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RILYBOT 4: Let Me See the Source Code!    

Each program represents a stage in the development of an NQC implementation of the show-me algorithms.

rb4_08.nqc is the first version. It implements 6-variable behavior, learning a separate linear speed and rotational speed for each of the two bumpers and default speeds for operation when neither bumper has been hit recently.





The NQC programming language uses the standard RCX firmware but allows writing programs in a C-like text-based language, with subroutines, #define macros, complex expressions, a standard set of operators and control structures, etc. Limitations of the firmware are still evident, particularly in the lack of subroutine parameters. (There is no stack in the RCX firmware virtual machine, so expressions have to be compiled into instructions that use unused variable slots for temporary results).

For more information about NQC and to get a copy of NQC for your computer, visit the NQC web site (formerly here).

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