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Be a Three-Dimensional Man

This is the 5th point of the Code of Honor shown below. The three dimensions are dimensions of character:

It is implied that to be "three-dimensional" one should exhibit these three qualities in roughly equal proportion, or at the very least, you should have equal potential in all three areas. It is of course necessary to adjust to what is needed in a situation. One often-overlooked failing in being three-dimensional is letting one attribute conceal the others: perhaps feeling all three inside but expressing only one.

This point of the Code of Honor is also discussed here.


The original early 1990s wording "Be a Three-Dimensional Man" had been changed (by 2011 or earlier) to "Be Three Dimensional". The three dimensions were expressed more concisely by the words resolve, compassion, and humor. I have not seen any particular attention drawn to the removal of man, but the tenet is not diluted by such omission and it perhaps enables a broader audience given diversity of gender identity. See my description on these matters on the archetypes page.

Some variants change the number of dimensions to four, and describe the four masculine archetypes of the Warrior, Lover, Magician, and King (see for example the MDI article).

The Code of Honor

The Code of Honor is a cultural artifact of the early Sterling men's community. It represents a large part of the unspoken code of conduct inherently present within all men:

1. Commitment Before Ego
2. Honor the Truth
3. Respect Confidentiality
4. Keep Your Word
5. Be a Three*-Dimensional Man
6. Be Prepared
7. Defend Humanity
8. Always Be Faithful to the Men
9. Defend the Code
10. Never Engage in Battles With Weaker Opponents
11. Fight Only Honorable Battles
12. Earn and Honor Rank
13. Be Humble
14. Embrace All Men
15. Be an Example to Children

* three dimensional : see above.

There is an extensive commentary on each of these 15 points here: The Ark of the Code.


The International Community Service Day Foundation was created by the early Men's and Women's communities of Sterling graduates. This family-oriented cumminity service organization was focused mainly on projects such as building a playground at a school, an activity that typically took a few hundred people on two days plus several dozen over a few months leading up to the event, all volunteers.

The website of the (now-dissolved) organization was

Here is the ICSD Mission Statement and Creed:

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to rekindle the spirit of service so that communities will rebuild themselves. We believe that relationship, family, and community arethe cornerstones of a healthy and vital society. We value each person's contribution to the community,the power of commitment to a higher purpose, hands-on involvement, and the legacy we leave to our children. We do this by creating neighborhood projects around which people can rally.We serve children, community organizations, and the community at large.

ICSD Creed

We believe everyone is part of the community and has something valuable to contribute.

We believe everyone is responsible for the children.

We believe relationship is the forgotten solution and our priority.

We believe there are differences between men and women, which we honor value and respect.

We believe in men and women working together, in partnership.

We believe in a balance between relationship and task.

We believe in having fun!

We believe in the barn-raising spirit.

We believe the team is greater than the sum of the individuals.

We believe working together produces community.

We believe context is the most powerful tool we have.

We believe there is an innate goodness in people which we trust.

We believe a higher purpose will transcend difficulties between people.

We believe we all have something to learn, and something to teach.

We believe in the global community.

We believe in miracles.

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