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Q04B Tile Descriptions  

This page shows all the tiles in the game Q04B and explains their origin in the context of the xkcd Time story.

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1: Cueball

Cueball is seen as he appears in frame 0123. He is looking at the Sandcastle, which is already fairly big, and gazing beyond it towards the Sea, which is doing what it wants, though Cueball does not know how, or why, or anything else for that matter.

2: Megan

Megan is seen in frame 0022. She has just sat up, brushed the sand out of her hair, and is now thinking of something to do. Hey, let's build...

4: Rook (little castle)

The sandcastle as it appeared in frame 0038. From these humble beginnings came the entire rest of the story: we will keep adding more and more until eventually we realize something odd is going on with the sea.

8: Treebucket (trebuchet)

A castle needs a trebuchet, ... because trebuchet!. This is the little one, seen in frame 0403.

16: Ladder/Scaffold (first platform)

In frame 0471, after seemingly deciding the castle project had reached its limits, Cuegan begin putting up poles, boards, and ladders.

32: Fairy Castle (big castle on upper platform)

By frame 0850, Cuegan have built an elaborate multi-level "observation deck" with this pretty castle on the top.

64: Cuegan at Railing

In frame 0864, Megan and Cueball agree that they "want to find out" what's "out there".

128: Little Tree (or bush)

By frame 1320, their journey has brought Cuegan up out of the barren landscape of their home. This little bush (possibly something like an African sagebrush) is the biggest plant they have found up to this point.

256: Neat Tree (with Cuegan)

In frame 1338 our heroes have arrived at this tree and declare it to be "neat".

512: Wowtree (Madagascar baobab)

This tree, clearly a Grandidier's baobab, evokes the first "wow" from Cuegan. This image is from frame 1503.

1024: Grapevine (vineyard trellis with vines)

In frame 1562 Cuegan find this, the first clear example of plants that were cultured, then abandoned. Here they get a much-needed meal of grapes.

2048: Wowterfall

Another "wow." accompanies the sighting of this dramatic drop, where a little stream plunges into the gorge carved out by the river Cuegan have been following.

4096: (Abandoned) Shed

By frame 2203 things are clearly not right in the world. This is the 3rd or 4th abandoned settlement Cuegan have found as they continue to journey up towards the distant "mountains".

8192: Survey tower

Upon reaching what they thought was a mountaintop, Cuegan realize they're on a sort of table mountain or plateau. Seen here in frame 2585, when Megan is about to spot people.

16384: Beanie survey team

They speak a different language. Huh. OK. Umm... (frame 2658)

32768: "Chateau d'If" (ᘝᓄᘈᖉᐣ)

Cuegan are stunned at the sight of what is apparently the most impressive human-made structure they have ever known. Seen here in frame 2825, the central part of the castle-like structure may have been built on or near present-day Île d’If.

65536: "Rosetta"

The leader of the settlement of scientists at ᘝᓄᘈᖉᐣ, she greets Cuegan here in frame 2858. "Rosetta", so-named because she knows a few languages, has the sad task of explaining to Cuegan why their people face near-certain death.

131072: laPetite and (her cousin) Little Bangs Brother

After a mad run back to their home, Cuegan discover that their castle-platform creation has become a means of escape from the great flood.

262144: "Lucky" on floating shed

In the first fan-generated sequel sequence, frame lucky0041, the leopard/panther nicknamed "Lucky" has found refuge on the floating remains of the shed seen in tile 4096.

524288: Beanette/Amtoo wedding (with Rosetta)

In fan-made sequel frame beany0049, a couple seen during Cuegan's visit to ᘝᓄᘈᖉᐣ get married.

1048576: Beach reunion

In fan-made sequel frame bean2-145 a crew of Beanies has just weathered a fierce storm at sea, and now greets Cuegan and their people on the island where they made landfall at the end of Time.

2097152: Beardo

The epic "SilentONGs" sequence begins with a long slow pan. Here in frame t1i-0013 we see a new Beanie nicknamed "Beardo".

4194304: Goats

In this image (edited somewhat from SilentONG t1i-0091) we see goats (or perhaps deer) who are among many molpies all making their way in the same direction uphill.

8388608: Cuegan Debarking

Frame t1i-0214, the same as the original Time frame 3087, Cuegan's people have just arrived. Megan says, "C'mon, let's see what's through here!"

16777216: Raising Yurt

One of the portable yurts is erected on the newfound land in frame t1i-0236.


If you see this tile during play, it means that you've gotten further than I had anticipated one could get in the game. Contact me and let me know the game needs more artwork!

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