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Log of Recent Changes to Educational Material Related to Personal Growth  

As of June 2008, development of my educational material through ongoing conversations with other people, had reached the point where I could no longer remember who has read what, and when.

Therefore, I instituted this "blog", really more of an editor's major-change log, so that readers can keep up to date on what has been changed, added or improved. It is in reverse chronological order (recentmost first) so you can check it like a blog. Contact me with suggestions and other feedback.

2015 Jan 7

MCV14 (Enfranchise Each Level) : Add new items to the team strengths/weaknesses section.

Team Disease : Tell where list of team diseases can be found.

2014 Nov 29

Priorities : add Roles and Methods as bottom level of the hierarchy.

2014 Nov 28

Manipulator : add several examples and "No Way To Distinguish" section.

2012 Jul 24

MCV12 (Hold Core Values and Standards to the Hierarchy of Purpose) : changed title (old title was Be Attentive To Core Values and Uphold Standards) and add a major section explaining that core values and standards must be subservient to your mission or purpose. Commitment and priorities now link to this.

2012 Mar 10

Commitment : Add comic and link to Confidence.

Dedication : Link to Ownership.

Expectation : Link to Commitment.

Empowerment : Slight expansion, and link to Gaining Trust.

Gaining Trust : add table of contents and links to related topics.

MCV07 (Be Unconditional): Clarify distinction between unconditional trust and earned trust.

Ownership : Link to Commitment.

Promotion : Link to Trust and Gaining Trust.

Add article on Confidence.

Add Flowster article (related to the psychology of commitment and choice).

Add article on Trust; link to it from MCV05 and several other pages.

2011 Apr 12

Collectivism : Clarify the individual assessment section; add "legacy icon" at end.

2011 Jan 16

Human Archetypes : Add a note about the colors used in the table.

2011 Jan 12

MCV12 and Standards : link to the "Standards are Not Rules" discussion on my core values page.

2010 Dec 17

MCV12 (Be Attentive To Core Values and Uphold Standards) : Enhance distinction between the near-synonyms "core value" and "standard"; expand description of ethics vs. manipulation.

2010 Nov 13

Link Integrity to the relevant section of Priorities.

Slight changes to Priorities and Success.

2010 Nov 12

Add Standards with an extensive description of standards auditing and selection.

Add Mission, Purpose and Success.

MCV12 (Be Attentive To Core Values and Uphold Standards) : Add "essential" section, a new team attribute/weakness pair mcv12d, sub-headings, and links to the newly-created articles.

Priorities : now links to the newly-created articles.

2010 Nov 9

Team : Link to task vs. relationship archetype attribute to clarify the gender distinction.

2010 Jul 25

Human Archetypes : Add a brief description of "ready, fire, aim".

2010 Jul 6

MCV08 A few additions and clarifications in the two Iterated Awareness exercises.

2010 May 6

Team : link to belief systems;

Summary page Important Psychology and Sociology for Men : now links to several more articles.

2010 May 5

Human Archetypes : add sections on the historical origin of "gender bias" in the archetypes, and a table linking archetypal functions to areas of the brain.

2010 Apr 22

Human Archetypes : Significant improvements to the periodic table; and begin integrating the new feminine archetype names into the main text.

2010 Apr 17

Human Archetypes : expand the description of the Crone shadows. Most of the feminine shadows have been given tentative names in the periodic table.

2010 Mar 13

MCV04 (Study and Grow From Your History) : now refers to strengths and passions.

2010 Mar 11

Add an article on commitment to my general blog.

2010 Jan 29

Lyons-pearls : add Old Guys Ask for Help

2010 Jan 14

Lyons-pearls : add What Is This Man Hungry For?

2009 Nov 15

Add Decision (still fairly incomplete)

2009 Nov 14

Add Belief System and link to it from Team Disease. Add illustrative Dilbert cartoons to Gaining Trust.

2009 Nov 12

Priorities : Add an appropriate Dilbert cartoon and link to MCV03.

2009 Nov 9

Gaining Trust : Add examples and illustrations using barter, money and investment as concrete examples of the types of trust and how trust affects people's ability to interact.

Link to Reality from Human Archetypes.

Marriage Initiation Ritual : Elaborate a bit on the celebrant note linking the archetypes to the levels of reality.

2009 Oct 14

Human Archetypes : Add a section on teachers and teaching.

2009 Sep 21

Add Lodge metaphor.

2009 Jul 23

Add "definition of insanity" quote to expectation.

2009 Jun 12

MCV12 (Be Attentive To Core Values and Uphold Standards) : Add links to some examples of core values.

Link Management and Membership Management to each other with text explaining the difference.

Add Modeling with material formerly in Miscellaneous.

2009 Jun 10

MCV03 (Everything That Depends on You Depends on Your Well-Being) : Add text linking to empowerment, priorities ownership, and responsibility.

MCV05 (Contribute to Each Level) : Add more detailed citations of anthropological work underlying the group size numbers.

MCV08 (Listen — Be Clear on What's Needed) : Link to here, purpose and priorities.

MCV09 (Ask Powerful Questions) : Link to Magician.

MCV13 (Cite No Authority Higher Than Your Own) : Add text relating to ownership and responsibility.

MCV14 (Enfranchise Each Level) : Add text relating to ownership and responsibility.

Accountability : Add text relating to commitment, expectation, ownership, and responsibility.

Human Archetypes : Distinguish elemental from generic archetypes; add more detail on the eight shadows of the feminine archetypes. Link to MCV09. Rework and expand the bibliography.

Listening links to MCV08.

Ownership links to MCV03.

Add Trust (currently just a link to [Gaining Trust|+gaining-trust]).

2009 Jun 8

Archetypes : Add more about Jung's original system and reasons for having four archetypes; add distinction of masculine vs. feminine differentiation of shadows.

2009 Jun 2

Membership Management links to MCV14.

2009 May 27

Add Responsibility, Empowerment and Expectation; expand Ownership.

2009 May 25

Add Ownership; add a relevant paragraph to MCV13.

2009 May 21

Add lots of links to the Commitment page.

2009 Feb 12

Add Goals and Integrity, with several links to and from other pages.

2009 Feb 11

Human Archetypes : add descriptions of eight male shadows.

2009 Feb 8

Add a note in Commitment about its memetic use in manipulation.

Some rearragement of the Dilbert illustrations.

2008 Dec 16

Add Emotion, with links from Human Archetypes, charisma, MCV01, MCV08, Initiation and wedding.

Add Reality, with links from MCV02, MCV08, emotion and wedding.

Initiation : Add strong emotion as a 4th criterion, elaborate the section on artifacture and add clarifications on use of the word "sacred".

2008 Dec 14

Add Initiation; Human Archetypes, Team and Toy Story now link to it.

Add Artifacture (my first intentional corruption of the English language! :-) Someone help me find a better word.)

2008 Dec 5

Add note in Management referencing perfectionism.

2008 Dec 2

Add Deadline.

2008 Nov 24

MCV03 (Everything That Depends on You Depends on Your Well-Being): Add Dilbert mashup and link to Management.

2008 Nov 23

Add Management, and reference it from Priorities and MCV14.

MDI G&E Pearls of Wisdom : Add "Are You Committed to the Worker or to the Results?".

2008 Nov 18

Add Rundown and Team disease.

2008 Nov 14

Team : Make the list more complete.

MDI G&E Pearls of Wisdom : Add proposed "Momentum Creates Courage" and footnote about alligator mythology

2008 Nov 13

MDI G&E Pearls of Wisdom : Add proposed "There Is More Than One Right Way!" and "Runnin' from a Gator, or Runnin' from a Catfish?"

MCV14 : Minor formatting changes.

Promotion : Small note about trust and warrior.

2008 Nov 11

Add Hiding Out.

2008 Oct 25

Priorities : reference Stephen Covey's Seven Habits.

2008 Oct 24

Accountability : Reference Myth of Task Commitment and Priorities topic; add links to Promotion.

Add Priorities — an important and often political topic.

MCV02 (Know and Serve Your Purpose) : add mention of free choice and knowability issues; reference Priorities.

Produce Market Standards moved to their own page. dd Commitment, Integrity, Purpose, Standards glossary entries (all are just stubs for now).

2008 Oct 23

MCV08 (Listen — Be Clear on What's Needed) : In Golden and Platinum Rules, add note about honoring the differences between yourself and others.

2008 Sep 29

Add Code of Honor.

Team : Add note about gender bias.

2008 Sep 23

Add Team Marriage. This page discusses the use of a team to prepare for marriage.

Add Team and Organization. These are the beginning of what will probably become a large, general-purpose glossary for terms that have not yet gotten their own page.

2008 Sep 10

Wedding Syllabus : Add Introduction and Background sections, lists of music selections and a few notes about the music; made archetype readings less assertive; sample words for reading, notes about food, and several other minor changes and additions. All of this brings it into line with the actual wedding ceremony as executed.

2008 July 30

Promotion : Add "Quick Introduction (Elevator Talk)" to "Coaching the Promotion Coach" section.

2008 July 11

MCV08 (Listen — Be Clear on What's Needed): Reorder to follow progression of social levels.

2008 July 10

MCV02 (Know and Serve Your Purpose): Add greatness and passion distinction; other changes to make the whole more coherent (the style still needs work).

MCV14 (Enfranchise Each Level): Add explanation of why training programs begin with individual-oriented material, then proceed to relationship, then to team, etc.

2008 July 9

MCV01 (Live a Mature Masculine Life): Add A Note to Women with references to Women's Discovery Weekend, FOW Core Values, SWW, relevant books, and a note on "team".

MCV05 (Contribute To Each Level): Minor clarifications.

MCV08 (Listen — Be Clear on What's Needed): Add section Zen Awareness of Others.

The Human Archetypes : Reorganization and some rewriting of the section on feminine archetypes; add book Maiden, Mother, Crone to bibliography.

2008 July 5

Wedding Syllabus : Add most of the traditional ceremony elements and the reception.

2008 July 2

Promotion : Converted Shadows section text to a table.

The Human Archetypes : In Archetypes by Aspect, converted text to a table. Add link to Wedding Syllabus.

SF Abbreviations : Add several more entries concerning teams, divisions, regions, and Legacy Discovery time slices and instances; re-ordered a bit.

Wedding Syllabus : Add notes at beginning about customization and referral to our celebrant.

2008 June 27

Promotion, Know Your Style: Add clarifications (choice should have been consequential; it doesn't matter whether or not you are "still glad" you did it).

2008 June 18

Promotion : Add The Great Secret.

2008 June 15

MCV13 (Cite No Authority Higher Than Your Own): Add comparison of "chain of command" to "chain of communication and accountability"

2008 June 14

Add My Men.

2008 June 12

Add The Munafo Call. The URL is semi-private; contact me if interested.

Promotion : Add time estimates for guided exercise.

2008 June 11

There is a new page, Split Merge Paradigm, but there's almost no content. If it seems to interest you, let me know.

2008 June 10

Archetypes : Add distinction between proper-named and generic archetypes; give examples of each and link to promotion (which illustrates a practical application of archetypes).

Promotion :

    Know Your Style: More improvements to the guided discovery process.

    If You Wish to Improve...: Add solicitation for individual input.

    Pitfalls...: Add reference to the King archetype.

    Coaching the Promotion Coach: Account for coaches who know more (or less) of this wisdom than those they are coaching.

Split-Merge Paradigm : A new page describing a technique to exchange a large amount of information between people from recognizable subcommunities quickly and efficiently.

Code of Honor : Add list item numbers.

2008 June 9

MCV index :

    Core Values are Not Rules: Changed commitment to overcommitment.

    Add to-do note for link to an (as-yet-unwritten) article on beingness and awareness

MCV07 (Be Unconditional): Begin process of adding a few more desirable manifestations of unconditionality (as yet incomplete — I suspect there is a way to express all eight in terms of a smaller number of differently-stated manifestations).

MCV13 (Cite No Authority Higher Than Your Own): Extended description of how this standard incorporates Speak Personally; add paragraph comparing MCV13 to Code of Honor point 12.

MCV15 (Be an Example To Everyone): Deprecated emphasis of wording-choice topic (concerning non-use of "good") by moving it to the end.

Promotion : Add much more detailed syllabus material for the guided discovery exercise in Know Your Style.

Toy Story : Minor rewrite of Abstract.

2008 June 7

Add MDI page, a simple link-list to track all the websites of the group that evolved out of the Sterling Men's Division in 2000. An effort is made to document the currency (or lack of such) for each but no other information is supplied. The URL will remain as constant as my domain (created in 1999), so you can check this page to learn of any new MDI websites if/when they appear.

Also add this page to list other men's groups.

2008 June 7 was the beginning of the first ongoing conversation with another person concerning development of my educational material. Therefore the information below, concerning earlier changes, is incomplete.

2008 May 29

Gay Men Syllabus : Add speaking protocol step, Lover archetype section, a few more outline steps

2008 May 23

Archetypes : Update link to Robert Moore website.


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