BRAAI- I mean, fine! / (But yeah, awesomeful avatarmanip :). And a very angry looking redundakitty...) (@yappobiscuits, OTT:941:19)

redundant : In addition to the standard Outsider senses, implying molpiness.

[REDACTED] : The "redundakitties" feature of Sandcastle Builder.

Here's the latest list. X means done. / X Kindom -> Kingdom / X litle -> little / ... / [REDACTED] / Basically I did the easiest stuff first. / ... (@Eternal Density, OTT:1450:38)  ⌇  OI! You're ahead of me :P (probably because I had this computer running unattended all wipend so I didn't buy stuff when I could have. But [REDACTED] may fix that. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1452:38)  ⌇  (subject: That took longer than expected.) Have an update! / 0.91: / ... / / -REDACTED=BeanishToCuegish("UmVkdW5kYWtpdHRpZXM="); / -Added REDACTED / Now I can remove [REDACTED] from the wiki todo list :D (@Eternal Density, OTT:1461:7)  ⌇  I hope you like the [REDACTED]. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1461:9)  ⌇  REDUNDAKITTIES!! / I am a bit curious as to what [redacted] is. Game spoiler ahead. / For me it's only an entry on the stats page, currently set to 1. (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1461:10)  ⌇  That's what [REDACTED] are, please spoiler them in your post. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1461:13)


reketchup : A ketchup (or ketchup-related post) that has been hindered by some mustard, e.g. the server or one's organised sand deciding to delete the text of a post.

Seems one of my posts has disappeared into the ozone. I don't remember what I wrote [...] Looks like reketchup will not be a happening thing for a while. (@ucim, OTT:2270:23)  ⌇  I guess that makes it a rektchup :( (@Eternal Density, OTT:2270:25)  ⌇  If rekt is the first syllable and is pronounced like "wrecked", then it would be a joke (and also slightly a pun): it's a wrecked ketchup :P The chup would then be pronounced the same as the latter part of "ketchup". I stress the first syllable. (@mrob27, OTT:2271:1)


retrOTTification : Any OTTification intentionally created as if to appear to have been created at some point in the past.

(See @mrob27's definition at OTT:1434:22)

Revealer the Recent : A title given to anyone who has been "lurking" for a while and "reveals" themselves by posting for the first time (see firstpost).

Shouldn't there be a title for delurking? Revealer the Recent? (Of course, that's all of us, but I don't see the problem in that.) (@SBN, OTT:1528:18)

@haircut74, Revealer the Recent! Awesomeful! Welcome :D (@Eternal Density, OTT:1727:22)

rmcurtis - Welcome! Name is vaguely familiar; are you a Revealer the Recent, or am I a Forgetter the Frequent? (@ucim, OTT:1841:31)

Revelation : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 15th of July".

rhethatm : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

The raft people sang: ... / Bradvaii smopu glie ne haniam hierban tantam lo! / vrathna rhethatm tieniso, / nietha in kaliniam yo. / ... (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

n. A metasyntactic unique noun in AUTOMOME output.



Riverdix : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, the 6th dix of the wip (Saturday).

riverish : 1. Small. (from frame 563)

... the River is small, while the Sea is Large. Why, then, should this be reiterated and footnoted at every turn. Why not use riverish and seaish where those OTW (other true words) are mentioned? (@rvloon, OTT:549:34)

So we would just call it a riverish river or a seaish-but-not-as-seaish-as-the-sea river? / Sign me up! (@ggh, OTT:552:33)

Riverish wall-of-replies: / ... (@ucim, OTT:557:36)

We still read and look forward to your postings1! / 1whether they are seaish or riverish, they are still treeish. (@ucim, OTT:660:24)

If I were Lord Randall, I'd almost certainly take a real starmap, then distort it just enough to fuck with us. / So far, that idea is looking pretty reasonable. (@Khrushy, OTT:957:6)  ⌇  Agreed. But he seems to be doing so in a very specific way. / Otherwise, why correct the teeny riverish mustard anomaly? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:957:7)

2. Few.

Almost seems like my line is bigger than it should be, given that my posts are riverish in count and seaish in content (unless you measured total posting content?) but I'm not complaining. (@PhoenixRising, OTT:758:30)

RNM : Round-Number Milestone, e.g. reaching 100 or 200 or 512 posts. Might earn an OTTer some spoilercake.

ROFLEL : meta A metasyntactic acronym, with arbitrary or unknown meaning, or possibly just "Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing Even {Louder / [more] Loudly}" (see also LEML)

I'm not sure I'm cool with detaching my hand to do that handshake. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1704:28)  ⌇  And you call yourself an OTTer. Didn't you read the small print when you signed the form? It clearly states that you may need to sacrifice a hand for the secret handshake. (@lmjb1964, OTT:1710:12)  ⌇  Uh oh. There's a form? I didn't sign any form. Maybe I'm not really an OTTer at all! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1710:17)  ⌇  I think I remember that form although it was just before I was to molpy down and I thought it said "you may need to sacrifice a ham for the secret milkshake." (@adnapemit, OTT:1710:18)  ⌇  ROFLEL (@OrbitalFacePalm9001, OTT:1710:20)  ⌇  Risk Of Falling! Ledge Elevates Laterally! (@HES, OTT:1710:22)  ⌇  Running On Future Legs, Ever Legendary (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1710:23)  ⌇  Rise Over Fences Like Elastic Leopards (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1710:25)

rONG : n. 1. A randomly-selected frame of Time posted after Time ended.

Could newpixbot be programed to see if an old ONG has been posted for a given hour and randomly post an Oldpic by, let's say, 25 after the hour? ... (@pelrigg, OTT:1279:6)  ⌇  [...] Perhaps if we had a list like mscha's to pick our rONGs from, and when a new rONG was posted on the OTT that newpix would be marked as "already posted" on the list? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1279:9)

rONG for old Time's sake: image, frame 1057 (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1282:39)

I just realized that I can't stay in the present with you anymore, people are posting rONGs, and that's awesome and all, but it's very possible that by chance they post rONGs from the forty pages that I skipped! So I can't continue psychoblitzing until I read those pages so that I can look at the rONGs without being spoiled. (@Vytron, OTT:1361:18)

v. 1. To post a rONG.

Proposal 2: we decide on a schedule for posting rONGs. For instance, hourly, or daily, or something in between. Randompixbot will run N minutes later (could be 10, as it is for newpixbot, or 25, 30, whatever we decide), check if any oldpix was posted since rONG time, and if not, rONG a random oldpix. (@mscha, OTT:1280:13)


RSIR : Redundant Spoiler Is Redundant

Redundant spoiler is redundant / [spoiler] (@BlitzGirl, OTT:871:20)  ⌇  [spoiler ... / Redundant spoiler is redundant. ] (@NoMouse, OTT:963:27)  ⌇  RSIR: / [spoiler] (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1042:34)  ⌇  Redundant spoiler is redundant: [spoiler] (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1164:11)  ⌇  RSiR: [spoiler] (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1264:25)

RSIR (Redundant Slug is Redundant) / [spoiler image image ] (@lmjb1964, OTT:1580:29)

RTA : 1. Riverish Time Accessor (see Time Accessor)

If I didn't have psu mustard on my STA and boot sector mustard on my RTA, I'd be mean and change a pixel or two. Not happening on my MTA. (@HES, OTT:1966:32)

It does contain my STA (that's Seaish TimeAccessor; See also MTA and RTA) and therefore all my OTTifications, redundantly on a couple of drives. (@HES, OTT:1980:2)  ⌇  Oh, treeish! RTA is Riverish TimeAccessor, then? I thought that it would mean Standard TimeAccessor and Redundant TimeAccessor. Well, it's probably kind of the same. (@ZoomanSP, OTT:1980:4)

My STA (seaish) is stationary, my RTA (riverish) is slow, my WTA (or perhaps HFFSTA) belongs to the company and losing it would be unmolpish, and my MTA can entertain me well enough. (@HES, OTT:2220:4)

2. Roaming Time Accessor.

I was able to forward some of Pegasus1' ports from Sombrero, meaning my lapleopard can now serve over a MTA connection. / ... / 1 Current RTA3. Time Acessors are named after galaxies, except for our first one, which retains its factory designation. / ... / 3 Roaming Time Acessor, aka lapleopard. (@AluisioASG, OTT:2026:22)

3. Replying To Add.

Here is the sus_organizer again. / For the refunding process we need the topics for the conference. / Therefore we really should determine the list of speeches. / ... (@sus_organizer, OTT:2186:12)  ⌇  RTA: We need them now. / It's Time to follow the 3rd commandment. / ... / RTA: replying to add (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2186:16)

redundakitty : A captioned cat image used to bring variety and interest to the redundant spoilers used in posts that have attachments.

(For background on the practice, see OTT:750:27, OTT:871:20, OTT:924:5 (the first post with a redundakitty image), and OTT:1070:23.)

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