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Romera, Miguel    

2023 Apr 18.


Cited works include:

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Romera1996Cusp Miguel Romera, Gerardo Pastor, and Fausto Montoya. "On the cusp and the tip of a midget in the Mandelbrot set antenna", Physics Letters A 221, no. 3-4 (1996): 158-162. Romera Pastor Montoya cusp midget 1996 Islands and near the tip and cusp of R2F(1/2B1)S
Romera1996Other Gerardo Pastor, Miguel Romera, and Fausto Montoya. "On the calculation of Misiurewicz patterns in one-dimensional quadratic maps", Physica A 232, no. 1-2 (1996): 536-553. Pastor 1996 Misiurewicz calculation Locating and calculating the coordinates of Misiurewicz points
Romera2006External Miguel Romera, Gerardo Pastor, G. Alvarez, and Fausto Montoya "External arguments in the multiple-spiral medallions of the Mandelbrot set", Computers & Graphics 30, no. 3 (2006): 460-469. Romera 2006 External embedded Julia sets
Romera2009Couplng Miguel Romera, Gerardo Pastor, A. B. Orue, D. Arroyo, and Fausto Montoya "Coupling Patterns of External Arguments in the Multiple-Spiral Medallions of the Mandelbrot Set", Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (2009) Romera 2009 Coupling embedded Julia sets

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