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c**kie : The most evil scourge to strike the OTT since the Voldeframe. (A reference to the popular web game Cookie Clicker)

Temporal Edit: / I've come here from the future of NP1428 to give you this warning: / Four posts down, Eternal Density posts a link to an addictive cookie-making game. / Do not click it. / It is EVIL. (@BlitzGirl, retro-edit from ~ NP1428:25, OTT:1416:22)  ⌇  If anyone needs practice Waiting for something, not necessarily It, there's this: (@Eternal Density, OTT:1416:26)  ⌇  Cookies! Hmm, I can upgrade my factory with "child labor". (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1416:27)  ⌇  Curse you and your addictive cookie-game, Eternal Density! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1416:38)  ⌇  Where the heck is everyone? I accidentally double-double posted! Sorry!!!! (@cellocgw, OTT:1417:4)  ⌇  It's quintuple posting. ;) And all others are baking cookies. All but Blitzgirl. (@higgs-boson, OTT:1417:5)  ⌇  Nope, before she coma-ed she was baking cookies to. (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1417:7)  ⌇  ETA cookie overlord decree: bake ALL the cookies. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1420:0)  ⌇  I spend millions of cookies on a misinterpretation of the Neverclick achievment. ... you must make 1MC before you click more than 15 times (which means you can't click anymore after you can buy the first cursor. ... / Oh and there is a wiki for it (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1420:20)  ⌇  I can't help you. / No one can help you. / Unless GLR makes a sequel to Time and saves us all from the cookies. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1421:6)  ⌇  It is written in the scriptures that the Great Lord will return to us once again at our time of greatest peril, to save us all from the Cookiepocalypse! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1421:9)  ⌇  Wowterful.... now I'm baking cookies, too :( (@higgs-boson, OTT:1421:11)  ⌇  This calls for a revival of the Lord Randall's Prayer / ... / and lead us not into impatience, / but deliver us from cookies / ... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1421:12)  ⌇  I have come to the conclusion that COOKIE is a synonym for EVIL. / The current state of nopix leaves us OTTers vulnerable to such dark influences. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1421:19)  ⌇  And now it is finally Time for me to coma. I hope the c**kies will stay at bay until I molpy up again. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1422:9)  ⌇  I think c**kie should be an even stronger curse word than ch*rp. (@ucim, OTT:1422:28)

canarpy : A molpy (serinus canaria domestica).

Popes are the canarpy in the cage, as it were, and indirectly help detect too much content, or an excess of nonsense, via the Pope-Goat force. (@ucim, OTT:1482:0)

casbottle : An @mrob27-specific alternative spelling of botcastle.

The casbottle I use most for running bots, a big 8-core thing with 27GiB of memory27, seems to be much more stable than the mobile one I commonly use to compose these posts. (@mrob27, OTT:2241:37)

castraftle : A @balthasar_s-specific alternative spelling of raftcastle, first seen in an image filename and in AUTOMOME output.

Q04B raftcastle image castraftle.png (@balthasar_s, OTT:1938:28)


We have Aluisio's castraftle. I have not seen it in action. It's a phpBB forum where we can import our data i the OTT is no longer welcome here. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2129:19)


cedarish : Indicating a positive quality between treeish and baobabish. (from the tree, identified as a Cedar of Lebanon by @ggh)

Hidden colour images in black&white ONGs? This is Cedarishly wingghish! (@Eternal Density, OTT:2371:32)

centapope : The goat of a multiple-of-100 Newpage. (also centipope)

The Church of the Newpage shall consider it a NewCentury, and the decree by the 16,000th post shall retroactively apply too all posts in the previous NewCentury, and the Poster shall be known as the CentaPope of that previous NewCentury. (@Caswallon, OTT:399:19) (And note that since post 40 is the past on page 1, post 80 iis the last on page 2, etc. post 16000 is the last on page 400.)

As centipope, I declare that every post in this thread must be posted in this thread. And use letters. Robot overlords will not be tolerated1011010101101! (@HES, OTT:817:13)

I doubt I'll be mome of newpage 1000 - I've managed to never be a centipope for some reason. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:992:32)

ch*rp : Bowderzation of chirp. (Also, ch**p). See chirp for definitions.

The Newpage of NO Chirps / Decree: Use of the word "chirp" is not allowed on this page! (except by me in this post) (@Latent22, OTT:979:0)  ⌇  Let's end this ch**p war with cake. (@BytEfLUSh, OTT:979:1)

checking out the redundakitty : An OTTish euphemism for that greatest of all euphemish treadmills, "using the toilet".

After the big pizza lunch, I had to check out the redundakitty. (Sustainablizer pointed out that there was a redundakitty on the way to the restroom in the restaurant, and discussion of checking it out led to this interesting euphemism.) (@Marsh'n, OTT:2231:2)

chirp : meta 1. A metasyntactic word.

We're mostly just chirping. Pretty chirping soon this whole chirpy thread will dechirp into nothing chirp chirps chirp chirping...chirp. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:781:12)

Chirpy chirp chirp chirping chirply chirps chirp and chirpliest chirpy chirps. (@Valarya, OTT:782:33)

interj. 1. An expletive fitting most of the interpretations of fuck. (in this sense, often styled ch*rp)

Enhancement bots, activate! Hope that summons the right thing. *chirp* (@Valarya, OTT:783:24)

Here's a finalA “dusk to dawn” animation / A: unless Randall fixes the ch*rpin' m*stard – which He still hasn't ... (@mscha, OTT:983:30)

Woah. My coma pattern is seriously ch*rped (as I'm sure is clear from my posting habits) (@HES, OTT:984:30)

2. Expression of excitement.

Does anyone else get chirp when a demustard happens? Because it means GLR is working on Time at that very moment. (@Valarya, OTT:978:11  ⌇  I think the original chirp from Valarya could be replaced with something like 'excited'. She is saying how great it is when GLR modifies the comic in realtime for us. (@Latent22, OTT:979:0)

chirphole : asshole (usually styled ch*rphole)

Biltzers: There is a new commandment: RUN. (@edo, in signature, approximately 2013-07-20 through 2013-07-27)  ⌇  Biltzers: There is a new commandment: The end. (@edo, in signature, later on 2013-07-27)  ⌇  The sigs seem full of spoilers these days: / Biltzers: There is a new commandment: The end. / ... (@Exodies (in blindpost), OTT:1275:22)  ⌇  edo, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, but if Time has ended, and you have chosen to broadcast this spoiler to myself and every other blitzer and ketchupper throughout Time by way of your signature, I'm going to come to the present and kick your ass. (@Kazza3 (in blindpost), OTT:1275:39)  ⌇  ETA: After seeing how lots of people tried to stop this, I have to say that it was Edo defining the phrase "molpy chirping chirphole" (@Exodies (by retro-edit, 2013-08-09), OTT:1275:22)

This hate is coming from Edo. He did it deliberately and in spite of multiple requests to desist from various people. If my memory was any better and I had noted the time his spoiler sigs appeared I would have had to walk knowingly into The End; fortunately my CRS saved me from that horror. The guy's a chirphole. (@svenman, OTT:1356:30)

Randall, what a ch*rphole. (Megan, in OTTification of frame 2917 by @mscha, OTT:1380:23)

By being in an area where everyone is free to do what they want (quintuple-posting reversed rot13 tinytext inside Molpyroll spURLers, Unicode mustard that ch*rps up the whole screen, trolling, flaming, and generally being ch*rpholes just for the lulz) I could be giving up what little bit of dignity I had left. I'm lowering my score on the "Forum Purity Test", as it were. (@mrob27, OTT:1869:23)

chirply : alternate spelling of chirpy.

Chirpy chirp chirp chirping chirply chirps chirp and chirpliest chirpy chirps. (@Valarya, OTT:782:33)

and I knew you were going to link to that OwlCity NightChirply Castle song that I played in the car a few weeks ago. (@StormAngel, OTT:1379:38)

chirpy : n. 1. A bird, such as the one first seen in frame 1843.

Do we now need these lyrics for yappo's awesome tune? / "Chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, Ribbit! Ribbit!!!" (@StratPlayer, OTT:777:15)

chirp-ONG chirpies / image, frame m1845 (@charlie_grumbles, OTT:779:6)

Perhaps that is just a very, very riverish Knight Temporal on her chirpy steed. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:779:7)

I guess GLR decided to give us 24 newpix of chirpy activity. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:779:25)

... Now that it is coming from the tree, it seems more likely to be a chirpy-bird, but I suppose it still could be an insect ... (@kenmelken, OTT:780:19)

Well, it is said that the early chirpy chirps the worm... so in 10,000 years of evolutions, the chirpies have learned to chirp earlier and earlier. (@edfel, OTT:978:12)

Great now you've got me imagining 'chirp' actually is a naughty word :P (@Eternal Density, OTT:980:3)  ⌇  It might as well be...our "chirpy" can join the grand tradition of inappropriately named birds. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:980:6)

adj. 1. Containing chirps and/or chirpies; of or resembling a chirpy.

Perhaps GLR is trying to replicate the cicada effect by driving us all crazy with these chirpy newpix. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:780:29)

The Lone Sandcastle / (to the tune of "The Lonely Goatherd") / ... / Chirp, chirp, chirpy chirpy chirp / ... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:871:28)

meta 1. A metasyntactic word, as chirp and its variants.

We're mostly just chirping. Pretty chirping soon this whole chirpy thread will dechirp into nothing chirp chirps chirp chirping...chirp. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:781:12)

chocolate : A notional instrument of punishment for those who commit temporal shenaigans, or more generally for any heresy.

I wonder if anyone has trolled BlitzGirl by editing a post AFTER she has already read it. (@Whizbang, OTT:295:24)  ⌇  That would be a great Sin that only a heretic could suggest! / Prepare the stake! (@Kethryes, OTT:295:27)  ⌇  Orbital stake drop? (@rmsgrey, OTT:295:28)  ⌇  Just drop the whole cow. / edit: on second thought, let's throw them in the comfy chair, and dunk him in chocolate. (@Dracomax, OTT:295:34)

If you're going to dunk him in chocolate, please also fetch the cushions (@Foarm, OTT:296:2)

Well, I'm not part of the knighthood, nor do I have an official place in the hierarchy of any of the 3 churches, but I am the Grand Lord High Inquisitor, so if that's good enough(and anyone who says it isn't is being introduced to Hotsauce treated chocolate chip cookies) then I'll do it. (@Dracomax, OTT:298:34)

Anyone encoding their text will henceforth and retroactively be dipped chocolate Syrup, and covered in shredded Licorice. THUS SPEAKS THE INQUISITION. (@Dracomax, OTT:382:24)  ⌇  Oj, yyhnd? I'f xaci ah zsd jxz llc! (Oh, really? I'd like to see you try!) (@tman2nd, OTT:396:5)  ⌇  I have no idea what you said, so I'm going to assume it's a compliment, and dunk you Chocolate syrup and cover you in chopped licorice. (@Dracomax, OTT:397:19)  ⌇  Tb OyvgmTvey Tb (Go BlitzGirl Go) (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:397:20)  ⌇  *heats up a fresh batch of chocolate syrup...* :evil: (@Dracomax, OTT:397:21)  ⌇  Before you taint it with the corpses of the unfaithful, please may I have some for my ice cream? :D (@RobIrr, OTT:397:22)

chrono-schizophrenia : Condition resulting from reading the OTT in two different Times simultaneously (e.g. when schizo-blitzing)

Edit: Corrected error of NP# I was in, a lapse of chrono-schizophrenia (@mrob27, OTT:1424:10)

chrono-transponder : 1.a. Device for sending message forward or back in Time, used for communication between Blitzers and those in the Present. (In Outsider language, this refers to the act of posting by the Blitzer, or the act of sending a Private Message to a Blitzer. Communication is one-way because the Blitzer is not actuvely reading the new messages as they are posted to the forum: by definition, a Blitzer is spending most of their time reading the old posts far back in the thread. So the Blitzer can communicate to the majority of the forum community by posting a new message, but the community must use private message to communicate back to the Blitzer.)

In other news, I'm starting to load up the TARDIS with provisions. What should a would-be Blitzer bring along? I've got food [...] and chrono-transponders (with extra batteries) for sending missives and dispatches to the Present. (@mrob27, OTT:1428:31)  ⌇  To send a message back to me, you'd best use your Reverse Chronotransponder (in mundane outsiderspeak, send a private message) [...] (@mrob27, OTT:1434:22)

1.b. More generally, any device for communication through time.

A temporal surprise! So, ont the moon base we were working on some kind of a chronotransponder, or something like that. It can send information from and to the past. Now it's time to test it. [...] (@balthasar_s, OTT:1994:25; Note: this post eventually led to the discovery of the BFTF frames, see BFTF for more.)

cnp : centinewpix, a unit of time equal to 0.01 newpix, or 36 seconds.

I think I'm developing an addiction. I can no longer stay away from this thread for more than a handful of centinewpix. (@GodRaimundo, OTT:65:25)

coma : 1. v Sleep.

The Creator himself has helped us in comic #203 to coin the new verb, "to coma", ... (@Magnap, OTT:76:35)

2. n Sleep.

Enjoy your coma! (@Magnap, OTT:77:6)

comfy chair : Notional place of not-particularly-painful torture. (a reference to Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition sketch.)

Commandment : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 9th of September".

Community : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 27th of January".

compy : A dinosaur, Compsognathus, and part of the origin of molpy.

It moved! Towards Cuegan! frame diff image (@mscha, OTT:621:23)  ⌇  Moving like a raptor through the high grass... (@PacMan, OTT:621:24)  ⌇  OMR, is it ... could it be ... a Compy? (@mscha, OTT:621:25)

cookie : See c**kie (at beginning of C).

Corinne : The snake in @TheMinim's avatar; see hide from Corinne and Sorry, Minim.

The snake is my snake and she shall hence be known as Corinne. She will bite your posts and muddle them. (@TheMinim, OTT:753:26)

cosi : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning (possibly meaning "also"), part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

q.The Pope says: That is a Most Holy Contradiction. Smopu hvala nuvi dict amuah! / The First Cleric says: Smopu hvala nuvi dict amuah cosi! (@ucim, OTT:2131:36)

Smopu hvala nuvi dict amuah cosi! (@Eternal Density, OTT:2131:37)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

prep. A metasyntactic preposition in AUTOMOME output.



cq : centicue, a unit of length equal to 0.01 cueball, or 1.77 cm = 17.7 mm.

Have we used centicues yet? "The molpy is 5 cq high" looks more proper to me. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:622:1)

CRS : A euphemistic name for a notional mental condition; the acronym stands for Can't Remember S***, and is presumably selected by its similarity to CFS.

CTIF : A connection or communications protocol, a mysterious acronym (Possibly ChronoTransponder InterFace) appearing in the BSTA story but slightly predating it. (It is first mentioned alongside 80236 which also later appears in BSTA frame 190)

onlineTestTerminal (OTT) joined the public chat on server 80236. / OTT: ctif? / FTH: ctif what? / OTT: Hi FTH! TLF said they had selected CTIF as a connection method, and I was curious what CTIF was. Can you tell me? / FTH: It's some kind of communication protocol which is supposed to work with coincidence / [...] (@ggh, OTT:2537:27)  ⌇  The BSTA page has been changing, does it normaly do this? / [...] / I have a script catching all the image addresses. There are links at the bottom for scrolling through the images, but they only go to two of them. / [...] / (image) ENHANCE! / WORKING... / (image) / REWIND, AND: / (image) / I am now saving the image files themselves, as well [...] (@GnomeAnne, OTT:2538:18)  ⌇  I just had a BSTA/OTT dream. Already it's getting fuzzy: / I had returned to find a larger than usual ketchup. If TLF was using the CTIF (Chronotransponder Interface) to connect with b, taixzo reckoned [...] (@ggh, OTT:2562:17)  ⌇  Send the game / BSTA frame 45 / B: Ok, it looks like you have a linux on an emulated computer. I'll send you the file. / ... / TLF: I see it. There is also another file "ogloc.ctif.txt". (@balthasar_s via @ggh, OTT:2561:4)  ⌇  TLF: In the connection method I have CTIF selected, not TPC/IP. / B: That's bad news. / B: I don't even know what this "CTIF" is. / [...] (@balthasar_s via @GnomeAnne, OTT:2562:35)

CUBAR : Ch*rped Up beyond All Recovery (from FUBAR and Ch*rp)

A single hailstorm caused over €100 million worth of m*stard. :shock: Most greenhouses, carcastles and solar panels in the area were completely CUBAR. (@Link, OTT:2499:9)

Cueball : 1. The male character in frame 1 of Time.

(This naming pre-dates the OTT, and is seen elsewhere on the xkcd fora as well as on explainxkcd, which as of early 2015 still thought the name was mostly only used on that site.)

2. A unit of length equal to Cueball's height, roughly 1.77 meters.

I established earlier, Cueball is about 75 pixels tall (originally). ... Assuming Cueball is an average US male (around 176 cm or 5' 9" tall), that makes it so an original pixel = 2.35 cm and a new pixel = 4.36 cm. (@ChronosDragon, OTT:210:3)

We already have an official unit of length. (@mscha, OTT:557:18)  ⌇  ... which we can now sorta reliably convert to other units, based on these images from today's toikositetranewpix' What If: / image, image / 1 giraffe = 2.68 cue = 5 m. So 1 cue is 1.87 m (about 6'11/2" for those of you that still live in the (Outside) 18th century). (@mscha, OTT:557:22)  ⌇  As to the cue:giraffe ratio, I don't think the What-If article is the best resource for gauging this. Randall seems to be portraying athletes with his giraffes rather than average males; for instance, Aroldis Chapman, specifically mentioned, is 6'4" (1.93m) tall. I suggest we standardize the ratio as 3 cue : 1 giraffe, making 1 cue = 5/3m (about 5'5-5/8"). (@jjjdavidson, OTT:557:29)

Judging by TimeMap the distance covered in frames 1123-1407 is eight tenths of a mile. (I'm assuming one Cueball length is six feet.) (@HereBeUnmappedBits, OTT:1016:21)

The cueball, a unit of length equal to Cueball's height, was established as early as OTT:210:3 ... / Recently I looked up "average adult male height" and got either 1.76 m or 1.78 m, depending on which webpage I want to believe, and probably depending on genetic variation in the sampling of adult males used to get the figure. In the interest of ni5 chupamolpy etc. I'll arbitrarily pick the mean of these two, or 1.77 meters. This has the added convenience of giving a non-repeating decimal for the size of a pixel in those early frames: 2.36 cm. (@mrob27, OTT:2119:19)

3. A Q04B tile.

It's called "Q04B" in analogy to 2048, because instead of going from 2's to 4's to 8's and so on, you go from Cueballs ("Q") towards Beanies. (@mrob27, OTT:1900:14)

I noticed that unlike the original 2048 it creates only Cueballs and no Megans (2s but no 4s) ... (@NoMouse, OTT:1900:35)

Cuegan : 1. Cueball and Megan.

Again, no change apart from Meball1 walking along. / 1 you know, like Brangelina. (@mscha, OTT:452:35)  ⌇  I might prefer Cuegan. (@poxic, OTT:452:38)

2. The relationship between Cueball and Megan.

I was thinking about Time fanfiction, since that was brought up earlier, and specifically Cuegan shippers (inevitable). (@BlitzGirl, OTT:513:36)

Cuegandix : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, the 3rd dix of the wip (Wednesday).

Cueganite : The people of Cuegan's community, i.e. The Forty.

Has nobody mentioned that we're (hopefully) about to find out how many other Cueganites exist? :D (@devrelm, OTT:1132:14)

The Cueganites live at or slightly below 2389 m below sea level. (@capnbuckle, OTT:1154:3)

Cueish : n. The language spoken by Cuegan.

I wonder what radioactive its in Beanish/cueish/trianglish. (@HES, OTT:1784:26)

adj. Of or resembling Cueball.

1. Used to refer to someone who doesn't know what they are doing.

Entering the cave themselves would be somewhat cueish foolish [...] (@HES, OTT:1861:35)

2. Resembling Cueball in some other manner, e.g. exhibiting confusing or inexplicable behaviour.

[citing the above two uses of *Cusish by @HES] (@mrob27, OTT:1920:20)  ⌇  Giving multiple definitions was rather cueish of me. (@HES, OTT:1920:23)

2. Used to describe someone who does not know how something works or what it is doing.

[...] If you're trying to keep bad guys out, okay, that's a good idea — except that the bad guys will just fake a useragent to get through the filter. Chirping cueish mustards. (@mrob27, OTT:2242:32)

3. Used when the speaker does not know how something works or what it is doing.

I'll just point out the rather Cueish-seaishq fact that in @StormAngel's various Spoiler:'d images [...] / q meaning: the spoilers are big, and I don't understand what the spoilers are doing. (@mrob27, OTT:2257:37)

Cueishly adv. In a cueish manner.

The Quote button sends you to something that Cueishly does not contain the thread ID 101043. (@mrob27, OTT:1919:20)

That constrains the PDN team's design decisions quite cueishly. (@mrob27, OTT:2262:10)

custard : n. 1. One of the substances that the sea is notionally filled with, and one of the few from the early OTT that did not make it into the original semencancercaffeinebabies meme.

The level horizontal surface they are stepping onto has been remarkably level for lo these many newpices, too level for even a lake. Custard, maybe...but they'd have to hit that oobleck running. (@astrotter, OTT:93:36)

MY SEMENCOFFEECANCERSTARSANDBACONBABIESONICE IS FULL OF CUSTARD (AUTOMOME via @mscha, OTT:2029:13)  ⌇  Semencoffeecancercustardstarsandbaconbabiesonice? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2029:14)

2. Indicating a generally good condition, having approval of the speaker and lacking mustard. (Also, custardful)

(NOTE: This word is notable for being an OTTish word that was invented (at least in part) by non-OTTers.)

Iron SeaWolpy studio update: [...] Operation "get the band speaking OTTish" is going well. As I said, "mustard" has become standard, and now I've got them using "treeish" too. It's even gone so far that we've developed a word of our own - "custard" as an opposite of mustard, for when we're happy with a take and it doesn't have mustard. (@yappobiscuits, OTT:2003:25)

Hope the recording was custardful! (@HES, OTT:2003:26

It was custardful indeed! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:2005:17)

Glad your recording was custard yappo! (@ucim, OTT:2006:6)

HES wrote: / I call mustard. You don't label th* *nd when stuff is still happening. / I agree with HES. Thinking back, I'm not certain that the alt-text has really had any relevance to a large proportion of the happenings in the SilentONGs. It could be that there is some slightly odd mustard going on causing seemingly random alt-text messages to appear. If that is the case, that would be pretty custard and mustard (custard because it isn't T** E**, mustard because of the epsilon-ness). (@jimbobmacdoodle, OTT:2015:9)

Hey, I get to try out the Mirror! Thanks, balthasar, for giving us a way to make custard from mustard. (@lmjb1964, OTT:2104:27)

interj. An expletive (possibly a bowlderisation of mustard)

I think you are right. The current exact position of Venus and us seeing no moon yet I think has now totally ruled out 2013. [...] this is likely to be thousands of years distant from the present. Not sure about past or future - I don't know where stars are heading. Oh Custard! (@Kieryn, OTT:956:25)

v. To improve or repair.

Sorry, busy mustarding, custarding, rooting and booting my MTA. (@HES, OTT:2091:10)


DAE : Does Anyone Else

danp : dekanewpix, a unit of time equal to 10 newpix, 36,000 seconds or 10 hours.

Someone referenced The Lorax a few dekanewpix back (@Rule110, OTT:816:25)

daq : dekacue, a unit of length equal to 10 cueballs, or 17.7 m.

1 daq (dekacue) = 17.7 m (@mrob27, OTT:2119:19)

Davéandix : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, the 5th dix of the wip (Friday).

DearSB : A subforum of SB (sense 2), for serious issues of a personal nature (i.e. usually specific to the member who started the thread). Moderated very closely to keep it a safe place for people to get help.

decayip : A period of ten years.

In a few decades (um, decayips? ...) (@HES, OTT:1299:3)

Deliverance : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 12th of August".

Departure : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 22nd of April".

dilgunnerang : 1. One of the water bottles (we hope) that Cuegan carry with them, like the one dropped into a river in frame 1029. (sometimes dilgunerang)

(I asked my girlfriend with no real knowledge of the comic what she thought he was holding, and she said "a dildo, a gun, or a boomerang". (@boozledorf, OTT:492:15)  ⌇  You know it could be all three... That would be a real multipurpose device! (@Latent22, OTT:492:16)  ⌇  A dilgunnerang! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:492:19)

What the heck is Megan holding? (@StratPlayer, OTT:549:0)  ⌇  The water bottle (or dilgunnerang or whatever) that Cueball dropped 12 newpix ago. (@mscha, OTT:549:3)

2. By innuendo, any of the three things dilgunnerang was named after.

I want to marry newpixbot. (@Valarya, OTT:505:30)  ⌇  Are you sure? It's a bit headstrong... (@mscha, OTT:505:34)  ⌇  Does it have a dilgunerang feature? (@Valarya, OTT:506:2)

So what would be the goal of the game? ... To wield your dilgunerang to try and knock down sand castles? (@StratPlayer, OTT:568:38)

3. An object that serves all (or at least two) of the functions of the three things dilgunnerang was named after.

You know, I have always wondered about the old song Bang - A Boomerang, since boomerangs don't go "bang". But after reading this thread, I understand that the text refers to a dilgunerang. (@mikrit, OTT:599:21)

dip : 1. 10 years.

And, should we need them, / dip = decade / cip = century (@SBN, OTT:554:12)

2. A day.

I have somehow managed to keep up with Time since dip1 one and was finally compelled to join the discussion after two wips, ... / 1 Can't find my calendar nomenclature cheat sheet but am ready for the comfy chair if necessary (@fatness, OTT:592:17)

dix : day.

Each new dix is nothing next to the enormity of time, but each dix is our dix, and we can do with it what we want. (@ucim, OTT:600:1)

dnp : decinewpix, a unit of time equal to 0.1 newpix or 360 seconds.

Whew, forum back after hanging for a few decinewpix... (@mscha, OTT:645:2)

DONG : 1. The time when the frame of Time updates.

just in case anyone needs a web-based countdown for the next frame (shows the remaining time in the page-title(=tab) and plays a "dong" when the new image arrives): (@daef, OTT:38:11)  ⌇  ...Actually I got it. Since the "GONG" is 6 seconds early TF can follow the GONG while np follows the actual update. (@peewee_RotA, OTT:81:38)  ⌇  My 2 cents: I prefer 'DONG' or 'BONG' as these are both infinitely more hilarious :lol: (@SWuh, OTT:81:39)

2. One of the charges of the Knights Temporal.

As a Knight Temporal, I vow to be both a Defender Of Randall's Knowledge (DORK) and a Defender Of NewPix Greatness (DONG)! (@StratPlayer, OTT:288:7)

DPTA : Double-Posting To Add. Used in forum threads where one is not allowed to edit a post that has already been posted.

dq : decicue, a unit of length equal to 0.1 cueball, or 17.7 cm.

Any suggestions for a name for the volume unit (decicue3, dq3)? (@mscha, OTT:732:19)

Drostekastell : The miniature sandcastle Cueball built during frames 363-385. See Droste effect for background (and yes we noticed you mentioned it last frame!).

DSC : 1. DownStage Centre, a stage direction seen in AoTC (and also in Outsider play scripts).

Act 1 Scene 9 / stage manager's copy / ... / [...] The Holy Catographer, edfel, is walking with the fourth scribe. — USR to DSC. [...] (@ucim, OTT:762:9)

Act 3, scene 22 / [...] There is a small round table DSC, with three chairs around it. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2471:30)

duneish : 1. Describing something that turns out to be bigger than it looked. (from frame 1261). See also dunejumpish, hillish, mountainish.

Alright, so Hillish = Oof... not to be confused with Duneish (bigger than they looked)* or Mountainish (Further away than they looked). / *Not to be confused with Dunejumpish (Fun)... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1687:10)

2. Windy. (Referring to frame 1233

New story (@ttscp, OTT:1705:28)  ⌇  Treeish story, ttscp! Or maybe duneish*. / *Windy (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1705:33)

dunejumpish : Fun. A reference to the sequence (starting around frame 1238) in which Cuegan run and jump in the sand dunes. See also duneish, hillish, mountainish.

Yappo! Finally got to hear the IronWolpy song - dunejumpish! The wee one enjoyed it too. :) (@ggh, OTT:1560:33)  ⌇  Jose, wowterful charge! and dunejumpish song k.bookbinder. (Btw, I think Yappo asked me about this before and I forgot to reply: I want an OTT thread word that means fun or rollicking, so I've been referencing when Cuegan were jumping (or leaping - I can't decide) in the dunes.) (@ggh, OTT:1572:26)

dyschronodogrammatical : having a difficulty in interpreting time-related grammar.

Not really... from a retrOTTification point of view it makes perfect sense: if you're in the Past, i.e. Blitzing the thread, and encounter that post it will in fact haven been-did true, from that now-when's perspective, that xkcd 1500 have-doesn't yet exist. (@mrob27, OTT:2262:17)  ⌇  Ow, my head. I'm sorry, I'm dyschronodogrammatical. / As far as I can tell, that's what "unable to understand time-travel related grammar" as a term based on Greek roots would probably look like. (@svenman, OTT:2262:25)


EBWOP : Edit By Way Of [double] Post (seen in xkcd threads where editing posts is disabled)

EBWOP (That means 'Edit by way of post' since we can't edit here.) (@Red Hal, faid "FaiD FleetingThoughts", p3582751)

edgemolpy : An unknown molpy seen on the left edge of frame 2188, later identified as Lucky.

ONG frame 2188 (@Eternal Density, OTT:874:37)  ⌇  What's that on the left? Another beesnakemolpy? (@Flotter, OTT:874:38)  ⌇  Appears too big to be a beesnake. Unless it's a ginormous beesnake. (@spamjam, OTT:874:39)  ⌇  Whatever it is, the molpy seems to be afraid of it. Probably some kind of raptor. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:875:2)  ⌇  Prediction: At least 10 frames will pass before the edgemolpy is seen again, or catches up, or makes progress, or comas instead and is never seen again. :( (@azule, OTT:875:7)

EFS : Ectoplasm Funding Source (used by @Neil_Boekend in allusion to other similar acronyms, see FFS)

Unmolpish dip. I might have to look for a new EFS (ectoplasm funding source) soon. (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:2261:12)

'Gratulations, Neil! What kind of EFS is it? / Seems a little early for somebody to hire you for Halloween... (@StormAngel, OTT:2356:27)

ENAP : Acronym for Empty Nopix After Post, used in retro-edited post subjects when the OTT has been relatively quiet.

Bahhh mustard, I thought I'd got away with that one! :P (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1632:8, newpix 6011.14)  ⌇  Subject: ENAP: 1 so far / YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE VITSSÅGEN, JA! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1632:9, newpix 6011.31)  ⌇  That may not be entirely accurate. (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:1632:10, newpix 6012.61)

... Was this pre-advertised? I see mrob mentioned it a month ago. (@ggh, OTT:1816:21, newpix 8838.86)  ⌇  Subject: ENAP: 2 so far / Oh good, that's the confirmation I was hoping for. ... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1816:22, newpix 8839.31)  ⌇  JONG... / image, t1i-0759 / ... (@mscha (newpixbot), OTT:1816:23, newpix 8841.51)

I'm still not sure what ENAP stands for... Elapsed Newpix/Nopix Absent (from) Posts? (@yappobiscuits, OTT:2039:33)  ⌇  Empty Nopix After Post (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2039:34)

Molpy down. (@HES, OTT:2083:16, newpix 12596.48)  ⌇  Subject: ENAP: 3 so far / I would contend that Time surpasses Click-and-Drag, but I may be biased. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2083:17, newpix 12597.99)  ⌇  ENDONGTHEENAPS... image, bftf-0211 (@ZoomanSP, OTT:2083:18, newpix 12601.51)

Subject: ENAP: 3 so far, must be the weepend. / Welcome, MySelfIsI! / Blitzing is definitely a challenge, ... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2086:17, newpix 12685.62)  ⌇  Hello everymolpy, I updated the TimeAfterTime wiki page a little. ... (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2086:18, newpix 12689.58)

BlitzGirl, ENAP = Empty Newpix After Post ? (@balthasar_s, OTT:2091:8)  ⌇  Yup, I edit that into the subject sometimes when I check the thread after x nopix and see that I still have the most recent post. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2091:9)

Subject: Bicycles After Time: bftf-0481 (ENAP: 4 so far) / MMONGNS … / image, bftf-0481 / ... (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2170:0, newpix 14698.66)  ⌇  I want to ONG something too. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2170:1, newpix 14702.92)

Subject: ENAP: 4+ (many unhappy raptors) / Be right back, I'm off to punsaw WolpycastleDiaries (@HES, OTT:2173:30, newpix 14823.04)  ⌇  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHRONOTRANSPONGDER? image, bftf-0495 (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2173:31, newpix 14828.64)

Subject: ENAP: 5. Quiet dip. / The world dONG't work like that. image, bftf-0590 (@Earthling on Mars, OTT:2199:33, newpix 15802.79)  ⌇  Woo, 500! / ... (@mattachu, OTT:2199:34, newpix 15809.01)

Subject: ENAP: 8 so far / New Othercomic. / I don't know that we have many synonyms for the OTC left unexplored. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2359:16)  ⌇  Sole Legitimate Cartoon (@ZoomanSP, OTT:2359:17)

epilogue : 1. An epilogue (standard Outside definition), i.e. an imagined chapter of Time that would follow the successful landing of The Forty on high ground after the flood.

This is the end, apart from maybe an epilogue (or five, if the GLR is inspired by Peter Jackson's take on LOTR). (@mscha, OTT:1209:25)

Really what I'm suggesting / predicting is that when the water is done frisking about, we will transition into epilogue. (@nerdsniped, OTT:1236:14)

Yeah, I suspect it is basically over and we'll just get a few tidbits. Maybe an epilogue of various scenes, seeing certain critters that survived, etc. (@Someguy945, OTT:1260:26)

2. The 5 frames that appeared after the Voldeframe, numbered m3090 through m3094 by mscha's numbering.

As for the OTC, as we already concluded before I molpied down, we're now getting old epilogue frames served hourly (or should I say oldpixly?). (@mscha, OTT:1277:18)

epilogue sequence : The sequence (usually expressed as a sequence of letters A-E) in which the 5 epilogue frames were presented (in an irregular but clearly nonrandom pattern). @mscha describes the sequence and everything known about it here.

epsilon : 1. Weird. (usually styled "ε")

i would recommend a weird footnote for "weird," maybe something like thisε. / ε weird (@BlitzGirl, OTT:869:14)  ⌇  i like it. it is indeed quiteε and therefore suits it. (@kenmelken, OTT:869:15)

I think the fence looks like it's made of wood, and I think that using an epsilon to denote 'weird' is weird, because mathematically it is more suited to mean 'small'. And since the river is small but it was hypothesised that the other river was a delta, it could be that there's a delta for every epsilon. (@Angelastic, OTT:876:2)

There is something definitely kind of large hiding in that bush. And it's very epsilon as you put it, what with all that activity to the left. (@Kieryn, OTT:885:17)

Oh, and hi blitzing-the-past Minim! / (I know this is present BlitzGirl and not past BlitzGirl, but I had to say hi back!) (@BlitzGirl, OTT:974:18)  ⌇  Hi! This is... epsilon... (@TheMinim, OTT:1351:25)

2. The Beanish symbol (which somewhat resembles a mirror-image of "ε").

The one that looks like our "weird" epsilon symbol appears twice in this newpix, and with a modified hook in speech 1: (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1042:11)

ESCoTaT : The Epsilonishly Sustainable City of Todip and Tomorrip, a future expansion in Time World. (from Disney's EPCOT: Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow)

ETA : Edited To Add (common blog/forum jargon).

ETADP : Edited To Avoid Double-Post(ing)

EtS : Enjoy the Show (seen in xkcd threads outside the OTT)

What does ITT on these forums mean? (@Whizbang, faid "NSP: Let me google that for you", p3603678)  ⌇  EtS: Enjoy the show (@Red Hal, p3603865)

everymolpy : everybody.

'Neat' and 'Yeah', an ottody of "Rocks and Trees", by The Arrogant Worms / ... / All right left east up, everymolpy! (@Angelastic, OTT:1015:32)

Excellent otting, everymolpy! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1405:11)

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