Epistemology in the most general sense means "the study of knowledge". That doesn't mean studying all fields of knowledge, but rather studying the nature of knowledge itself, which involves looking at the processes by which knowledge is acquired, communicated, and created, and looking at the distortions that take place during these processes. It has a lot to do with the studies of mind (psychology), learning (education), and language (linguistics), computer artificial intelligence, and several other fields.

My particular interest in epistemology is more focused on adults acquiring knowledge that has practical everyday applicability but is nonobvious enough as to usually require much experience or extensive training. I am interested in how words and guided learning procedures based on words (such as case studies and teaching scripts illustrating the Platonic Method) can be used to help people become better and more effective at acquiring such knowledge and thereby accomplish whatever they want to accomplish in their lives. The various topics discussed by the pages in this area are examples of this.

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