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Chirpy ch*rps, and Chirpy's chirps can help you unch*rp your game. If you find the grid is all ch*rped up and you haven't a ch*rping clue what ch*rping direction to move next, ask a little Chirpy for help.

How Earned

"Chirpy" is earned by achieving a score over 50,000 points. If you are playing while the necessary score is reached, the game should display "EARNED BOOST ''CHIRPY'' ; READ OPTIONS & INFO FOR INSTRUCTIONS"

What It Does

Once enabled by following the link below, this boost adds a circular icon with a picture of a chirpy (songbird). You will also see a number indicating your Chirpy Credits. When you have Chirpy Credits, they can be used to get hints for your next move.

Once Chirpy is earned and activated, you earn one Chirpy Credit for every 27 moves, up to a maximum of 27 Chirpy Credits. Your Chirpy Credits are saved when you earn them, but if you reload the page, or go to Options and return, the 27-moves counter starts over at zero.

To use a Chirpy Credit, click/touch on the Chirpy icon so that it is "glowing":

You'll see a message: "CHIRP! TOUCH/CLICK THE 'Q04B' TITLE FOR A HINT." If you then touch or click on the Q04B title, the game will display another message suggesting what your next move might be. If you change your mind and decide not to use your Chirpy Credit, you can touch/click the Chirpy icon again, and it will return to the normal un-glowing state and a message "CHIRPY CANCELLED." indicates this.

Next to Chirpy is an icon representing your move preference, that initially looks like this:

If you have a preference or bias towards moving in certain directions, you may indicate this to Chirpy by touching/clicking this icon to indicate your preference. Each time you touch/click the move preference icon, it will change. There are nine choices. Use one of these to indicate that you wish to build against the top, left, right, or bottom side:


Use one of the following four to indicate that you are building into a corner:



Leave the icon in the original diamond shape to indicate that you consider all 4 directions to be equally acceptable.

Chirpy's hint is not guaranteed to be the best possible move, but it's usually pretty good. Chirpy gives a less accurate hint, or none at all, if:

If you have credits for use with the Cueless and/or Snake! boosts, they give you additional options. Chirpy does not take these options into consideration.

Chirpy Credits can not be carried over to a new game: you can't take 'em with you. (Earning credits is considered "part of the game", so if you start a new game, you start earning credits from zero). However, you retain the boost itself, and you'll earn your first Chirpy Credits right away.

You have earned the "Chirpy" boost.

Once you have read and understand the above, follow this link to enable the boost and continue your game!

(You have already enabled this boost, and it will still be enabled regardless of whether you follow the link again.
    However, if you are not going to use this boost and want to disable it, you may do so by following this link. Your Chirpy Credits will be preserved, (though you won't earn any more and they will be cleared if you start a new game), so you can always re-enable it later!)

Ch*rping Risk Warning : Chirpy's hints are forward-thinking in nature, and as such, come with some risk. Chirpy's past performance, if any, is not necessarily an indication of future performance. The frequency of new Cueballs can fluctuate, and the positions and values of Q04B tiles can go Down as well as Up. Chirpy will attempt to present a "fair and balanced" hint, unless you have given xim a preference leaning towards the Left or the Right. When cornered, Chirpy will sometimes ch*rp inappropriately. Do not taunt Ch*rpy Ch*rp-Chirp.

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