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Macintosh Software by Robert Munafo    

Missile, the longest-lived full-screen game for Macintosh.

This game was created in 1984, and continued to be playable for more than 20 years. It uses the full screen and, despite not being updated since early 1985, maintained a consistent gameplay (speed) and full-screen operation on every 68K and PowerPC model Apple produced.

Orion, the Space Flight Simulator

A flight simulator, compatible with all 68K Macs (and PowerPC systems up to MacOS 9) written in 1985. Written entirely in assembler, including most of the graphics (bypassing QuickDraw). This was my only serious shareware effort; it later became freeware.

Super MANDELZOOM, the fastest Mandelbrot explorer for 68K Macs

I designed this mainly for my own use, but it was by far the most enjoyable way to explore the Mandelbrot set, at least until color Macs were available. It was fairly popular because of its exceptional speed.

Icon Colorizer, an INIT utility

After Jackson Pollock (the pre-release of color QuickDraw) was released, I developed this INIT startup utility, which allows the user to replace their "black and white" icons with full-color versions. They even drew properly when a label color was applied and when the icon was highlighted (selected) in the Finder. It became obsolete in System 7, due to changes in the way the Finder drew the icons.


My first color Mandelbrot explorer.


The PowerPC version of Color MANDELZOOM, and (probably) the first program to achieve over 100 megaflops (single-precision) on a 66 MHz PowerPC 601. This performance scaled up to all PowerPC processors including G4 and G5 models, but I never added vector (Altivec) capability.

I still use this program frequently, inside the Classic environment and the SheepShaver emulator.

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