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A second-order embedded Julia set
A second-order embedded Julia set

This is a picture from the Mandelbrot Set, one of the most well-known fractal images in the world. (Click it for a larger version). The Mandelbrot Set is one of my hobbies, and I have collected a large amount of information about it. To organize that information I have created Mu-Ency, a large collection of text files linked to each other.

Here are some entries from Mu-Ency:

More Pictures:

Some entries with pictures of parts of the Mandelbrot Set are: R2, Cusp, Embedded Julia set, 2-fold Embedded Julia set, 4-fold Embedded Julia set, Paramecia, R2.C(0), R2.C(1/3), R2.1/2.C(1/2), R2t series, Seahorse Valley, Delta Hausdorff Dimension, Exponential Map, Color, Representation Function, Reverse Bifurcation.

You can also look up specific terms in the index.

Coordinates of the image above:

Center: -1.769 110 375 463 767 385 + 0.009 020 388 228 023 440 i

Width (and height): 0.000 000 000 000 000 160

Algorithm: distance estimator

Iterations: 10000

An ASCII art Mandelbrot set: vL , '*m-` -m/**\a, ... _,/#, ]),., ., '#F-.F~*^' '`'*~*eae/: . -__/* '`_* )_. ic,_ ./- T\a 7F*-~~*a, /` dL \_,\F^ '\` .*` .,___\____._/*^* R2a .m~ ` ' :*r(, . ~e ` -\r._____/`L @e _-**^)~*' ]c .^_ -~ ` .)L_, _-`' .]F_.,, ,.-e_@, -*#^ *~*v- '-/-~* '`]- d@,,..(, ^'*m-' i*^^` '^` (If you like fractal ASCII art, there is more at most of the pages listed above at "More Pictures:".)

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