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Jonathan Coulton references in the OTT    

Jonathan Coulton is first mentioned as an example of a mis-parsed haiku, unsurprisingly by @Angelastic. I was surprised at how few times his name appears in the OTT, given how often his songs, etc. are referenced — for example @BlitzGirl linked to JoCo's "IKEA" song on NP375, with no mention of his name. So here's my List of References to Jonathan Coulton in the OTT :


Somewhat poignant and timely, these lyrics support my sense that the need for this is nigh in my afterwhen, and know that it too shall pass.

Hey molpies! @Angelastic uses GarageBand too! :)

"Hooray, hooray, it's the first of May / Outside ch*rping begins today" was a popular Beltane chant among my pagan friends, and its origins predate JoCo by decades if not centuries.

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