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This page describes all the things that went into my animation, mrob Loves Discovering the Thread.

The Storyboard Concept is by the Discovery Channel (for their I Love the Whole World campaign launched 2008-04-09). The music is "I Love the Mountains", a traditional camping song.

The Discovery Channel music was "filked", and their storyboard adapted into a comic strip by Randall Munroe (with completely new writing), for xkcd #442 "xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel".

Most of the artwork in "mrob Loves Discovering the Thread" originated with Randall Munroe, notably various frames of xkcd #1190 "Time". Munroe's artwork was adapted (in various forms of collage, pastiche, and mash-up, with additions of original art) by members of the One True Thread as detailed below.

The original "OTTification" (a pastiche) of xkcd #442 was by BlitzGirl, We Love the Thread of Time, Newpage 464. (BlitzGirl also did a second OTTification of xkcd #442 on NP707).

This retrOTTification (spoiler-free for Newpage 465 or later) is by Robert Munafo (mrob27), by combining bits of the above. The font is the one called "xkcd.ttf" from

This animation was produced by Robert Munafo as a series of individual frames for a website design based on xkcd but functioning as a player (inspired by the geekwagon player for Time). The RHTF, original HTML and CSS, and JavaScript are by Robert Munafo.

Writing and Artwork credits for indivdual frames:

frame dialogue or lyrics credits
00 It never gets old, huh? Randall Munroe (Time frame 0001)
01 Nope. Randall Munroe (Time frame 0002)
02 It kind makes you want to - Randall Munroe (Time frame 0004)
03 Break into song? Randall Munroe (Time frame 0005)
04 Yep. Randall Munroe (Time frame 0008)
05 I love the silly cults Randall Munroe (What-if? #34), Robert Munafo (TWITT6R)
06 and watching pixels change mscha (Timesealevelrise20130429_1000.png)
07 I love the Drostekastell a frame from the trippy GIF animation by cmyk (TIMEregressionMirror.gif)
08 and words that seem deranged Randall Munroe (Time frame 0414)
09 I love the cmyk (xkcdTIME215-700_FrameBlend.png)
10 and haberdashery ChronosDragon (monolith.png) with hat by buffygirl (BigHat For Hal) as added to avatar by cmyk (MonolithHat.png); composited by Robert Munafo (mrob27)
11 boom de yada boom de yada Randall Munroe (Time frames 0404 and 0406)
12 boom de yada boom de yada Same as frame 11, with hats from xkcd #973
13 I love Time's mysteries Robert Munafo (mrob27) ("Model Castle")
14 I love predicting things vvn (np10000.png) with caption by mrob27
15 I love (to hate) the bot Randall Munroe (Time frame 0760, which was the first frame ONG'd by mscha's newpixbot)
16 I love Time-travelling Message text by BlitzGirl, with avatar (icon) from xkcd 405.
17 I love the secret codes Robert Munafo (mrob27) (Castle same as in frame 11, with Base64 encoding of manvandmaan's words from frame 20)
18 I love the plaintext more words from BlitzGirl's epic "I have seen many wonders on my Quest, and this I have learned" post on Newpage 454
19 obbz qr lnqn obbz qr lnqn Robert Munafo (mrob27) (Castle same as in frame 11, with rot13 encoding of manvandmaan's words from frame 18)
20 boom de yada boom de yada words by manvandmaan
21 I love analysis chart by Latent22 (with slight changes by Robert Munafo)
22 I love the poetry Randall Munroe (Time frame 0237)
23 our future's pretty cool "King of the World" image by Wee Red Bird
24 (I think we'd all agree) OTTification of xkcd #1 by #BlitzGirl
25 I love our Blitzrandir Image by cmyk, modified by BlitzGirl with words by tman2nd; tweaked by Robert Munafo (mrob27)
26 I love to blur the line Robert Munafo (depicting this post by mscha with BlitzGirl avatar by Latent22)
27 boom de yada boom de yada Randall Munroe (Time frame 0973)
28 boom de yada boom de yada Randall Munroe (Time frame 0974)
29 boom de yada boom de yada Randall Munroe (Time frame 0975)
30 boom de yada boom de yada Randall Munroe (Time frame 0972)

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