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Commitment (glossary entry)    

Most people feel that 'commitment' can be measured by one's history of keeping to one's plans (whether these are stated or unstated).

I plan a barbecue every weekend (two if it's going to rain!)
Commitment to plans

As the comic illustrates, "commitment" can be driven by ego or reinforced by ignorance, and this often gets in the way of one's success.

Since making and keeping plans is a way to accomplish tasks, being committed to a specific plan is like being committed to a specific task. But the focus of one's commitment can be more significant and far-reaching.

One can be committed to tasks, to projects and to an overall purpose — and frequently all three at the same time. A detailed treatment of the issues that come out of this are discussed here.

Compare with confidence, dedication, ownership; see also expectation and trust.

Commitment as a Meme in Manipulative Techniques

In management the concept of commitment, and principles related thereto, are often used to manipulate (in the sense related to the Magician archetype). Such manipulation can be for really good reasons, or can be the subject of much disagreement. Usually, the issues involved are like those discussed in MCV03 and the management entry. See also ownership.

To their credit, the Scrum Agile management system puts strict limits on meeting durations, and they play ''Planning Poker'' where every card in the deck has a Fibonacci-number value.
Managerial abuse of "commitment"

Managerial ignorance of ground truth
Managerial ignorance of ground truth

Co-Workers Often Behave Similarly
Co-Workers Often Behave Similarly

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