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DEMZ (David Eck's MANDELZOOM) is a browser-based program for exploring the Mandelbrot set, using Javascript with web workers. It runs on all browsers since approximately 2012.

DEMZ is available online at:


DEMZ contains parts by different contributors; for details see the LICENSE.txt file.

How to get the DEMZ source files

Most browsers will download a copy of DEMZ just by putting this URL into the address bar:

How to use the DEMZ source files

Once you have demz-program.tar.gz, use the appropriate unzip/extract utility to get the files, many of which will be within a subdirectory called "examples". Put "examples" along with the other files onto your HTTP server, all in a directory just like they were when extracted/un-archived. Then visit that directory from a browser, the same way you would visit any directory on your HTTP server.


The URL will use your domain name instead of my.server.local, and your choice of a directory path instead of fractals/demz. For moer HTTP servers it is not strictly necessary to include index.html at the end.

How to run a local server on your own machine

There is a Python program that runs a small HTTP server on the loopback address which you can run on your own computer, and then connect to using the browser (also on your own computer).

If you can get into a "terminal" program (easy in Mac or Unix), use the command


Then point your browser at


A list of changes to DEMZ is in the beginning of the file "index.html". Open that in a plain-text editor, and look for the heading "REVISION HISTORY".

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