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Most Notable SilentTimer and t1i Posts in Chronological Order

@mscha, OTT:1617:11 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (the first t1i frame)

xkcd TimeAfterTimeframe 315 (t1i-0000) (@mscha's viewer set to the first frame)

OTT:1730:12 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (the delurk post)

OTT:1776:33 "Kerning" (regarding how you had to fix letter-spacing mustard)

OTT:1930:8 "Time For Time After Time" (warning that you might not be able to keep up with the 4-hour ONG rate)

@balthasar_s, OTT:2016:27 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (the t1i end title frame)

OTT:2020:0 "The Making Of t1i"

OTT:2041:17 "t1i – How It Began"

@mscha, OTT:2073:28 "Time After Time: t1i-1414" (the surprise new frame in which Cuegan are returning the maps)

OTT:2095:3 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (comments about hiding secrets so well that nobody even knows there is something to find)

@ggh, OTT:2099:3 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (retro-edited 12 hours later) (showing the hidden text in t1i-0216 and t1i-1408)

OTT:2100:17 "Re: THE SEA IS BLUE" (explaining the name "t1i")

OTT:2101:37 "Mustard report, part 1/2" (concerning blue pixels, I don't think you did a "part 2")

OTT:2109:37 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (revealing the timing of t1i as related to Christmas)

OTT:2120:6 "t1i – How It Took Shape"

OTT:2141:34 "t1i – The First ONGs"

@mscha, OTT:2163:0 "Time After Time: t1i-1415" (another surprise frame, which maybe someone will explain someday)

OTT:2178:38 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (explaining the hidden message in the panpix pixel-offsets)

OTT:2180:19 "SilentBot" (explaining the collaboration with @balthasar_s to UNG the t1i frames)

OTT:2189:36 "t1i – How I Learned To Wait For It"

OTT:2192:25 "t1i - Let's Go To The Top!"

OTT:2218:14 "t1i – The Delurk"

OTT:2233:0 "TimeAfterTime Revisited" (@SilentTimer's session at OTTercon, read aloud by @lmjb1964)

OTT:2242:39 "t1i – Don't Kill The Beanies!"

OTT:2245:18 "t1i – How The Bluecave Was Formed"

OTT:2264:29 "t1i – The Recursive Story"

OTT:2299:15 "t1i – It's Green Everywhere"

OTT:2317:38 "t1i – Radioactive Recovery"

OTT:2337:25 "t1i – A Drawing OF The Cave"

OTT:2340:19 "t1i – Shipping T** **d"

OTT:2349:2 "t1i – T** **dversary"

OTT:2377:19 "t1i – Did You Notice The SilentBot?"

OTT:2398:27 "t1i – The Making Of"

OTT:2409:18 "TimeAfterTime Revisited – t1i-0013"


Notable t-1 Posts by @taixzo

@mscha, OTT:2369:7 (the first t-1 frame)

@mscha, OTT:2454:23 (the final t-1 frame)

@ggh, OTT:2477:0 (gives the translations for all the Proto-Beanish text, and identifies @taixzo as the creator of t-1)

@taixzo, OTT:2486:33 "The making of t-1: PROLOGUE"

@taixzo, OTT:2500:0 ("thought transmissions" from 2015 Feb and 2015 June)

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