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Cueball, the most common tile, is also the least popular among Q04B players. He's also kind of clueless. Cueless can help you avoid him.

How Earned

"Cueless" is earned by achieving a grid pattern that contains no Cueball tiles. This is possible only after your score exceeds 13291 points, when the game begins to give a Megan tile 10% of the time that you make a move. It also takes some skill and patience.

To earn the boost, you must achieve the "Cueless" state and leave the grid that way for 27 seconds, to show that you are aware it has happened. After a while the game will say "HEY, WHERE'S CUEBALL?". After the Cueball-free pattern is maintained for 27 seconds, the game should display "EARNED BOOST ''CUELESS'' ; READ OPTIONS & INFO FOR INSTRUCTIONS"

What It Does

Once enabled by following the link below, this boost adds a circular icon featuring Cueball crossed by a diagonal line — the international standard symbol for Cuelessness. You will also see a number indicating your Cueless Credits.

You earn one Cueless Credit for every 10,000 points scored. The counter gets saved occasionally, so if you reload the page, or go to Options and return, it may take a few hundred more points to earn a credit. When you score a lot of points at once (such as by making a Chateau d'If tile, which is worth 32768), it will take a few more moves to accumulate your earned credits. Messages are displayed one at a time, and credits are earned one at a time; sometimes the messages will lag a bit behind; but the number on the Cueless icon changes immediately.

To use a Cueless Credit, click/touch the Cueless icon so that it is "glowing":

When the Cueless icon is "glowing", on your next move no tile will be added to the grid. If you make such a move, one Cueless Credit is used up and the icon returns to its non-glowing state. If you change your mind before making your move, you can touch/click the Cueless icon again to cancel. The game also displays messages to let you know what's happening: "CUELESS PRIMED; NEXT MOVE WILL NOT ADD A TILE" when you enable the boost, and CUELESS CANCELLED if you change your mind.

Cueless Credits are valuable, particularly for those who play by a strategy of building into a corner or against one of the sides. If you find yourself forced to move in an undesirable direction (away from your corner or wall) you can use your Cuelessness to accomplish the move without leaving a Cueball or Megan tile in an inconvenient spot.

Cueless Credits can not be carried over to a new game: you can't take 'em with you. (Earning credits is considered "part of the game", so if you start a new game, you start earning credits from zero). However, you retain the boost itself, and need not repeat the steps of creating a Cueball-free game screen and Waiting.

Floating Cueball

Some time after earning the Cueless boost you might also earn an 'augmentation' called Floating Cueball. When you do, you will see a relevant message, and the method for activating and cancelling a Cueless move will change slightly. Read the Floating Cueball page for details.

You have earned the "Cueless" boost.

Once you have read and understand the above, follow this link to enable the boost and continue your game!

(You have already enabled this boost, and it will still be enabled regardless of whether you follow the link again.
    However, if you are not going to use this boost and want to disable it, you may do so by following this link. Your Cueless Credits will be preserved, (though you won't earn any more and they will be cleared if you start a new game), so you can always re-enable it later.)

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