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Robert P. Munafo, 2011 Jul 28.

There are several types of algorithms associated with drawing the Mandelbrot Set.

If you are totally new to this, start with iteration algorithm for a description of the function that generates the Mandelbrot Set, and the Raster Scan page for a simple program that just draws a picture of the Mandelbrot Set.

After covering those pages, there are three topics in the subject of algorithms to look at. Each is concerned with improving and customizing the basic Mandelbrot program:

See Coordinate Transforms for a discussion of the options for translating a pixel coordinate into the parameter value C.

See Representation Functions for descriptions of different ways to evaluate a point.

See Color and Drawing for descriptions of ways to color the points once you've evaluated them. The page on ASCII Graphics tells how some of the images on these pages were created.

See Speed Improvements for descriptions of all the different ways to make it run faster.

Some of these algorithms were used in an old program by Robert Munafo called Super MANDELZOOM.

See also encryption.

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