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Catalog of Patterns at F=0.0620, k=0.0609    

Most of these patterns of very similar alternatives are stable at many F,k combinations within the narrow strip I call "U-Skate World". For a detailed account of the fundamental properties of the Gray-Scott system at these parameters, read my paper.

For other great Gray-Scott pictures, and lots of movies, plus a general discussion of the model equations and more, go to the xmorphia main menu.

Gallery 1

These patterns were discovered between 2009 March 22nd and 2009 May 7th.

gallery 1
gallery 1

First row, left to right: halftarget 3-1-0-4; halftarget 4-1-0-3; Big Aleph; target 2x4 + 1 + 1far; Daedalus (named after the concept interstellar spaceship design)

Row 2, from left: target; halftarget 1-1-1-1; halftarget 1-1-1-3; halftarget 2-1-1-2; halftarget 3-1-1-3; target+1+1

Row 3, from left: Mask; Big S 2-2; Big S 2-3; triskelion; tri-far.

Row 4, from left: binary-far; 3-inline; tri+1+1+1; bimetal; lozenge or looped diamond.

Bottom-left corner: hairpin-5. Bottom-right: landspeeder (unstable).

Gallery 2

gallery 2
gallery 2

Row 1, from left: hairpin-2 +15; hairpin-2 +13; hairpin-2 +2; Jellyfish.

Row 2, from left: longspeeder (unstable); longspeeder-4 (more unstable); longspeeder-5 (even more unstable); shortspeeder (might be stable?).

Row 3, from left: three patterns that arose during a statistical study; 2s1+14.

Row 4, from left: trisk+18; burger+1+1; burger; cored speeder+2+2; 3s1+19.

Gallery 3

gallery 3
gallery 3

Row 1, from left: fan3+12; s1+8.

More to Come

Because of the resemblance to Conway's Game of Life with its many stable patterns (both moving and stationary) I designed a reaction-diffusion version of the Hacker Emblem, using a U-skate instead of a glider:

The reaction-diffusion hacker emblem
The reaction-diffusion hacker emblem

Read my scientific paper on the subject

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