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Robert P. Munafo, 1996 Feb 7.

Dithering is the technique of applying a complex function to an image, the effect of which is to display the image in a limited Palette while accurately conveys colors or tones which are not in the palette. The function used for dithering will usually depend on one or more of the following: the desired color, the position of the pixel in the grid, the values of neighboring pixels, and random factors.

Most good dithering techniques incorporate a graceful tradeoff that enables areas with low detail to have a high degree of subtlety in color/grayscale, while areas of high detail retain their full clarity.

Of the various dithering techniques, Error Diffusion is probably the best comination of high effectiveness and ease of implementation. Ordered Dithering comes in second.

From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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