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autemome, like AUTOMEME on which it is based, generates internet memes by filling snowclone templates with words, Mad_Libs-style. automeme bases most of its vocabulary on OTTish, the English dialect spoken in the One True Thread.

By and large, this automeme uses the same snowclones as the verison by @Link, although I may have added a few that xe has not yet translated to xis Python version.

If you have some idea what type of message you want, enter a bit of text (like "ONG" or "mustard") in the "Filter" input box. If you keep getting a "Sorry, ..." message, clear the filter input box, or try a more common word.

automeme is Free software and is available under the GNU GPL, version 3 or later.

You can find the original source code here: automeme-pl.txt (the executable code, in Perl); ott-snowclones.txt (the vocabulary and snowclone templates).

Links: Text version (for use by your programs)    —    27 text memes

OTToMeme (JavaScript version by @azule)

AUTOMOME (Python version by @Link)

XKCD    The OTC    The OTT    The OTW

Definitions of many of the OTTish words

Index to the One True Thread, by mrob27

xkcd 1190 "Time" Replay Viewer

The original AUTOMEME upon which @Link's is based was at, but that URL has been taken over by a link spammer. The site looked like this. The Python source code is still available on github.

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