Q04B — Wait for it.  

Wait for it. How about a nice webcomic while you play?

How Earned

"Wait for it" is earned by achieving a score of exactly 1190 points, or any score that ends in those 4 digits (example: 21,190 points), and then waiting for 143 seconds (during most of this time, the game will be displaying a "WAIT FOR IT..." message). After waiting for the needed time, the game should display "EARNED BOOST ''WAIT FOR IT.'' ; READ OPTIONS & INFO FOR INSTRUCTIONS"

What It Does

Once enabled by following the link below, this boost displays a frame from xkcd 1190 "Time" behind the tiles of the main game board.

The frame number increases with your score, and is determined only by the numerical value of the score (not number of moves taken or elapsed time or any other factor). In the early part of a game you'll get a new frame for every 75 points, and that amount increases progressively; for example when the score is near 200,000 it takes about 250 points to get each new frame; at 1,000,000 points a new frame comes every 1000 points. After frame 3087 it goes back to frame 1.

To turn the image on or off, use a mouse-click or a two-finger touch, anywhere on the game board that does not contain a tile. On touch devices you must wait at least 1/2 second before doing the two-finger touch or it will be ignored. You may also touch/click on the Wait for it. icon to toggle the display.

The Time frames will always be displayed when you load or reload the page or import a game. Users of wireless internet service may wish to save on bandwidth usage by turning the image display off. The game loads the current frame plus the next three (so they are available immediately when needed), but once you turn it off, no more images are loaded until you turn it on again.

You have earned the "Wait for it." boost.

Once you have read and understand the above, follow this link to enable the boost and continue your game!

(You have already enabled this boost, and it will still be enabled regardless of whether you follow the link again.
    However, if you are not going to use this boost and want to disable it, you may do so by following this link. The game will not display or attempt to load "Time" frames. You can always re-enable it later!)

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