Q04B — Floating Cueball  

Cueball can be a bit light-headed. With Floating Cueball, he'll naturally float to the top.

How Earned

"Floating Cueball" is earned by first earning Cueless, and then reaching a score of 101010 points^{1). If you are playing while the necessary score is reached, the game should display "EARNED BOOST ''FLOATING CUEBALL'' ; READ OPTIONS & INFO FOR INSTRUCTIONS".

What It Does

If Cueless is enabled (by following a link on the Cueless page), this boost is enabled also. It gives an additional option, accessed in a similar way to the Cueless function.

In order to actually use Floating Cueball, you must have at least one Cueless Credit (described on the Cueless page) and at least one Snake! credit (see the Snake! page).

To use Floating Cueball, click/touch the Cueless or Floating Cueball icon one or more times. Each time you touch it, it will change to the next image in this sequence:

not primed

primed for a Cueless move

primed for a Floating Cueball move

When the icon looks like the third picture, if you then take a move, all Cueball tiles will 'float' to the back of the line. For example, if you move Down, the Cueballs will all move to the Top, while the rest of the tiles move Down. If you move Right, the Cueballs will end up to the Left of the other tiles, and similarly for the other directions. Remember: move in the direction you want most of the tiles to go. The Cueballs will move the other way.

When you use Floating Cueball, one Cueless Credit and one Snake! Credit are used up, and the icon returns to its non-glowing state. If you change your mind before making your move, you can touch/click the Floating Cueball icon again to return it to the "not primed" Cueless icon. This cancels the special move: your next move will be normal move and no credits will be used.

The game also displays messages to let you know what's happening: "FLOATING CUEBALL PRIMED: ON NEXT MOVE, CUEBALLS WILL 'FLOAT' TO THE BACK." when you enable the boost, and FLOATING CUEBALL CANCELLED if you change your mind.

When you cancel Floating Cueball, the icon goes back to the normal Cueless icon (and not primed). You then need to go through the sequence above again: one click/touch to enable Cueless, and another to enable Floating Cueball. However, if you actually use Floating Cueball by taking a move, the icon remains as a Floating Cueball icon so that you can more easily enable it again for another move.

As always, read the on-screen message for confirmation of what is about to happen, and when in doubt you may touch/click the Q04B title to cancel.

It is expected that Floating Cueball will help those who play by a strategy of building into a corner or against one of the sides. Because it is more powerful than Cueless or Snake! it requires two credits. Note however that it only affects Cueball tiles, and you still might get a Megan tile when making a move. For this reason, depending on your strategy you might occasionally wish to use Snake! and/or Cueless. Each is useful in different situations.

You have earned the "Floating Cueball" boost.

If you have activated Cueless (as described on the Cueless page) then no additional activation is needed for Floating Cueball. After you have read and understand the above, you may follow this link to continue your game.

(If however, if you are not going to use this boost or Cueless, and want to disable both, you may do so by following this link to deactivate Cueless. Your Cueless Credits will be preserved, (though you won't earn any more and they will be cleared if you start a new game), and you can always re-enable it later.)

(Alternatively, if you want to use Cueless but do not want to use Floating Cueball or Snake!, you could follow this link to deactivate Snake!. This effectively disables Floating Cueball but leaves Cueless active. Your Snake! Credits will be preserved, (though you won't earn any more and they will be cleared if you start a new game), and you can always re-enable it later.)

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1 The number 101010 was chosen because Floating Cueball is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Tiles, and Boostiverse, and Everything.

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