Code of Honor (glossary entry)  

code of honor : 1. Any of a number of codes of conduct, moral standards or guiding principles, often resembling a warrior code.

2. The specific code of honor originating in the Sterling Men's Division, and shown here:

1. Commitment Before Ego
2. Honor the Truth
3. Respect Confidentiality
4. Keep Your Word
5. Be a Three-Dimensional Man
6. Be Prepared
7. Defend Humanity
8. Always Be Faithful to the Men
9. Defend the Code
10. Never Engage in Battles With Weaker Opponents
11. Fight Only Honorable Battles
12. Earn and Honor Rank
13. Be Humble
14. Embrace All Men
15. Be an Example to Children

There is a lot more about this specific set of tenets here.

I consider this code of honor to be a part of MCV01.

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