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This page lists appreviations I use when taking notes on phone calls and in meetings. I call the style "screenplay format", or SF.

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[...] Square brackets enclose text that is paraphrased (usuallybecause I can't keep up with the speaker).

{...} Curly brackets enclose words that were thought, not spoken.This almost always refers to my own thoughts.

(...) Parentheses enclose descriptions of actions.

... Asterisks around a word indicate that the word was givenemphasis by the speaker. (In print, the word would be in italics.)

[21:34] is a time (hours and minutes) used to indicate how long adiscussion, activity, etc. is lasting. Note that I sometimes indicate times greater than 24:00, such as "25:35" for 1:35 AM, or "27:02" for 3:02 AM. These represent staying awake past midnight. When I go to sleep, the hour resets to normal.

I. Myself

JK A person's initials.

Pp A participant (usually for confidentiality reasons I don't namenames)

P1, P2, etc. will be used when it is useful to "identify" specificparticipants in a conversation without using names.

TT means "Training Team"

N0712 The Legacy Discovery event held by New York region in December2007. The 'N' is a region letter as in -N- (see below). By the official LD course number system, this LD was "NY 7".

E0805.D2 Day 2 of E0805.

D1-WoB A module (in this case "Masculine Ways of Being 1")

N0806.D1-WoB The specific instance of D1-WoB that was givenduring N0806.

-Jrny- My men's team, Journeymen. Other teams are: -GNts- Go Nuts;-HdBt- HeadButt; -AmnH- Amananoraho; -Gld8- Gladhe8r; -OoNo- Ooomoronoono (renamed); -PitC- Pit Crew (blown up); -Ashc- Amazinsploadinheadchz (renamed); -TiTe- Titewomal (renamed); -Qust- Quest; -J4Mn- Just For Men.

-bb- Backbone division. Others are: -jb- Jawbone, -nk- NorthernKnights, -Mw- Mountain Warriors, -sm- Sons of Maine, -pp- Paradigm Parkway, -21- 21 Men, -hu- Humongous.

-E- New England region. Currently includes men's divisions in NewEngland (MA, NH, ME). Atlanta is -A- and Toronto is -T- but for several years both of these were part of -E-. The letter "E" for "east" goes back to the early SMD days when a volunteer structure was created on the east coast to support men's weekends held in New York and Massachusetts.

-N- New York region (currently comprising men's divisions in NY andNJ; way back was part of -T- region by the SIR's system).

-T- Toronto region (comprising men's divisions in Toronto, and untilmid-1999, New York and New Jersey)

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