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Reversed-order Posts in the OTT    

Here is a listing of posts that appear in the OTT in reversed order. Each post on the forum has an ID (like p3422730) that uniquely identifies that post; these numbers are issued in ascending order and no number is used twice.

"Reversed order" means that the post with a lower post ID (like p3422730) comes after a post with a higher id (like p3422731). This happens when two posts are submitted in exactly the same second. It is likely that there are a similar number of posts that were submitted in the same second but are in order. OTTers discovered that two posts submitted in the same second can switch places in response to edits, and in a strangeε way: The most-recently-edited post appears first.

post p3942967 (OTT:2451:7) follows post p3942976 (OTT:2451:6)

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