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kaliniam : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

The raft people sang: ... / vrathna rhethatm tieniso, / nietha in kaliniam yo. / Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu varba glie nootano! (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

n. A metasyntactic mass noun (with positive connotation) in AUTOMOME output.


KALINIAM? ON *MY* WOLPY? (@mrob27, OTT:2271:12)

kana : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

BlitzGirl leads them back onto the orchestra platform, saying Kana li hala. / The Pope faces the crowd. The Pope says, Smopu hvala nuvi dict amuah. / ... (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

n. A metasyntactic noun in AUTOMOME output.



keipu : unknown A word with indeterminate meaning, part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics.

The raft people said: Keipu glie hy grymth! Glie na smopu vrathki! Bradva, bradvak, bradvaii smopu hierban ta... (@ucim, OTT:1449:8)

The raft people sang: Keipu glie, Glie na smopu vrathkalichi ho! / Bradvaii smopu glie ne haniam hierban tantam lo! / ... (@ucim, OTT:1500:3)

[...] I did not in fact create a fictional language. [...] I have no idea how much I'll be using the Raft People's tongue [...] I just tried to come up with some nonsense words that had a slavic sense to them and strung them together. [...] So, rather than having created a corpus of language from which I'm dribbling out clues, I have created a bunch of clues from which, if it becomes necessary, I will build a language. [...] (@ucim, OTT:2265:12)

interj. A metasyntactic word (possibly an interjection) in AUTOMOME output.


Hala keipu! Ninja'd by @ucimself! (@mrob27, OTT:2265:18)


kiepudink : 1. "Not-thoughts". (part of @ucim's language of the "raft people" used in Acts of the Clerics)

First Raft person said: "Kiepudink?" / Second Raft person said: Kiepudink. "Not-thoughts", but from long ago. (@ucim, OTT:2466:31)

2. A metasyntactic mass noun in AUTOMOME output.


ketchup : n. The act of reading the OTT until getting to the latest post, usually after a relatively short absence.

but in my post-coma ketchup I saw this and couldn't help but blind post my 2 cents... (@Purplepants77, OTT:407:3)

v. To read the OTT until getting to the latest post, usually after a relatively short absence.

I've been afk for nearly 12 TimeFrames (what's up with this newpix thing? ??? heh). Must ketchup. (@buffygirl, OTT:434:26)

keyboard : A large, solitary cat with a yellowish-brown coat and black spots, active at night, widespread in the forests of Africa and southern Asia. (A reversal of xkcd 1031, used in a similar way)

I should be a-coma, but I want to see if the keyboard leaps on them! (@Angelastic, OTT:888:15)

For some reason I expected a leopardraptor to be bigger (or is that keyboardraptor?)... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:889:18)

One does wonder how the raptorcat learned that stickhumans were viable prey. From what I know about keyboards, they are unlikely to attack people unprovoked. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:896:33)  ⌇  You clearly don't have a Model M. (@SkUrRiEr, OTT:903:3)

Knights Temporal : A religious and military order for the defense and protection of Timewaiters*

Also, from a few pages ago, why not "Knights Timeplar"? (@elementropy, OTT:282:33)  ⌇  Has no one yet suggested "Knights Temporal"? (@jjjdavidson, OTT:282:35)

Well, the religion split into 2 +1 different sects, formed an inquisition, and is in the process of trying to form a knighthood (I prefer Knights Temporal or Knights(') Watch, myself) (@Dracomax, OTT:286:36)

I propose that the Knights Temporal exist as the military arm of the Eastern Unorthodox Timewaiters (given that it is the correct one) (@Febrion, OTT:288:3)

* Provided they don't actually have to do anything...

Knight Temporal : A member of the Knights Temporal.

knp : kilonewpix, a unit of time equal to 1000 newpix, or about 41 2/3 dips.

We'll need to consult SI. And how long before we'll need to start using kilonewpix? (@Helper, OTT:61:11)

kq : kilocue, a unit of length equal to 1000 cueballs, or 1.77 km.

The much smaller river [...] is flowing away from it at this point (it flows many kilocueballs in the opposite direction before joining it far to the north). (@AnotherKevin, OTT:573:1)


LaPetite : (or la Petite) Character first seen in frame 799, a Chekhov's gun initially (via social engineering, millinery, and temporal shenanigans) conflated with BlitzGirl.

Just in case it is just a french girl and not BlitzGirl I name her LaPetite! (@Latent22, OTT:381:19)

And I concur. LaPetite is the Chekhov's gun of Time. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:442:3)

... our last sight of the castle included la Petite dragging something into frame. We've been referring to her as a Chekhov's gun, and anticipating that the story would ─ eventually ─ return to her, anticipating that we would see what she dragged to the castle, and what she did with it. / But now we've apparently been shown the castle already destroyed ... (@jjjdavidson, OTT:1024:13)

LEML : abbrev. 1. An acronym similar to LOL and possibly meaning "Laughing Even More Loudly".

redundant: / Spoiler: / image (grumpy CatDoge (@Eternal Density, OTT:1696:23)  ⌇  Oh, haha! So it's actually a thing! XD - I remember the time where I had to draw one, and yes, it went along the same lines :mrgreen: / image (@Vytron, OTT:1697:34)  ⌇  LEML (@OrbitalFacePalm9001, OTT:1698:2)  ⌇  Quick point of etiquette: [...] You may want to spoiler the original post's large images [and] elaborate on your reaction. Not that we mind too much [...] (@ChronosDragon, OTT:1698:3)

(Note that posts by @OrbitalFacePalm9001 frequently consisted of a single-line comment, sometimes following an unedited quote of a recent post; and note the origin of ROFLEL about 12 Newpages later.)

2. A recursive (self-referential) acronym: LEML Extremely Modified Linux (probably a reference to GNU)

[...] TLF: Next, a "Choose kernel". Only default option works. / B: What is it? / TLF: "LEML Extremely Modified Linux" / TLF: After that a blue background and everything works. (@balthasar_s (via @ggh), OTT:2560:16)

meta 1. A metasyntactic word or acronym, with arbitrary or unknown meaning.

Is LEML even a word? / I suppose it might be, but unfortunately I don't speak Basementish. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1698:8)  ⌇  It's an acronym! And one of the best ones! It allows you to imagine, and decode, what the other poster meant! (@Vytron, OTT:1698:13)  ⌇  Let's excavate mines later! (@lmjb1964, OTT:1698:33)

MoONGrocket / image, bftf-0009 (@mscha, OTT:2035:19)  ⌇  LEML? (@ergman, OTT:2035:21)  ⌇  Leopards Eating Molpy Lunches (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2035:22)

If you type {quote=???}LEML{/quote} instead of {quote=''???''}LEML{/quote} you'll get / {quote="You forgot about the quote marks, ???"} / LEML / {/quote} / ... (@balthasar_s, OTT:2060:5)

Yes, there are some anachronisms. / For example, ###bftf&9; is anachronictic. / Or maybe it isn't. OFP9001 wrote a story where TDM goes to the moon. Maybe that's where he(?) brought the LEML from? (@balthasar_s, OTT:2080:20, referring to OTT:1711:38)

LONG vehicle ... / image, bftf-0334 (@SilentTimer, OTT:2110:7)  ⌇  {quote} LEML vehicle ...{/quote} / FTFY! (@HES, OTT:2110:8)

Now everytime I read "long vehicle" I'll see "LEML vehicle". Thank you. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2110:10)

leopard : A panel of keys that provide text input to a computer. (A reference to xkcd 1031)

For ... Angelastic. / hatted avatar (@buffygirl, OTT:422:5)  ⌇  thanks for the hat, buffygirl. / Now my head is warm. / (Though I'm not 100% sure what the thing I'm holding is. A keyboard?) (@Angelastic, OTT:425:20)  ⌇  Though I'm not 100% sure what the thing I'm holding is. A leopard? / FTFY (@tman2nd, OTT:427:10)

I'm a heavy keyboard leopard user so keyboard leopard shortcuts are integral to my workflow, and replacing Ctrl-click with middle-click would hopelessly break all the things. (@PhoenixRising, OTT:529:19)

leopad : A tablet device, specifically one where you touch the screen to type.

What about leopet? And leopad if the leopard is on-screen instead of clicked-on. (@ZoomanSP, OTT:2202:5)

LHT : Local Heretical Time.

Am I the least ch*rped? - I Molpy up 6:30-7.00am local Heretical Time and Molpy Down 10-10:30pm LHT. (@waveney, OTT:1736:19)

LMCAO : Laughing My Ch*rping A** Off.

[ image ] (@azule, OTT:1529:30)  ⌇  LOL! / (we need some Ottish for LOL) (@ucim, OTT:1529:31)  ⌇  I vote for LMCAO (Laughing My Ch*rping Ass Off). (@taixzo, OTT:1529:37)

LMMO : Laughing My Molpy Off.

[ image ] (@azule, OTT:1529:30)  ⌇  LOL! / (we need some Ottish for LOL) (@ucim, OTT:1529:31)  ⌇  Hmm... LMMO (Laughing My Molpy Off)? (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1529:34)

Yes! I too was LMMO at azule's OTThercomic. :) (@ggh, OTT:1529:36)

LMMO @ergman's fat belly. :lol: (@azule, OTT:1553:23)

Uh, you might want to explain this, maybe, heretically. In the mean time: LMMO! (@azule, OTT:2040:10)

longpix : 60 minutes, the unit of time between two successive frames of xkcd 1190, after the first 240 frames, when the rate dropped down to one frame per hour.

I think that on the weekend, it is just going to update once every hour, instead of on the half-hour. (@boozledorf, OTT:169:33)  ⌇  New unit: Longpix (@AionArap, OTT:169:35)

I think with these times of Long NewPix, or LongPix as the kids are calling them these days ... (@KarMann, OTT:170:7)

loopism : Belief that at some point the frames of Time will repeat. (A theory still thwarted even within the epilogue sequence, which is non-random but non-repeating).

That's not the tide, the snow is melting. (@SBN, OTT:179:35)  ⌇  I like that theory, i am no loopist (@micdi, OTT:179:36)  ⌇  Snowism and loopism can coexist! (@pha, OTT:180:10)

loopist : A believer in loopism.

Except, with this type of desturction, I don't see how the beach will be level, if it's supposed to loop... (@Helper, OTT:151:8)  ⌇  I, for one, am not a loopist. (@Qalyar, OTT:151:11)

The loopists are gonna have a field day with this one I assume. (@AionArap, OTT:309:1)


LS&R : Love, Sex, and Relationships, a subforum of General. Maturity, kindness and respectfulness are expected, and enforced when necessary.

Lu : A nickname for @AluisioASG (@lmjb1964 OTT:1638:8, acknowledged at OTT:1708:7, adopted by @ergman on OTT:1776:6)

luckpix : An interval of 4 nopix (or 4 hours)

I'll be checking back after one luckpix. (@intheshax, OTT:1373:22)

(This is the time between ONGs of the TimeAfterTime frames, beginning with the lucky series by @Latent22, and including several subsequent OTTer-created Time sequels. Though the interval of 4 hours is standard, the phase has changed; with the first Beany sequence ONGing at 01:00 UTC, the Beany2 sequence ONGing at 02:00 UTC and the t1i MysteryONGs ONGing at 00:00 UTC. In any case, newpixbot waits 1/2 hour before posting it, so that a human can ONG the frame.)

Lucky : The raptorcat that attacked Cuegan in frames 2226-2234.

ONG frame 2241 (@mscha, OTT:897:4)  ⌇  Megan is telling Cueball that that was their family pet named Lucky, which they set free when it started growing too big and they realised it wasn't a housecat. Cueball is expressing concern that she might have hurt Lucky. (@Angelastic, OTT:897:6)

luckypix : See luckpix.

Lucy : A nickname for @AluisioASG (@ergman, OTT:2011:19 and OTT:2012:13 referencing this post, acknowledged OTT:2012:28)

LW : Largest Wolpy (usu. specifically in reference to @SBN's pets)

Largest wolpy worries some. Too many times in his life his destination has meant a whole new family. No more, but how can he know that? (@SBN, OTT:1954:6)  ⌇  SBN, glad LW is doing OK after his condiment incident. (@lmjb1964, OTT:1955:5)

The black wolpies don't get called little very often and two makes a pretty good army, except their weapon is fluff. Incidentally, LW turns 4 todip. (@SBN, OTT:2018:28)

Todip is Black Wolpy Dip. LW and MSW are available for your admiration, adoration and appreciation. (@SBN, OTT:2118:7)

LW and I explored our new neighborhood some yesterday. (@SBN, OTT:2212:7)

The wolpy channel, series premier (@SBN, OTT:2331:34)  ⌇  MSW is in the background, LW is the star. I don't think SW made any appearances in this one. (@SBN, OTT:2332:9)

LWPAII : Acronym made from the first letters of dialogue from the first six frames that have dialogue: Later. ; Wanna swim?; Pffthh *cough*; Any idea where...; I don't understand...; I don't think....

Let's speculate how this is a sign of the relationship of Randall, his career, coffee and/or the purpose of life. And how the first letters of all the frames with dialogues in them spell a very disturbing word. (@Montov, OTT:250:19)  ⌇  And what word would that be? (@Kat, OTT:250:21)  ⌇  "LWPAII", apparently. (@Smithers, OTT:250:37)


M32 : An ASCII transliteration of the Beanish greeting ᘈᘊᘖ, first seen in frame 2836.

Madness : The Reckoning.

*looks at longest ICT thread ever* / *looks at impending Mod Madness announcement* / *looks back at longest ICT thread* / *goes to make an extra-large bowl of popcorn* (@Aaeriele, OTT:106:11)

mad Randallville : see Randallville.

Megball : 1. Megan and Cueball (long-lived rival to the somewhat more common Cuegan)

I'm actually rather fond of "Megball"... although it sounds like an obscure sport of some kind. (@yappobiscuits, OTT:455:2)

There were lots of loop theories when Megball stopped to sit on a slope. (@RobIrr, OTT:490:34)

No comment on the cactuspalmthingy, Megball? Is it not even worth a "neat"? (@yappobiscuits, OTT:734:9)

Where do you think the Beanies are leading Megball to? (@AluisioASG, OTT:1116:9)

Did you notice … / … the relation between Megball? (@SilentTimer, OTT:2226:19)

2. The relationship between Megan and Cueball.

Also, Cueball should get his revenge on Megan by kissing her. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:790:23)  ⌇  So you're officially a Megball shipper then? (@yappobiscuits, OTT:791:26)

meowmolpy : A cat.

My meowmolpy (I forget who I'm stealing that from) used to want to drink out of the bathroom sink. (@lmjb1964, OTT:841:17)

Look out for WHAT, Cuey? WHAT?! / Bearmolpy? Giant meowmolpy? Velociraptormolpy? (@Earthling on Mars, OTT:887:0)

meowlpy : n. 1. A cat. (also meowpy, meowply)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to try to get this hat and mask onto my meowlpy... (@lmjb1964, OTT:875:8)

I loved the chirps, but they drove my meowlpy crazy. She couldn't figure out where the bird was. (@lmjb1964, OTT:1117:23)

2. A big cat, such as Lucky.

Hopefully the meowlpy wasn't rabid! Then all is doomed. I don't think they have the knowledge of vaccination. (@Goggalor, OTT:902:3)

Looks like he picked up some more meowpy defense ammo (= stones). (@mscha, OTT:968:18)

v. 1. Vaguely-defined verb used with down as a substitute for "molpy" (particularly if accompanied by a cat image).

Time for this Waiter, also, to molpy (meowlpy?) down. (@fhorn, OTT:1064:25)

I think I'm getting sick, so time to meowlpy down (@lmjb1964, OTT:1117:23)

MFFS : Molpy Food Funding Source. (see FFS and WOMFFS)

millinewpix : n. 1. An interval of time equal to 1/1000 os a newpix (q.v.) (also, millinewpic)

1 newpic is 60*60=3600 seconds / 1000/3600 = 5/18 = .2[77] millinewpix = 1 second (@SPACKlick, OTT:456:4)

THAT made me laugh out very, very loud forhalf a minute8 millinewpix! (@lassehp, OTT:532:8)

Currently at NewPix 6 with: 3 buckets, 4 active Newpixbots, and 1 trebuchet. 0.3 sand/milliNewPix. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1442:21)

I started by downloading the whole thing in both formats (full and printable) with a random delay of 3d7 millinewpix between page loads to prevent smashing the server [...] (@mrob27, OTT:1482:14)

According to the Wikipedia article, the seaish raftcastle Titanic was steaming at 22 knots kilocue per newpix3 [and] the forward portion was going at about 25-30 mph Megans per millinewpix when it reached the bottom. [...] / 3 "1 mph = 1 Megan per millinewpix" would be exact if Megan were 5.12 feet tall. (@mrob27, OTT:2009:9)

We already have a pretty good time units (knp = kilonewpix, np, mnp = millinewpix, etc), and distance units (kq = kilocue, q = cueball, etc.), and this would round it out quite OTTishly. (@mrob27, OTT:2114:11)

For convenience we'll [assume] that the acceleration/gravity is 9.80665 m/s2. For those keeping track, that's about 71.805 q/mnp2 (cueballs per millinewpix per millinewpix). (@mrob27, OTT:2119:19)

2. Any comparably short interval of time.

And now I can't not see it that way. I wonder how long until GLR starts sneaking some hidden illusions in... of course, we'd pick up on them in a millinewpic (@HES, OTT:607:39)

For a second millinewpix... I thought you were trying to quote Justin Bieber... (@kenmelken, OTT:786:2)

Oh. This one? / image / *counts tails* Wait a millinewpix...I don't think those are tails... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1559:25)

v. To offer support or endorsement for an idea that has been proposed by another.

Seconded! I mean fractionalmillinewpixed! (@Eternal Density, OTT:1705:0)

ggh is practically synonymous with wingish now (@HES, OTT:2018:9)  ⌇  wingghish? (@balthasar_s, OTT:2018:10)  ⌇  Millinewpixed. (@ZoomanSP, OTT:2019:20)

I really hope the hamply is fine after this attempt to go to space today: (@Sciscitor, OTT:2151:26)  ⌇  I millinewpix your hope. (@Sustainabilizer, OTT:2151:27)

minip : A minute.

EATA: Wait a minip! I'm pope! No wait; the papacy was disbanded. (@Angelastic, OTT:941:0)

Actually I only just afforded Bag Puns a few minips ago, now going for Big Splash (@Eternal Density, OTT:1498:12)

MINY : Mrob Is Nerdsniping You.

mip : 1. A month.

What would we call this 24 newpix unit of time? (@Latent22, OTT:553:31)  ⌇  xip = a collection of newpix, the word resembling "zip", like a zip-file, and it is "pix" backwards. (@azule, OTT:554:4)  ⌇  wip = week; / mip = month; / yip = year. (@azule, OTT:554:9)

Do different mips have different names or different lengths? (@Latent22, OTT:554:13)

It is certainly interesting to note that this social experiment nerd snipe comic has been going for over a month mip and a half. (@slinches, OTT:573:28)

An extension to the "xip" system has also been proposed for wip, mip and yip. Which I translate as "week in pictures", "month in pictures" and "year in pictures". (@mathrec, OTT:615:6)

Or that could be for a 3-mip (is that what an outsider month is called)? period ... (@ChronosDragon, OTT:632:30)

Well we do have 4 grandchildren, but they're all under 26 MIPS, so I'm a lot more likely to juggle them than be juggled by them :D (@BlueCrab, OTT:717:29)

And thankyou for the many mips of fabulous millinery! (@yappobiscuits, OTT:766:31)

2. A minute.

Yes, I was pouty for a minute mip (is that right?), but I got over it! (@buffygirl, OTT:674:25)

MJNH : Mrob Just Nerdsniped Himself.

MMONS : Massive Multiplayer Online Nerd Sniping. (In early usage, "MMPONS")

Randall does it again: massive nerd sniping (@PolakoVoador, OTT:4:8)  ⌇  May I suggest "MMPONS": Massive# MultiPlayer Online Nerd S#niping ? (@NotThatHatGuy, OTT:17:7)  ⌇  waking up with a "Massive Multiplayer Online Nerd Sniping" joke was awesome!! (@secchimribeiro, OTT:18:0)  ⌇  MMONS at it's greatest. Really. I can't quit this!! (@SWuh, OTT:18:2)

Ummm ... what's a MMONS? :oops: (@buffygirl, OTT:113:32)  ⌇  MMO Nerd Sniping. Started maybe 80 pages ago or so. I don't have the Time to find it right now... (@macraw83, OTT:113:37)  ⌇  Massive Multiplayer Online Nerd Sniping (@brenok, OTT:113:39)

mnp : millinewpix, a unit of time equal to 10-3 newpix, or 3.6 seconds.

1 newpic is 60*60=3600 seconds / 1000/3600 = 5/18 = .2[77] millinewpix = 1 second (@SPACKlick, OTT:456:4)

Mnp : meganewpix, a unit of time equal to 106 newpix, 106 hours or about 114.08 yips.

An outsider "Century" is 0.8554 meganewpix (@Neil_Boekend, OTT:644:36)

MOLD : Multiple of LEGO Discussion. An scourge on the OTT and threads everywhere Outside — MOLD does not discriminate.

Indeed. The MOLD* is taking over. ... / ... / *$(Multiple of "LEGO" Discussion)$ (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1563:8)

molp : v 1. To do what molpies do, specifically to cause minor pixel-changes.

Whatever that mound thingie on the right is, it doesn't molpa. / a: molp (verb): to cause slight pixel changes between frames. (@mscha, OTT:769:20)

I think Cueball rubbed off the molpiness, it can't molp anymore. And Cuegan just doesn't care. They really are stuck in the Uncanny Valley. (@thirds, OTT:842:23)  ⌇  Wait, no movement from the Hedgemolpy? / Cueball! You broke it!!!! (@pelrigg, OTT:843:31)

molparrow : A molpy sparrow.

Those chirps. They are small, indeed, but it is known that many feathered dinosaurs are quite small. Based on their relative size to Cuegan, I might suggest that it be a Molparrow. (@k.bookbinder, OTT:779:10)

molpasaurus : see molposaurus.

molpier : something warmer and fuzzier, and by extension, gooder, than the referent.

I have added the link to Kieryn's page which afterall is far molpier and was the inspiration for mine :smile: (@mrob27, OTT:1414:13)

molpigenesis : n The creation of molpies, or an act of creating molpies.

molpily : adv. (also molpishly) 1. An adjective of unclear or nonspecific reason, used in poetry.

Blitzily Molpily / Neologisticly / Momery Popery / Newpixing ONG (@Eoink, OTT:657:20)

Molpily campfirey / Needle pulled lunacy / M S C H A is / Pronounced Mscha (@Eoink, OTT:669:16)

2. In a manner like that of a molpy.

Buttery Molpily / Beautifully wingéd, the / Butterbeemolpyfly / Landed on plants. (@taixzo, OTT:864:17)

3. In a molpish (sense 2) manner: well, happily, etc.

... and they lived molpily ever after. (@jeffallen55, OTT:1275:9)

Use the Shoes of the High Timewalker molpishly! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1497:36)

That one was molpishly difficult! So many similar colors, all close together! (@ChronosDragon, OTT:1570:31)

I hope all your tests and procedures go molpishly. (@ucim, OTT:1709:4)

molpisaur : see molposaurus.

molpisaurus : see molposaurus.

molpish : adj. 1. of or resembling a molpy or molpies.

Perhaps I need to start hunting in the OTT again. Who looks Molpish? Hmm, I guess slinches will do. Heeeere, slinches... (@mscha, OTT:731:22)

Good catch! There's definitely something molpish going on. No idea what, it's something really ɛ. Maybe a gholpy? (@mscha, OTT:884:38)

There's something molpish going on just to the left of Cuegan. (@mscha, OTT:987:35)

And molpish activity like the death of Flutterbee happened outside of their perspective occasionally. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1434:30)

2. good, happy (or any generally positive connotation)

Let's molpy on forever! Molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1437:5)  ⌇  BlitzGirl you can add the adjective 'molpish' to your sig. If there is room. (@Eternal Density, OTT:1437:12)

This non-heretical clicking game is molpish! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1440:28)

molpishness : (or molpiness) 1. The qualities of a molpy.

Molpies need sustenance / for their mope-molpiness / I see them Eyeing the / little frog mounds. (@Valarya, OTT:661:31)

2. Goodness, i.e. anything desirabe or enjoyable.

Riding on that wave of molpishness, I present: / [list of revisions to Sandcastle Builder] (@Eternal Density, OTT:1583:1)

In commemoration of all this awefulsome molpishness, we changed our sig for a while, and include it here for those Blitzers of the future (@mrob27, OTT:1588:16)

I decided to do a quick ketchp. There was much molpishness, as always ... (@lmjb1964, OTT:1687:14)

... pretty soon you'll learn stuff and gain skills and get quite good at whatever it is you were hired for, and thus become useless to your employer. Meanwhile, enjoy the molpiness! (@ucim, OTT:1766:0)

Molpiversity : The Molpy equivalent of Hogwarts, or something. Unrelated to molpyverse.

I need to go to Molpiversity and take some remedial OTTish courses. (@mrob27, OTT:1425:22)

molpixel : 1. Pixel changes caused by molpies.

Hmm... mustard? (It's gone) (@AluisioASG, OTT:892:21)  ⌇  It must have been a mustardmolpy. :( Thankfully newpixbot saved the images (@BlitzGirl, OTT:892:30)  ⌇  Mɛlpy animation: / GIF image / It's moving down as well as left. / Balloon, landing? / Cory Doctorow? / Edit: never mind, I guess, since the GLR changed His mind. (@mscha, OTT:892:33)  ⌇  I ran my compare script over the past couple of dix, and beside the last two frames, also 2223 and 2224 have changed slightly. Nothing special, just a few molpixels. @mscha, OTT:893:21  ⌇  (diff: note in particular the red dot in the bushes to the left, causes by Lucky.)

Quick update from the Molpy Monitor... / The current scene has a little Molpyfly in the brush. Or maybe it's a Molpyberry falling down. image / The previous scene had nothing. / The scene before that had a little Molpypixel (as noticed by azule) which hung perfectly still for two frames, then disappeared. image (@mscha, OTT:666:20)  ⌇  Blitzreport 18, 693/1370 1691/1953 / [...] / Molpixel hunting (@balthasar_s, OTT:1953:38)

2. A molpy that is so small that its presence affects only a single pixel.

New othercomic with obvious ottification potential. (@svenman, OTT:2484:37)  ⌇  No takers? *grumble* Gotta do everything yourself around here... image / Title text: If you got linked here from the OTTsford Molpish Dictionary's entry for 'molpixel', hi there! How's the future? Pret\ty cool, I hear? (@svenman, OTT:2486:14)

molposaur : see molposaurus.

molposaurus : 1.a. A dinosaur, substantially larger than a human (as contrasted with molpy in its original sense which is smaller, see etymology at MOLPY). (See also the much earlier spelling molpysaur)

1.b. A dinosaur more generally, i.e. without any inherent implication of size.

(Also, molpasaurus, molpisaur, molpisaurus, molposaur, molpysaur, molpysaurus.)

[...] I immediately pictured a train of hamplyballs [...] I guess they could be built [...] [with] two concentric shells where the outer shell rolls like a hamplyball and the inner shell stays put (so the riders [...] could sit or stand at their choosing [...]) (@mrob27, OTT:2409:3)  ⌇  I think that has been done before... / image [from "Jurassic World" (2015 film), two riders in a Gyrisphere amidst a stampede of Ankylosaurs] / Molpies! / ETA fun fact: the word “Molposaurus” currently has 0 hits in Google. (@mscha, OTT:2409:4)  ⌇  Molposaurus looks funny to me. Shouldn't it be Molpasaurus? Or does "y" act like a vowel enough here to make Molpysaurus okay? (@slinches, OTT:2409:8)  ⌇  Although, instead of molpysaurus, shouldn't the original compy be used? (@Whizbang, OTT:2409:11)  ⌇  Molpysaurus is a junior synonym to compy, and should hence not be used. Molposaurus is a different genus (@ZoomanSP, OTT:2409:12)  ⌇  But isn't a Molposaurus is a dinosaur version of a molpy, which is itself a mole-compy hybrid. (@slinches, OTT:2409:13)  ⌇  How I see it: A molpy is an animalH that resembles (by looks, behaviour, or pixels) a compy, but is not necessarily closely related to it. A Molposaurus in turn is a dinosaur that resembles a molpy, but is not necessarily closely related to it. It probably is closer related to the compy than to the molpy. (@ZoomanSP, OTT:2409:15)  ⌇  Given that the first usage of molposaurus is accompanied by a picture clearly showing dinosaurs that are much larger than procompsognathus, the etymologist in me would (and I will) distinguish "molposaurus" from "molpy", with the former specifically referring to "bigger-than-human-sized" (and perhaps even rideable) dinosaurs. (@mrob27, OTT:2409:16)

molpy : n. 1. An unknown animal seen in frames of Time. (plural: molpies; rare: molpys, molpi)

Looks like there's a mole coming out of the ground (mustard?)! Notice the difference between frame 1349 and 1350 on the right side of the image. (@PacMan, OTT:621:7)  ⌇  [see NP621 citations for 'compy']  ⌇  So, what revealing thing is Megan going to mutter in her sleep when the compyraptormole (velocicompymole?) starts nibbling on her toes? (@jjjdavidson, OTT:621:35)  ⌇  This molpy is quite / riverish: one-twentieth / of a q high (@BlitzGirl, OTT:621:38)

no molpy activity, this newpix. (@mscha, OTT:622:7)

Oh sweet molpy, Why dost thou appear, whilst my deepest coma doth commence? (@Kieryn, OTT:622:33)

A molpy refers to the small moving creature from around newpix 1350. First it was called a mole, then it was called a compy, so the resulting portmanteau was molpy. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:633:14)

When a pack of crazed Molpy (Molpi?) are chasing you, any house on the prairie will do. (@fatness, OTT:651:35)

2. A notional type of food.

Cueball wrote: / I can haz Molpyburger? (@mscha, OTT:630:10)

3. A nickname.

I'm just going to call myself the Mopey Molpy Mome for this newpage. (p3357469)

4. More generally, a small furry animal.

We are rushing a news team to the site to find confirm the rumors that she was trying to follow a White Molpy in a waistcoat who was late for an important date. (@pelrigg, OTT:658:14)

adj. 1. Of or related to a molpy.

If only it was wearing a molpy hat, I might never use another smiley ever again. Who can make a molpy hat for this .gif? (@Valarya, OTT:624:17)

Even the molpy-minded adapt faster than a sparrow-raptor, absorbing new terms every newpix ... (@BlitzGirl, OTT:648:9)

molpy about : v. 1. To be in or around a place (real or virtual, e.g. a forum).

If this were Pangaea, I would expect to see some actual raptorsTM molpying about. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:761:15)

But while molping about xkcd I found a GLR-made comic that I missed. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1011:16)

To be fair, I was molpying about the OtherThreads long before the dawn of Time (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1365:7)

Don't worry, you'll soon be wowterfully molping about like a raptorcat in the needle-pulled thing with the treeishest of 'em! ;) (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1540:19)

I don't remember molping about making music in a river, either. I'm pretty sure I can't swim. (@HES, OTT:1692:8)

2. More generally, to live.

Ch*rping and birthing and then you toss them out / To fend for themselves and just molpy about (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1446:21)

So what'cha ya'll been up to? (@StratPlayer, OTT:1641:16)  ⌇  Oh, you know. Molpying about, fighting off 503's, wearing hats, the usual. (@HES, OTT:1641:18)

3. To move (in reference specifically to molpies)

Time for a mysterypix panning animation update. / ... / animated GIF / It's now a bit easier to see that there's plenty of molping about that we've missed. I'll go hunt some later (but not today) if nobody beats me to it. (p3509632)

4. To be awake.

Since ED is molpying about I should probably be acoma. Molpy down. (@HES, OTT:1896:8)

5. To be active, in addition to merely being present, alive, and/or awake.

AUTOMOME wrote: / TO MOLPY ABOUT OR NOT TO MOLPY ABOUT, THAT IS THE QUESTION (@mscha, OTT:1978:29)  ⌇  Interesting quandary, AUTOMOME. Pretty much all of Time depicts Cuegan molpying about in various fashions. And the third commandment, RUN, even calls for action. However, we have long heeded the first commandment, to Wait for it, which might be interpreted as a cessation of molpying. Obviously the thing to do is first Wait, and then while in the act of Waiting also molpy about. The OTT has done a rather treeish job of this. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1978:30)

I'm molpying about right now. / hamster dance GIF (@HES, OTT:1978:31)

molpy down : 1. Go to sleep, i.e. coma.

Time to coma! Molpy down... image (@yappobiscuits, OTT:945:24)

Wow yeah, that's four OTTers molpying down in less than half an NP... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1054:13)

I am thinking, for our MONOMOLPY: / ... / Hedgemolpy / Lucky / Castle / Beanie / Bag / Raft (from original sandcastle) / Bucket / ...bit stuck on the last piece. (@k.bookbinder, OTT:1219:15)  ⌇  A meowmolpy molpied down in a hat. (@rvloon, OTT:1219:20)

Molping on down now image (@jeffallen55, OTT:1303:11)

molpyflower : The fast-growing plant in frames 1425 and 1426.

That's a fast growing flower... frame difference image (Or a slow walking Cuegan...) (@mscha, OTT:656:14)  ⌇  Or the menacing claw of a molpy, excavating himself from the nest of his that their disturbing, flower-like limbs pulsating, demanding veangance! (@ergman, OTT:656:25)  ⌇  No new Molpy (or Molpyflower) activity. (@mscha, OTT:657:3)

Molpyland : 1. Grassy area of the Time world where the first molpies were spotted.

If Cuegan decides to settle down in Molpyland and get all domestic on us, I hope we get a scene change back to LaPetite. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:650:35)

The Molpyland War: / Battle of the Vinefence (@BlitzGirl, OTT:721:38)

2. A fantastical, molpilistic world inhabited by molpies and all things molpish.

Megan's fallen down a molpyhole and the rest of the OTC will be Megan's Adventures in Molpyland. (@yappobiscuits, OTT:788:28)

molpy molpy molpy ... grapevine grapevine : Meme origininating in imitation of the music video "Badgers" by MrWeebl

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom (@Someguy945, OTT:752:37)  ⌇  snake SNAKE! :) It's all related. (@Kieryn, OTT:752:38)  ⌇  Molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy molpy grapevine grapevine (@Angelastic, OTT:753:4)  ⌇  I couldn't resist. / Also, it's damn hard to say molpy molpy molpy over and over. Always kept devolving into molpy molpy mlopy moply blobly bobbyblobbylobblybloblflbl... Seriously. Try it. I had to do quite a few takes... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:757:14)

molpy on over : v. To move or go [someplace].

Yep, I was bored, so I molpied on over there. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1458:32)

I'M JUST GONNA MOLPY ON OVER. (was that already a thing?) (@azule, OTT:1953:9)

Let's molpy on over to the ??? thread to talk about it. (@ChronosDragon, OTT:2156:1)

molpysaur : A dinosaur. (This spelling predates the much later molposaurus q.v.)

PredictiONG: / image [with attachment filename "Molpysaur.png"] (@Whizbang, OTT:1014:18)  ⌇  ETA fun fact: the word “Molposaurus” currently has 0 hits in Google. (Not for long, I bet.) (@mscha, OTT:2409:4)  ⌇  [...] yes, molposaurus [and many alternate spellings] do seem to be pretty rare [but] Google finds this manip by @Whizbang whose original filename is "Molpysaur.png". (@mrob27, OTT:2409:16)

molpysaurus : see molposaurus.

molpy up : 1. To delurk.

I've been lurking for oh these many a hundred newpages. Finally compelled to pop up (molpy-like?) to say ... (@nerdsniped, OTT:660:33)  ⌇  Welcome, glad to see you molpy up and start posting! (@ucim, OTT:661:26)

2. A call to arms.

this OTTification of xkcd 673 (@BlitzGirl, OTT:942:38)  ⌇  I will most definitely start using "Molpy Up!" as often as I can, even in the OutsideH (@k.bookbinder, OTT:943:17)

What does "molpy up" even mean, I wonder... I can only think of this... :P image (@yappobiscuits, OTT:943:18)

ETA: Oh hello, Pope... just... carry on being awesomeful, everyone. Molpy up. (@yappobiscuits, OTT:959:2)

3. To wake up. (sometimes in ambiguous context blending this with the "call to arms" sense; this sense is symmetrical to "molpy down", the first use of which precedes this usage.)

Hola! / ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Good mornix all! Molpy up! (@k.bookbinder, OTT:946:5)

Good mornix everyone...oh, it is still nix in Time...well er...happy de'coma. Molpy up! (@k.bookbinder, OTT:959:34)

Anyway, time for me to molpy down. Hope Cueball molpy-ups soon... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:987:8)

When I molpied up this mornONG, could've sworn it was Judgement Dix. (@TomPace101, OTT:995:10)

Molpying up to the same NP I molpied down on... (@HES, OTT:1384:37)

Warning in spoiler. Don't judge me. :P OTTification of xkcd 471 (@azule, OTT:1543:24)  ⌇  Awesomeful, azule! I love HES molping up at the end there. Though I don't know who the red character is supposed to be... (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1543:27)

4. To make (something) more molpish.

Since we now have the new word "molpish" (inc. molpier, molpiest), would that also give "molpy up" a new second meaning - to make something more molpish? For example, "This thing is not lovable enough, I must molpy it up!" (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1457:6)

molpyverse : A universe inhabited by molpies.

I think I get the Rats of NIMH and the Mouse and the Motorcycle confused; I'd been thinking they were in the same molpyverse. (@Angelastic, OTT:782:18)

mome : (or pope) 1. (archaic) the notional leader of the OTT religion, elected by "cardinals" who have gained such status in various ways including self-declaration.

So the first Schism is underway. Who wants to be the pope? (@peewee_RotA, OTT:129:33)

Currently KarMann is in the leading for pope status. But anyone who fits the bill for epic weirdness is allowed to join into the running. (@peewee_RotA, OTT:136:2)

The votes have now been counted, we are proud to announce the annointment of the first timewaiter pope : Pope Helper the first. (@bigcrag92, OTT:201:32)

2. A rotating position.

So that a Pope can be present on the thread most of the time, perhaps we could have the Papacy rotating in shifts. (@KarMann, OTT:183:27)

Speaking as an outsider (to the religion, not an "Outsider"), since there hasn't been a female Pope, it's hard to tell. Would they be called a Mome? If a Mome and a Pope owned a shop, would it be a Mome and Pope shop? (@edo, OTT:288:10)

3. The author of the post that appears first on a particular Newpage.

On this, the Great Thirding Page of Time, I tilt my tri-pointy hat and wave to all Devoutees, after such a long Wait (@thirds, OTT:332:36)

I suggest that he who writes the first post in each newpage will be proclaimed Pope for the period on that newpage. All through the page he/she will be referred to as "Pope BlitzGirl" (in example), and the title will also be kept as long as you directly quote a pope's post in a page when they are Pope. (@Eliram, OTT:342:8)

ETA: W00t! I'm POPE now, y'all! (@histrion, OTT:342:34)

I suggest a clarification to the Pope-for-a-page rule in that the new Pope is the first one whose post actually appears on the newpage (if posts beforehand are added [from new users] or deleted, the title doesn't change hands) that is not purely for the purpose of becoming temporary Pope (to prevent a glut of nigh-empty posts). (@HAL9000, OTT:344:35)

4. The first post on a particuar Newpage. (Note the list of Pagepopes and Decrees on the OTW.)

Discrepancies can also be seen. I thought this is the Pope of Newpage 352, whereas BlitzGirl decided it was the post 2 messages earlier. (@mrob27, OTT:2050:4)

mountainish : 1. Like a mountain.

Panorama Update. I start this leg from the snake detour. image (@azule, OTT:866:34)  ⌇  Definitely looking mountainish. (@moody7277, OTT:866:36)

That rabtor looks riverish now. Maybe it's a baby? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1619:24)  ⌇  Maybe it's just farther away? (@HES, OTT:1619:27)  ⌇  "Ok Cueball, one last time: These molpies are RIVERISH. But the ones out there, are MOUNTAINISH. Riverish... Mountainish." (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1620:4)

2. Farther away than [something] looked (from frame 1718). Compare duneish, dunejumpish, hillish.

Alright, so Hillish = Oof... not to be confused with Duneish (bigger than they looked) or Mountainish (Further away than they looked). (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1687:10)

3. Bigger than [something] looked.

And went up a mountainish* mountain... *Bigger than it looked (@yappobiscuits, OTT:1819:15)

mq : millicue, a unit of length equal to 10-3 cueball, or 1.77 mm.

Time flew fast enough and far enough that normal phenomena making the sea gradually rise at normal millicue per hectokilonewpix rates became visible to them. (@Rule110, OTT:704:24)

Mq : megacue, a unit of length equal to 106 cueballs, or 1770 km.

On the Outside, [I am] beginning a road-trip about 1800 km (almost 1 megaCueball!) down to my father's house. (@mrob27, OTT:1556:15)

mr*bdex : The index at, which cross-references the OTT to time (measured in newpix, including the frames of Time) and shows instances of "newwords" with links to the post where a word first appeared.

I'm a little worried: the mrobdex hasn't detected any newwordification since newpage 1575 (wavepix). (@Eternal Density, OTT:1606:1)

Now I want to get "mrobdex" in the mrobdex. :P (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1606:8)

Does talking about trying to get "mrobdex" in the mrobdex mean that we're invalidating the integrity of the mrobdex? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:1606:10)  ⌇  1st rule of the mrobdex: don't talk about the mrobdex (@Eternal Density, OTT:1606:12)

(I chose to refer to it as "the mr*bdex" so as to not over-inflate the ranking of the newword "mrobdex" in the (imagined but nonexistent) "most popular newwords" statistics. Regarding this practice, the result was that bdex also became a newword. Oops.)

I sometimes mistype raftcastle so it becomes "castraftle". ... I wanted to see from the mr*bdex when I did it for the first time. (@balthasar_s, OTT:2203:2)

mrobdex : See mr*bdex.

mrobdex message : A puzzle.

mrobolpies : @mrob27's minions. They're a little molpier than the average molpy, very cute, and fiendishly useful.

Mrorl : 1. n. A character in the bOTTeriada stories by @mrob27.

How Time Was Saved / One day Mrorl the great bOTTifactor put together a machine that could grant any wish having a single parameter N. [...] (@mrob27, OTT:1701:20)

Mrorl confirms that the safeword was hidden, just to keep it safe. / I tried to explain to Mrorl that a safeword should not be quite so secret, if it is to fulfill its purpose. / Mrorl said he would work on a safewordbot to aid with this in the future. [...] (@mrob27, OTT:2034:10)

mrob27 meets Morobu. / mrob27, Morobu, Timborme, Mrorl. How many of you are there? (@balthasar_s, OTT:2097:30)

Here are the established images of Trurl and Klapaucius: [...] / They are thinkers and creators, and bots who make machines, and their appearance is similar to how I imagine Mrorl and Balthacarius. (@mrob27, OTT:2203:14)

2. v. A verb of unspecified meaning originally appearing in neural network and automeme output.

Engwrand kist the for you the o outilire cast fegi! I cwass and yot, " Mrorling or wurke. / [...] / I'd love to know what Mrorling is :D (@mrob27, OTT:2419:7)  ⌇  Isn't it what Mrorls usually do? (@balthasar_s, OTT:2419:14)  ⌇  Presumably. I've added the verb to automeme and am waiting for it to appear in my subject linea and ONGs, so I can see it in context. (@mrob27, OTT:2419:15)


KEEP CALM AND MRORL ON (automeme via @mscha, OTT:2488:18)  ⌇  How exactly does one mrorl? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2488:19)

MRW : My Reaction When (seen in other threads)

MSPA : MS Paint Adventures, an otherothercomic that is the inspiration for the style of BSTA.

MSW : Medium-Sized Wolpy (usu. specifically in reference to @SBN's pets)

MSWFP was successfully retrieved. I took middle-sized wolpy with me to the airport, and she leaned on him adoringly all the way home.  ⌇  Aw, glad you and MSW got MSWFP back, SBN. (@ggh, OTT:1947:35)

Todip is Black Wolpy Dip. LW and MSW are available for your admiration, adoration and appreciation. (@SBN, OTT:2118:7)

MSW is on her way here! (With Favorite Person, of course!) (@SBN, OTT:2266:21)

MSWFP Middle-Sized Wolpy's Favorite Person

But it gives me a chance to ask for help. I have a newly acquired Windows 8.1 laptop for middle-sized wolpy's favorite person. (@SBN, OTT:1908:32)  ⌇  Indeed, it works on 8.1. I missed that part of SBN's post, but ClassicShell will do exactly what MSWFP needs. (@HES, OTT:1908:37)

(see MSW for additional examples)

MTA : 1. Mobile Time Accessor (i.e., a mobile phone with internet capability).

If I didn't have psu mustard on my STA and boot sector mustard on my RTA, I'd be mean and change a pixel or two. Not happening on my MTA. (@HES, OTT:1966:32)

As for not following the decree earlier - sorry my MTA is not really up for doing anything significant on it. It took me most of the journey home just to type out that post! (@jimbobmacdoodle, OTT:1972:10)

Another one I noticed June Bug use earlier is MTA (Mobile Time Accessor), used since NP1966. (@HES, OTT:1979:24)

Power is out all over the county and I'm writing from a quickly dying MTA. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2053:6)

I will soon be travelling to Europe, [...] I have to get ready for using an MTA (iPad specifically) so I'm doing some tests. (@mrob27, OTT:2067:32)

I am on MTA android/chrome, IRC works, video does not. FFS TA is blocked from both. (@Sciscitor, OTT:2230:24)

It's hard typing on my MTA, so I'm going to keep this briefha. (@Febrion, OTT:2389:37)

2. Medium Time Accessor. See Time Accessor.

It does contain my STA (that's Seaish TimeAccessor; See also MTA and RTA) and therefore all my OTTifications, redundantly on a couple of drives. (@HES, OTT:1980:2)

3. other "M--- Time Accessor" acronyms, invented for humorous effect.

Thanks for the excellent blitzreport, Marsh'n (it was Marsh'n, right? So bard to post from an MTA (mini time accessor, for any recent debasementees), and thanks for throwing that first post forward. (@lmjb1964, OTT:2170:20)  ⌇  Mobile Tme Accessor, ni ni ni ni molpycubra ping pong vine. (@HES, OTT:2170:23)  ⌇  Oh, yeah, that's what I meant.I thought"mini" sounded funny. I blame the micromolpies. (@lmjb1964, OTT:2170:29)

Not in the basement, I've been reading but mostly on my MTA (Miserable Time Accessor) so haven't replied to stuff. (@lmjb1964, OTT:2172:36)

Here's an almost ketchup post, replying to some things I read on my MTA (M*stard Time Accessor) and couldn't respond to at the Time. (@lmjb1964, OTT:2189:34)

There are awesomeful things I didn't comment on when ketchupping on my MTA (Measly Time Accessor). (@lmjb1964, OTT:2206:30)

mustard : n. 1. Dark-gray pixels barely visible in the original version of frame 1397 (later fixed).

what the... newpix is strange (@Opiboble, OTT:478:10)  ⌇  GREYONG / image / what is this?  ⌇  What the fudge is up with that grey bit on top? (@Latent22, OTT:478:12)  ⌇  Maybe they are walking on gray-poupon mustard. (@Opiboble, OTT:478:13)  ⌇  I think I smell a Transitioning. Or it could be mustard gas. / EDIT: Holy fuck. I didn't see Opi's post before I posted this. 0_0. (@Helper, OTT:478:14)

Ok I think I know what they are. When he was gimping/photshoping the image [...] he accidentally used a grey mustard colour selection [...] [and used] the fill tool [...] (@Latent22, OTT:478:35)

The mustard is gone. (@tman2nd, OTT:481:9)  ⌇  But, there are lines of underground mustard... I am uncertain what this means. (@vvn, OTT:481:11)

Cuegan appears to be moving, but the mustard remains the same! It distracts from the narrative of the One True Comic! / Clearly, the mustard is heretical. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:482:5)

2. Something that is no longer mentioned. (As in Orwell's 1984)

Mustard? Gray? What are you talking about? Those frames have always liked that way. You're not implying that the GRL actually made a mistake and then went back and corrected it, are you? (@Febrion, OTT:485:2)

the mustard period has been removed from Time and therefore never happened. (@Smithers, OTT:535:2)  ⌇  So, the Mustard Halucination Period? (@Exodies, OTT:537:0)

3. More generally, an error or mistake (in an act or work).

I think it is clear that low expectations should be set of any game based around the OTC. [...] The most that should be aimed for is something simple, fun, humorous, respectful and of course non-heretical5. / [...] / 5 No mustard. (@Kieryn, OTT:569:9)

Looks like there's a mole coming out of the ground (mustard?)! Notice the difference between frame 1349 and 1350 on the right side of the image. (@PacMan, OTT:621:7)

Wait until you find a glitch mustard. (@AluisioASG, OTT:782:28)

4. An insulting name for a person.

OMR, they killed Cueball! (@mscha, OTT:621:16)  ⌇  You mustards! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:621:17)

She must have idolized me, nasty mustard that I was. (@charlie_grumbles, OTT:746:16)

5. A thing that is challenging, or hard to get right.

Yeah, these are tricky little mustards, harder than limericks. (@jjjdavidson, OTT:658:38)

6. A false belief.

Megan: We haven't learned why the sea rose. / Cueball: But maybe we were never going to. (frame 1601)  ⌇  Cueball, that's mustard and you know it. :roll: (@BlitzGirl, OTT:710:27)

7. Generally difficult and adverse conditions.

hacking up the OTT might mean hacking up our generally good-natured community, and we'd end up like the Other poor souls wandering amid the lonely threads in the Individual (Other)Comics Section. That's a fate worse than mustard. (@BlitzGirl, OTT:749:32)

Coma well, fellow waiters; may your mustard stay safely in jars. (@jjjdavidson, OTT:893:20)

v. 1. To cause (something) to have a flaw or error.

edit - Ninja comment got mustard'd (@Flotter, OTT:482:4) (NOTE: The usage in this example is unclear.)

Maybe if The danes and the dutch named their countries anything like the name of the people /languages they speak, the it'd be easier. (@Dracomax, OTT:641:11)  ⌇  But we did. (Nederland/Nederlands/Nederlanders.) It's the English – not the Americans, for a change – that screwed mustarded it up. (@mscha, OTT:641:17)

2. To diminish the quality or value of something.

A high BG number means you get quoted down a long chain, which ultimately gets quoted by BG. A high BG number is therefore the rarer case and could be thought of as more prestigious. (Edit: Well done lmjb1964!) (@Kieryn, OTT:690:28)  ⌇  So, I could seriously mustard some people up by quoting them directly? (@BlitzGirl, OTT:692:30)

adj. Containing mustard, or having the qualities of mustard.

Also someone needs to upload all the mustard frames for posterity! (@Latent22, OTT:482:33)

in particular, the "mustard" frames revealed that Randall was modifying a base drawing. (@jjjdavidson, OTT:525:2)

interj. An expression of displeasure.

Well, mustard. The complainers have forced Vytron to blitz in silence! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:620:37)

mustardbusting : n. (and v.) 1. Efforts to combat mustard.

And it's in your job title, isn't it? You're the Specjalist. Apparently the duties of a Specjalist include mustardbusting. (@BlitzGirl OTT:2595:2)

2. An unintentional euphemism. (Related to the "ceiling cat" and "domo kitten" memes, which you may Google at your own risk.)

I very, very misread that :oops: (@HES, OTT:2595:4)  ⌇  *tries to figure out just how the hamply read it* (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2595:5)  ⌇  Ah, I think I figured out the "misread." Ew! (@BlitzGirl, OTT:2595:9)  ⌇  ETA: Just realized what made BlitzGirl go "Ew." Embarrassed it took me so long. (@ggh, OTT:2595:11)  ⌇  ROFL / Oh god, I just looked at your avatar. I am crying. (@ggh, OTT:2595:14) (referencing this avatar image)  ⌇  ??? (@balthasar_s, OTT:2595:17)  ⌇  I'm embarrassed it didn't take me longer, I got it almost immediately after seeing the hamply's post... (@macraw83, OTT:2595:18)  ⌇  ! wow, / it's big! (@balthasar_s, OTT:2595:22)  ⌇  Thank you for pointing this out, I may never look at a soldering iron the same way again. / It does make his expression much funnier though. (@GnomeAnne, OTT:2595:25)

mustardy : Like mustard (usually in the more general senses)

Re: prehistoric Molpies: hmm, the Molpy Monitor may need to go back some time and see what it can identify. Not for a while though. (Mustardy Outside... :( (@mscha, OTT:692:9)

ETA: ɪᴛ ʟᴏᴏᴋꜱ ᴀꜱ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜ ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴘᴀɢᴇ ᴘᴏᴘᴇ. ɪɴ ᴅᴇꜰɪᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀᴇᴠɪᴏᴜꜱ ᴘᴀᴘᴀʟ ᴅᴇᴄʀᴇᴇ, ɪ ᴅᴇᴄʀᴇᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴄᴀᴘꜱ ᴘᴏꜱᴛɪɴɢ. ʙᴜᴛ ɪɴ ꜱɪᴢᴇ 70 ꜰᴏɴᴛꜱ, ꜱᴏ ᴀꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴏ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛ, ʙᴜᴛ ɪɴꜱᴛᴇᴀᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴡʜɪꜱᴘᴇʀ ʟᴏᴜᴅʟʏ. :mrgreen: / ᴏʙᴇʏ ᴏʀ ɴᴏᴛ, 'ᴛɪꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄʜᴏɪᴄᴇ. (@k.bookbinder, OTT:870:0)  ⌇  Edit: Despite my rejection of the PFAN, I must admit that the convention established here works very well for a ʟᴏᴜᴅ ᴡʜɪꜱᴘᴇʀ! (@jovialbard, OTT:870:34)  ⌇  Yes, for a few words. Not for entire m*stardy posts! (@mscha, OTT:870:35)

MYQM : Marrying Yappo Queue Mob

Can I join the MYQM?? / ... / ?Marrying Yappo Queue Mob (@Angelastic, OTT:960:12) (the 'Queue Mob' part is a reference to @buffygirl's 'hat queue mob', see phqmm)

Mystery : In the OTT's ecclesiastical calendar, a 28-dip period (one Orthodix OTTish mip) beginning on the Outsider dip called "the 2nd of December".

mysteryONG : Early name for SilentONG, before it was revealed that the images came from @SilentTimer.

Okay, there's more than three. I think the mysteryONGs are safe from superraptors. (@slinches, OTT:1635:8)

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