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autemome, like AUTOMEME on which it is based, generates internet memes by filling snowclone templates with words, Mad_Libs-style. automeme bases most of its vocabulary on OTTish, the English dialect spoken in the One True Thread.

By and large, this automeme uses the same snowclones as the verison by @Link, although I may have added a few that xe has not yet translated to xis Python version.

If you have some idea what type of message you want, enter a bit of text (like "ONG" or "mustard") in the "Filter" input box. If you keep getting a "Sorry, ..." message, clear the filter input box, or try a more common word.

automeme is Free software and is available under the GNU GPL, version 3 or later.

You can find the original source code here: automeme-pl.txt (the executable code, in Perl); ott-snowclones.txt (the vocabulary and snowclone templates).

Links: Text version (for use by your programs)   —   27 text memes

OTToMeme (JavaScript version by @azule)

AUTOMOME (Python version by @Link)


Definitions of many of the OTTish words

Index to the One True Thread, by mrob27

xkcd 1190 "Time" Replay Viewer

The original AUTOMEME upon which @Link's is based was at, but that URL has been taken over by a link spammer. The site looked like this. The Python source code is still available on github.

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