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RILYBOT 4: How Do I Make One?    

You will need the Robotics Invention System set, a LEGO® product available through many large toy stores, and even a few computer and appliance stores that sell computer games and/or videogame systems.

The RILYBOT 4 design also includes the following additional parts:

The conducting plates are all included in spare parts set #5037 "electric plates". The polarity switch comes in spart parts set #5120 "polarity switch". Two of the 2x8 conducting plates, the resistors and the wire are used to make the multi-input adapter plates. The third 2×8 conducting plate is cut into four 2×2 pieces and used to connect the multi-input adapters to the RCX terminals.

Once you have the robotics kit and have made the adapter plates, you need to build a robot. The specifics of building the robot are not important as long as it meets the following requirements:

The combination of those last two requirements means that you can't use a lot of gear reduction between the motor and the wheels, and they also pretty much rule out the use of tank treads or legs.

Once you've built your robot, any of the RILYBOT 4 programs should control the robot as described here.

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