Q04B — Flutterbee  

Ahhhhh! What pretty colours! Flutterbee was Megan's inspiration in frame 2114.

How Earned

"Flutterbee" is earned by achieving a score of at least 3456 points. If you are playing while the necessary score is reached, the game should display "EARNED BOOST ''FLUTTERBEE'' ; READ OPTIONS & INFO FOR INSTRUCTIONS"

What It Does

Once enabled by following the link below, this boost displays the tiles and badges (little row of tiles) in colour.

To turn the colour on or off, click or touch the little flutterbee (butterfly) icon below the main game grid. Colour will always be on when you load/reload the page or import a game.

You have earned the "Flutterbee" boost.

Once you have read and understand the above, follow this link to enable the boost and continue your game!

(You have already enabled this boost, and it will still be enabled regardless of whether you follow the link again.
    However, if you are not going to use this boost and want to disable it, you may do so by following this link. The game will always be in black&white, even after a reload. You can always re-enable it later!)

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