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Scientific Research by Robert Munafo    

Stable localized moving patterns in the 2-D Gray-Scott model (arXiv:1501.01990 [nlin.PS])

2014 draft: PDF

view figures and animations plus several additional animations

(the "Papers" link below has older versions of the paper)

My simulations of Gray-Scott go back to 1994 but the major discoveries began in 2009. Here is some supplemental material:

U-Skate World, an Instance of the Gray-Scott System

Catalog of Patterns at F=0.0620, k=0.0609

Universality-Complexity Classes for Partial Differential Equation Systems

Click here for the main Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion exhibit



My resume (a bit untraditional, like me).

Some related articles:

Why I Do Not Solve Physics (regarding cross-discipline original research).

Cross-Discipline Falsifiability (regarding why I don't try to debunk experts).

My Inverse Equation Solver shows how easy it is to find simple formulas for any number, even the fine-structure constant.

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