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Munafo Core Values: MCV01 — Live a Mature Masculine Life    


Live a Mature Masculine Life

The "mature masculine" simply combines the attributes of maturity and masculinity (as a literal gender self-identification). These are important to me; as core value number 1, this one is the most personal and the most specific to me. Other readers should choose two or three words representing the most important elements of their own self-identity.

It's "masculine" because I'm a man and I think of that word as describing good, desirable qualities of the male archetypes. There is much relevant writing, such as King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette (referenced from the archetypes page). See also The Good Men Project

Here are some words on the four mature masculine archetypes, loosely adapted from the Moore / Gillette book just mentioned:

The Warrior is that part of the mature masculine who overcomes the physical challenges in life. He gives his best, does not quit, and often makes great personal sacrifices, subjugating his needs for the greater good. He is not afraid to die for what he believes in. He fights with honor, and never out of anger.
      The Lover is that part of the mature masculine who overcomes the emotional challenges in life. He has intuition and the artist's creative impulse; he is empathetic, compassionate and passionate. He is not afraid to tell the truth, even in defiance of the Warrior and the King. He goes deep and will not quit on a man in need until they get what they need.
      The Magician is that part of a mature masculine who overcomes the intellectual challenges in life. The creativity of the inventor; inspiration; seeking answers to that burning question, and assimilating wisdom — these are his skills. He is not afraid to be wrong, he questions everything and knows that there is always more to learn from the people around him.
      The King is that part of the mature masculine who brings the Courage of the Warrior, the Passion of the Lover, and the Wisdom of the Magician, to the world. All energy flows from the King, he is the Source. When his life is in balance, his kingdom — the world — prospers. When he is out of balance the world suffers.

A Note to Women (and Readers who Self-Identify as Feminine)

As I pointed out at the top of the page, this is my only gender-specific core value. Of course one can substitute Feminine for Masculine. For a little more on the implications of "Live a Mature Feminine Life", there are some links in the biblioraphy on the archetypes page.

You might also note that my use of the word team throughout all these pages on core values can, and should, be interpreted however you feel is best or most appropriate — provided that the underlying principle of subitising is preserved. "Team" has some undesirable connotations for some readers. I think of it as a group of people working together with rules and structure. Other words like alliance, coalition, family, etc. may be more relevant to your situation.

MCV01 for Teams

When this core value is present:

The team honors the truth about every member, and does not "sell-out" any member. (+mcv1a)

The team collectively gives its best. (+mcv1b)

The team does fun stuff! (+mcv1c)

The team is a place where confidentiality is respected, while not overdone. (+mcv1d)

Team members and the team as a whole respect that the team's purpose prevails over the personal interests of individual members (also part of MCV03). (+mcv1e)

When this core value is lacking:

There are "gentleman's agreements". (-mcv1a)

The team has a "why bother?" attitude. (-mcv1b)

The team has all "boring" meetings. (-mcv1c)

Confidentiality is disrespected, or used as an arbitrary barrier to progress. (-mcv1d)

Team members, or the whole team by consent, sell(s) out the team's fundamental purpose in favor of the demands of an individual, or their spouse or family members (also part of MCV03). (-mcv1e)

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